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Fighter (Myrmidon)
STR 18/72 Hit +2 Wt Allow 160 Open Doors 13 (d20)
Damage +3 Max Press 305 Bend Bars 25%
DEX 16 Reaction Adj +1 Missile Adj +1 Defensive Adj -2
CON 18 HP Adj +4 Sys Shock 99% Poison Save +0
Res Survival 100% Regeneration none
INT 6 Add Profs 1 slots Learn Spell 0% Spell Immunity
Max Spell Lvl 7th Max Spells 9/lvl none
WIS 8 Mag Def Adj +0 Bonus Prayers Spell Immunity
Spell Failure 0% 0-0-0-0-0-0-0 none
CHA 12 Henchmen 5 max Loyalty Base 0 Reaction Adj 0
AC 2 Hit Points Experience
Armor King’s Scale Mail + 2 Max 63 Needed 32000
Shield Buckler Current 52 Current 16000
Other none Wounds none Level 5
Saving Throws Base Modifiers
Par/Poi/Death 11 none
Rod/Staff/Wand 13 +4 vs. exceptionally hot fires
Petr/Poly 12 none
Breath Weapon 13 +4 vs. exceptionally hot fires
Spell 14 none
Magic Resistance 0% no comments
Combat THAC0 = 16
Melee Weapons #AT Size Type Speed MT Hit/Dam Adj Damage SM/L Comments
Gladius +2 3/2 S P 3 11 +5 / +7 1d6/1d8 Giantslayer, 20’ light on command
Two-handed sword 3/2 L S 10 13 +3 / +5 1d10/3d6 missing
Drusus 3/2 S P 3 12 +4 / +6 1d6/1d8
Warhammer 1 M B 4 14 +2 / +3 1d4+1/1d4
Punching/Wrestling 2 B 2 13 +4 / +5 see PH none
Cesti (both hands) 2 S P 2 13 +4 / +5 1d4/1d3
Gladius +2 (on-hand) 3/2 S P 3 12 +5 / +7 1d6/1d8 2-handed fighting
Drusus (off-hand) 1 S P 2 16 +3 / +6 1d6/1d8 2-handed fighting
Hand axe 1 M S 4 16 +0 / +3 1d6/1d4 non-proficient
Ranged Weapons RoF Size Speed Range Comments
Warhammer 1 M 4 10/20/30
Hand axe 2 S 2 10/20/30 non-proficient
Chu-ko-nu 2 ? ? 50/100/150
Ammunition Qty Type MT Hit/Dam Adj Damage SM/L Comments
Warhammers 4 B 13 +3 / +3 1d4+1/1d4
Hand axe 2 P 15 +1 / +3 1d6/1d4 non-proficient
Chu-ko-nu magazine 1 10 P 15 +1 / 0 1d4/1d4
Chu-ko-nu magazine 2 10 P 15 +1 / 0 1d4/1d4
Proficiency Slots Attribute Modifier Proficiency Slots Attribute Modifier
Two-handed sword 1+f N/A N/A Common f INT 0(6)
Short sword 2 N/A N/A Ancient military history f INT -1(5)
Punching/Wrestling 1+b N/A N/A Fire-building f WIS -1(7)
Warhammer 1 N/A N/A Swimming 1 STR 0(18)
Blind-fighting 2 N/A N/A Blacksmithing 1 STR 0(18)
Crossbow b N/A N/A Seamanship 1 DEX +1(17)
Two-weapon style b N/A N/A Endurance 1 CON 1/2 proficient
Racial Abilities/Restrictions Class/Kit Powers/Restrictions
- Recognizable military demeanor
- Patron
- -
- -
Possessions and Encumbrance
Equipment Item Weight Equipment Item Weight Equipment Item Weight
Weapons 54 Empty wineskin 1 Holy symbol (Tempus)
Helm* 5 The Kagahure 1 Holy symbol (Tyr)
Armor 40 50 ft rope 20 Holy symbol (Freya)
Whetstone 1 Backpack 2 Clothing 10
Flint & Steel Flask of spirits 1 Tunic
Belt 3 large pouches 3 Currency 27
14 days rations 14 Blood signal Bear cloak
Small Tent 10 Orc Boots Clothing
Currency Gems Objects of Art Other
Pouch 1 (on belt): 251 gp, 49 sp, 60 cp
Pouch 2 (in backpack): 100 pp, 200 gp
Pouch 3 (hung from neck under tunic): 3 × 1000 gp bullion
Magic Items Description
Potion of Healing Qty 1
Potion of Extra-Healing Qty 4
Ring of Fire Resistance Immune to normal fires
-10 HP/round in very large fires
+4 to save and -2 per damage die in exceptional fires
Base Movement Total Wt Adjustments Current Movement
12 189 lbs -40 lbs magical armor 12
  • Max kept a helm carefully wrapped in a cloth. He guards it carefully and won’t show it to anyone.
  • Max has a buckler strapped to his left forearm. He always wears it to fights even if he doesn’t always use it. Even when he’s not fighting, he can usually be seen wearing it.
  • Max finds a book at ’Uto’s’ called ‘the Kagahure’. It explains the honor and philosophy of a type of eastern Kara-turian warrior called a ‘Samurai’. In addition, it also has various hand to hand combat techniques as well as basic instructions on the proper use of a sword called a ‘katanna’ with simple accompanying illustrations.

Max won’t say, and most don’t press, but it’s obvious Max used to be a soldier and a pretty good one at that. The big question is whose army. Everyone speculates behind his back, but not to his face, at least not more than once. Though usually friendly and cheerful, Max’s mood quickly sours when talk turns to his life before fighting for Walgold.

Those fists have made Walgold a richer dwarf, and for good reason. Max wins his fights. In his early days, he ended the fights too quickly, all that military training. Under Walgold’s influence, Max has learned to draw out the fights and give the crowds a spectacle. Max fights in the pits either with his drusus, cesti, or bare fists depending on the agreed upon rules. It doesn’t really matter to him. In the beginning he sometimes fought with armor, but now he fights only with a buckler, and often doesn’t even use it. Rival managers won’t agree to fights if Max wears armor even though their fighters do. Yeah, he’s that good.

People don’t really know why Max sticks with Walgold. There are other managers who would gladly give Max a better deal, nicer digs, hotter babes, more time between fights. He’s obviously troubled. After fights, he’ll go binge drinking and like as not give a free show. Walgold does his best to keep Max locked up during his binges, but the huge man sometimes breaks free. Usually he can be subdued before doing serious harm. Usually… maybe that’s why he sticks with Walgold. Walgold knows how to do damage control.

Max has a tattoo on his left forearm. It is a white skull with a flowering plant growing out of it. Green stalks weave from the inside out with orange orchids on their ends. Some text appears below the graphic, but it is highly stylized and difficult to read without a close look. Max normally keeps the tattoo covered. Max is pretty superstitious, but religion is confusing to him. When he gets a chance, he buys holy symbols. Right now, the symbols of Tyr and Tempus dangle on leather thongs from his neck.

Max is now a Sergeant in the Frontier Militia and a Volunteer in the Fire Brigade. He misses Wally despite what everyone says about him, but he’s definitely happier with Trakas and his debts off his back!


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