Ripple Hill

Located west of the Citadel and north of the main road.

Ripple Hill is largely an agricultural community with a small merchant town atop the highest farm plateau. (Think ‘old west’)

Many Farmers & Laborers in Ripple hill employ Ambulates in their day to day processes as wagons, plows, or simple transportation.

Average crops grown include: corn, wheat, rye, barley, potatoes, onions, carrots, pumpkins, squash, cabbage, radishes, beets, beans, spinach, garlic, herbs, pecans & various nuts, and some apples and tomatoes.

Other basic commodities cultivated and produced are: Beef, chickens, lamb, wool, cheese, butter, milk (goat and cow), leather, wood-work, stone, pork, turkey, eggs, clay, flour, furs, and wild game.
The commodities producers of Frontier are taxed a low percentage based on quarterly yield.
This low tax not only fills Frontier and farmers stores, but allows income to be generated from selling excess goods on the open market.

It is governed by the magistrate and Guardian gnone illusionist Olokos. Olokos overseers the 4 sheriffs of Ripple hill, Guardians 1/2 orc paladin Arthur, human paladin Gerryomen, Cleric Radoc and Druid Brunyun. These 4 sheriffs share duties maintaining order in the area with the assistance of a small squad of mounted watch.

Most Farmers in Ripple hill are also enlisted Frontier militiamen.
Each Frontier militiaman is issued a longsword, shortsword, and a repeating crossbow with 2 magazines.
Frontier militiamen receive a specialized Frontier signal denoting their position/standing within the militia.

Ripple Hill

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