Klembsy Klingeln

Klembsy is a Human druid with brown hair and brown eyes and a very pleasant humorous personality


Name: Klembsy Klingeln
Campaign: Guardians of the Frontier
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: True Neutral
Class: Druid of Mielikki
Kit: Mountain druid
Lvl: 5
XP: 17000
Next: 20000
Height: 69 in
Weight: 176 pounds
Age: 19
HP: 27 Current HP: 27
AC: 2 (Masterwork Studded Leather Armor of Blending AC6 + Dex + ring of prot.+2)

Str: 09 Hit 00 Dmg 00 Allow 35 Press 90 Doors 05 BBLG 01%
Dex: 16 Surprise +1 Missile +1 Defense -2
Con: 11 Hp 00 Shock 75 Res 80 Poison 00 Regen 00
Int: 10 Lang 02 Spl Lvl 05 Learn Spl 45 Spl/Lvl 07 Illus Immun 00
Wis: 17 Mag. Def. +3 Bonus 3rd Fail 0 Spl Immun 0
Chr: 15 Hench. 7 Loyalty +3 React +3

Languages: Common (and Druid) – Dwarven (mountain druid kit – after 3rd lvl)

Racial/Class Abilities: None

WP Scimitar
WP Sling
WP Spear
NWP Healing 15 (2 slots)
NWP Mountaineering N/A
NWP Survival (mountain)10
NWP Religion 17 (At level 4)
NWP Animal training 17 (Bonus awarded)
NWP Spellcraft 10 (Bonus awarded)
NWP Riding, land-based 20 (Bonus awarded)

Class Kit: Mountain druid

Spells: 5 1st lvl + 5 2nd lvl + 2 3rd lvl (due to high Wisdom).
Spell points MAX: 21, Current spell points 8

Hand innate ability: Speak with plants once per day

Available Spells: Klembsy’s Travelling Prayerbook

Current Spells:
Purify Food and Drink
Magical Stone
Heat Metal
2 X Flame Blade
Produce Flame
Call Lightning

Saving Throws
PPDM: 7 (ring of prot +2)
RSW: 11 (ring of prot +2)
PP: 10 (ring of prot +2)
BW: 13 (ring of prot +2)
SP: 12 (ring of prot +2)

The mountain druid has the following granted powers:
1) Receives a +4 bonus to all saving throws vs. electrical attacks and to mountaineering proficiency checks.
2) Gains a modifier of +3 to experience level when determining the effects of a spell from the Elemental (earth or air) or Weather spheres cast while in the mountains.
3) Senses avalanches, volcanic eruptions, and rockfalls one turn before they happen when the player rolls 1 to 5 on 1d6. This ability also enables the druid to detect deadfall traps and falling blocks on a roll of 1 to 3 on 1d6.
4) Learns the languages of mountain-dwelling sentient creatures (such as dwarves, red dragons, stone or storm giants, etc.), gaining one extra proficiency slot for this purpose every three levels (at 3rd, 6th, etc.).
5) Identifies plants, animals, and pure water with perfect accuracy at 3rd level.
6) Shapechanges into a normal, real-world reptile, bird, or mammal up to three times per day at 7th level, exactly as described in the PH. Each animal form (reptile, bird, or mammal, excluding giant forms) can be used only once per day.

Movement: 12

Equipment/Location on person:
Tunic with belt and cloak (worn)
Masterwork Studded Leather Armor of Blending (worn)
Holy symbol from Freya (inside tunic)
Spell components (in pouches hanging from his belt)
Boots of the north (worn)
Ring of Protection +2 (worn)
Personal Pouch (hanging from his belt) with 50 gp, 50 sp, 7 cp.

Stored in his backpack are:
Scroll of Hold Person
Potion of Levitation
Potion of Feather Falling

Stored in his cabin are:
Book about H’Catha
Book of tales regarding the Old northern gods
Updated map of surrounding forests of Phlan
Druid’s journal titled ‘My 10 years among the lizardmen.’

Valuables/Currency (AT HOKEN FOR SAFEKEEPING):
5 small leather bags containing a total of 2 pp, 789 gp, 69 sp in coins
5,000 gp worth of gold bars – a gift from Francis the Navigator

Weapons/Location on person:
Masterwork Scimitar +1 non-magical (in sheath strapped on belt)
Masterwork Scimitar +1 non-magical (spare in backpack)
2 Masterwork Spears +1 non-magical (carried or on donkey-depends)
1 dagger (strapped on leg)


Klembsy was raised in the south and after finishing his base education, decided to come to the north and study the nature of the North.
During his initial wanderings he was enslaved by slave traders and was boarded on a slave ship with unknown destination. In a flick of good luck, the ship crashed after a storm in an island full of orcs and goblins.

Klembsy Klingeln

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