The Frontier Rangers

The Frontier Rangers are a collective group based in the forest and mountainous regions surrounding Frontier. Inspired by Guardian leader Kalik, students are instructed in the ways of the ranger. Led by Guardian human Kuiper and Guardian Female elf Boughwynn, recruits of all ages are trained. Originally founded to train young orphaned refugees, the notoriety of the Frontier rangers quickly inspired enlistment from all walks and classes of life.
Rangers are trained in mountaineering, tracking, stealth, archery, fencing, hand to hand combat, hunting, forestry, and survival. There are multiple camps throughout the Frontier forest but no single designated headquarters. Each ranger chooses their particular level of involvement. Only by successful completion of the Ranger’s trial (occurring once a year) can the candidate ‘graduate’ and will then be considered a Frontier Ranger.

Upon successful completion of the trial, many frontier rangers stay and instruct future candidates, and patrol and protect the Frontier and the Frontier forest. Some seek adventure in other lands, other apply to positions within the Frontier watch.

In addition to the Ranger’s trial, once a year the Frontier rangers sponsor an archery tournament and tracking contest. These events are open to any to participate.

It is considered customary but not required for Frontier Rangers upon ‘graduation’ to get a facial marking or tattoo. All Frontier Rangers do receive a specialized Frontier signal denoting their position/standing within the Frontier Rangers.

Description: Born of necessity, the Frontier rangers began as a way to train refugees, orphans, and the impoverished methods of survival. Living in the lush Frontier forest and running in packs, the rangers were taught to live off the land as well as respect it. Enduring and overcoming the hardship of this training brings great respect in Frontier. This ranger is a survivalist, they live day to day the difficulties of Frontier as guides, teachers, safeguards, partisans, patrons, and defenders. They are the silent protectors of the forest and of the Frontier people.
Requirements: Standard
Primary Terrain: Forest, Mountains.
Role: Frontier rangers work in cells or packs. Often being led by a senior ranking or veteran frontier ranger. They patrol the forest and mountains surrounding Frontier, honing/learning/teaching skills and protecting the land. Groups report to a leader who reports to a commander on a weekly/monthly basis. All groups will gather 1-4 times per month for collective training, briefing, etc. Groups will often communicate with other packs using a basic vocabulary of trail markings, indicators, horn/animal calls, etc.
Weapon Proficiencies: Bonus Bow, Dagger.
Nonweapon Proficiencies: Bonus Mountaineering, Forester, Survival, Bowyer/Fletcher, Endurance, Hunting, Leather working, Running, Swimming, Alertness, Weather sense.
Armor/Equipment: The Frontier ranger starts with only leather or hide armor they have made.
Species Enemy: Any
Followers: Any Frontier ranger has the normal career limit. If the Ranger deems to stay in Frontier for their career, the first followers will be frontier ranger candidates.
Special Benefits: Frontier rangers who choose to stay in Frontier for their careers gain an additional 5% for Hide in Shadows & Move Silently upon every level advancement.
Special Hindrances: After completing the Trial of the Frontier ranger, the character can choose whatever career path they like. But once per year, the Frontier rangers gather for a reunion and all Frontier rangers must make their way to the Frontier for this event.
Stealth: The Frontier Ranger has a +5% chance to hide in natural surroundings. +10% Hide in Shadows. +10% Move Silently

The Frontier Rangers

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