Walgold Samulkin-DECEASED

Male Dwarf Barkeep, Fight promoter


Walgold Samulkin also known as Wally or Wally smiles owns and operates The Duplicate Blessing, a tavern, gambling, and sport fighting house on River root island in Rivertree.

Wally arranges brawls, prizefights, duels, etc. primarily within The Duplicate Blessing but he has been known to sponsor fighters on the local circuit in other fighthouses.
Wally smiles also owns a small boat coach service, ferrying fares to and from the island and short distances on the river.

His brother Trakas Tallcrippler Samulkin (DECEASED) manages the betting and collection, he has also been known to act as a loanshark in special circumstances.


Walgold Samulkin-DECEASED

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