Guardian, Fighter, Lord of Frontier, Master of Frontier's Adventurer's Guild, Owner & Operator of 'Charcoal's Tavern'


Hoken goes way back, he is one of the original guardians.

Hoken is an 11th level fighter. He is also the owner and operator of a Frontier tavern called ’Charcoal’s’. He is Master of the Frontier Adventurers guild. He is considered a Frontier Noble and he is a member of the Guardians of the Frontier

Hoken carries a frost brand broadsword +3. Plate mail +3, Handaxe +2, Dagger +3, A heavy crossbow of speed, a lightning lance (10 charges 3d6 lightning bolt), a coral necklace that allows the wearer to cast ‘blur’ on themselves 3 times per day, a frontier guardians signal, a wand of magic detection, a ring of invisibility, a ring of featherfall, and a ring of wishes (1 left)

He also has a Psuedo Dragon familiar named ‘Charcoal’ of whom his tavern is named after.

Membership in the adventurer’s guild allows/offers the following permissions, services, designations.
-Honorary Frontier citizenship
-Special Guild signal
-Vaulting/storage discounts
-Coin/gem exchange rate discounts
-Recovery and raise service. (Varies 5k-10k GP. sum to be used only if member is believed to be KIA. This fee ensures the return, recovery, and raising of KIA member, within reason, to the best of the Guild’s ability. Bloodmarked signal is required in this service.)
-Certain special access to purchase specific magic/weapon/general items. If available.
-Item identification rate discounts
-Application fee = 2GP
-Yearly dues = 2GP
-Each contract accepted 1GP per party involved



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