River tree

Located South of the main road.

Rivertree is close knit urban sprawl related to river trade and transport of goods. Because the river running through Rivertree empties south into the moonsea, merchant, public wares, and shop houses abound. Commodities are shipped, stored, and sold here in bulk from multiple cities. Because of the constant turnaround of traders, outsiders, and travelers there is some ill repute to be found in the town.
Theft and the sale of stolen or illegal goods are the most frequent of crimes.

Located in the crossroads of the river are 2 islands, ‘Riverbud’ & ‘River root.’
These islands are only accessible via a bridge joining the two, or by boat.
Here gladiatorial games, sport fighting, and gambling occur and some pubs have been known to never close. Duels are also permitted.

Despite its diversity, the inhabitants of Rivertree are described as largely benevolent and ethically good-natured people. This is due to the combined efforts of the Lawkeepers and the Frontier Thieves guild. Each organization acknowledges the other’s need in maintaining a balance of law and profit in the heavily trafficked area.

The Rivertree lawkeepers consist of a company of watch commanded by Human Guardian Miller, Human Guardian Horace, and Half Orc Guardian Quarrel.

The Frontier thieves guild is secretly captained by Guardian Half orc Mace (sister of Quarrel), Guardian Human female Shasurita, and Guardian Human female Jelenneth. The trio manages the local and visiting activities of all burglars, thieves, smugglers, fences, etc. within the frontier. Murders and assassinations are not permitted or sanctioned by the guild within Frontier.

South of Rivertree are located various farming lands and settlements. This area is also known for trade with southern lizard man tribes, various fishing villages, and for a fledgling half orc community that Quarrel also serves as warden for. In the small forest located southeasterly, Guardians Brunyun and Grace make it home. As a result only small game, herbs, and minor foraging is permitted. Individual tax free logging, hunting, and foraging are permitted on the land West of Rivertree, south of the Keep.


Along the south border of frontier, a large, reinforced wooden stake wall stretches from western river edge to eastern with a gatehouse maintained at all times by a small division of Keep watch. Various towers dot the land of Frontier. The 3 in Rivertree are maintained at all times by no less than 2 keep watch, 4 stone golems, and 2 iron golems each.

River tree

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