Tin Man

Nak metal Golem


Tin Man is a Nak
metal golem given to Kalik by the Chak king.

HD 6, AC 6, HP 27, #AT 1 axe or fist, DMG 1D8/1D4, THACO 13, SIZE 6’, INT non.

Once activated , the tin man always speaks when spoken to, but it has no brain and offers only random comments or answers to any questions. It is immune to most spells, but water or ice based attacks (normal or magical) cause it to become stiff and immobile in 1-4 rounds. ( Thorough oiling will free it.) It can be affected by normal or magical weapons. When reduced to 0 hp of less, it is not destroyed buy merely immobilized. It can only be destroyed by melting in red dragon breath or hotter. The tin man can be activated or deactivated by the command word ‘Zihweeg.’ The tin man is immune to damage from lightwands; its shiny surface reflects the shots. If a shot hits, however, it is reflected in a random direction

Tin Man is currently located on the ship ‘Wolfshade’.


Tin Man

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