The Citadel


Entrance to the Citadel Fortress.

The Citadel is the heart of Frontier. After being contracted by the original duke of the Borderlands keep to investigate the ‘Caves of Chaos’, The first group of Guardians were permitted to set up a headquarters/colony on that location. Fueled by plunder from adventuring overtime, the Guardians built up the citadel over the Caves. Folk quickly migrated as the Guardians contracted all trades in the development of the area.

Population was rapidly expanding and eventually the Duke of the Borderlands was commanded by the elven king of Ahmiran, who’s territory the area was located within, to turn over control of the keep, the law, and the land to the Guardian leader Kalik the ranger. The land was declared ‘Frontier’ and Lord Kalik pledged allegiance to the Elven King. Rivertree and Ripple hill established food production and trade. Soon after the Liberation of Geoff occurred. The Guardians assisted in lifting the yoke of the giants from the many towns in Geoff. With homes and lives destroyed, many Geoffian refugees immigrated to Frontier and the city swelled. After the The Resurgence the Elven king declared the Frontier an independent nation no longer owing fealty to Ahmiran.

Today the Citadel boasts a small population living within it’s walls. On the western side of the town the citadel fortress is located. Here Guardian Renya acts as steward of the Frontier. Inside the walled city many shops and homes prosper. Because of the restricted space available within the Citadel most shops and homes have multiple stories (3 floors max)and utilize rooftops as patios, gardens, etc. Guardian halfling and citadel mayor Kajal will say the citadel is considered to be the cream of the crop in regards to artisan work, foods, and goods. Here you will also find a large number of mages, magic shops, trade shops, goods shops, a theater, and a small number of pubs, restaurants, and inns. Most goods sold in the Citadel are of high quality or rarity and specialized, prices tend to be a bit higher within the Citadel.

The tiered layout of the Citadel also houses the Frontier academy of mages, keep guard, money exchange, portal gate, hospital, library/schoolhouse, frontier engineering workshop, city watch HQ, and a Golem workshop.

The Citadel has a large number of golems that perform support functions within the city as well as act as a defensive force during wartime. It is not uncommon to see a mage or city official being accompanied by a glay golem carrying goods or escorting the individual. Golems cannot be purchased for private use. All golems within Frontier are mandated Guardian and Frontier property for the defense and prosperity of the realm.

Citadel Sub level

The Citadel

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