Johana Grethe

Female Human Thief


By day Johana Grethe owns and operates a local tobacconist/herbal shop called The Cheshire’s grin in Rivertree. By night she is The Long-tailed Cat, an accomplished cat burglar and member of the Frontier thieves guild.

Originally from Stormport, Johana relocated after her brother Durgan was almost killed in an illithid plot. She accompanied Guardians Mace, Lily, and the War Anvil on a rescue mission to retrieve Durgan only to find an illithid had slowly been feeding on his mind, leaving him now an invalid (INT 5). She and her older sister Janine sold off the local shop they had in Stormport and used the funds to immigrate to Rivertree. There Johana and her sister live, manage the new shop and take care of their brother.

Johana carries a magical dagger named ‘Rally’, a Wand of Magic detection, and slippers of springing & spider climb.
‘Rally’ is a dagger +2 that reappears in the wielder’s hand after each throw, allowing its wielder 2 missle attacks the same round.


Pallady Tor’belu is Johanna’s fence and main liaison for contracted work.
Narrinn ‘Ravencloak’ is Johanna’s sponsor and Lieutenant in the thieves guild.
The Death Naga Grogshop is usually a good location to contact guild members.

Johana Grethe

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