Rock pond

Entrance located south of the Citadel, east of Ripple hill town center.

Rock pond

The entrance to Rockpond sat uncharted for sometime while the beginnings of the Citadel and Frontier were being established. Explorations into the cave system began at first in search of suitable quarry material. It was soon discovered to be not only an expansive cave system but a hub in a larger Underdark network.

Now surrounded by 3 rings of gated archways, the entrance to Rock pond is a large stone work hall, within a ramp and stairs descend into the earth. Before sundown the gated archways are locked and the entrance is sealed from the outside. At dawn, gates are opened, various vendors are permitted to sell wares within the rings, and public travel to and from Rockpond is allowed.

Rockpond is a collaborative colony founded by the rockseers, the guardians, and the dwarves of Rockhome. In Rockpond each culture shares and instructs the other in their way of metalworking, weaponsmithing, mining, stoneshaping, underdark farming, various magicks, etc. Rockpond (white dot) also serves as a gatehouse to a larger underdark network. The Dwarven warrens in rockpond are linked to multiple outposts and mines. The Rockseers have 3 linked Elven colonies as well. While the rockseers have sealed off (black lines) all outside access to these colonies (green dots) save through rockpond, the dwarves patrol the area surrounding their claimed territory (red dots). There is also a Large drow colony (purple) and a Kuo toan colony (yellow) known within this mapped network. The yellow area west of the river is a ruined and abandoned Kuo toan temple complex.

Within Rockpond are several Rockseer and Dwarven shops, pubs, and houses, where commodities and skills of underdark, dwarven, and Rockseer nature can be purchased.

The Magistrate of Rockpond is Guardian Dwarf Beomine.

Rock pond

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