Melisana of Ventris- DECEASED


Human Female, Age 19, 5"5", 130 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes
Melisana, daughter of the merchant Melkeras of Ventris, is a good-natured and insightful young woman, of sufficient wisdom not to have grown up spoiled by her overindulgent parents.
She is determined to run her father’s business when he retires from the day-to-day management, and has set herself to the task of becoming a good sailor and merchant, a goal she is
accomplishing. She is not violent of nature, though the need for survival will prompt her to help her allies if they are endangered.

Melisana died in the catacombs on King Viedel’s island in the Pirate Isles of the Sea of Fallen Stars.
She was stabbed in the back by the Old man Keestake, former aid to the king and lunatic.


Melisana of Ventris- DECEASED

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