Frantisek (Francis) Incurvati

Pirate (Navigator), Fighter


Francis wears his Flaming Cutlass on his left belt, and his other cutlass on his right belt. The flaming whip also at his belt, behind his back. The wand of Frost, in a wrist sheath in his left sleeve. He dons his snow white hooded robe, and his satchel over his shoulder and across his body, finished by the longbow and quiver when out adventuring.

Name: Frantisek (Francis) Incurvati
Aliases: Kievan, Tyberius, Brisco, Mal
Campaign: Guardians of the Frontier
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Good/Neutral Good
Class: Fighter, Pirate Kit (Navigator)
Lvl: 5
XP: 16,000
Next: 32,000
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 215
Age: 20
HP: 40 (Max) / 40 (current)
AC: 0 (w/ Bracers AC 0)
hit/dam adjustments & notes:
Two Weapon Fighting Style w/ Cutlass Specialization:
+ 3 hit/+ 5 dam w/ Cutlass + 1, Flame Tongue, main hand. – 1 hit/ 5 damage w/ Cutlass, offhand (In addition to other adds + 1 hit on parry maneuver w Cutlass). + 2 hit/+ 4 dam main, 1 hit/ 5 dam offhand for basket hilt punches, 1d3 damage plus punching effects.
Other: 0 hit/+ 1 dam, – 2 hit/+ 1 dam, with clubs.
Attacks: update @6
Melee: 5/2 attacks as a fighter, fighting Two weapon Style. Two 1st rd, Three 2nd rd.
Ranged: 2/1 with the Long Bow

Str: 16 Hit 00 (Dmg +1) Allow 70 (Press 195) Doors 9 (BBLG 10%)
Dex: 10 (Surprise 0) (Missile 0) (Defense 0)
Con: 10 (Hp 0) (Shock 65%) (Res 70%) Poison 00 Regen 00
Int: 14 Lang 4
Wis: 12
Chr: 16 Hench. 8 Loyalty +4 React +5

Saving Throws (Update @ level 7)
PPDM:11 — Modifier/Reason
RSW:13 — Modifier/Reason
PP:12 — Modifier/Reason
BW:13 — Modifier/Reason
SP:14 — Modifier/Reason

Movement: — (Base 12)

Common, Orcish

Racial/Class Abilities:


  1. Cutlass Proficiency
  2. Club Proficiency (Belayin pin, Club, etc)
  3. Cutlass Specialization
  4. Two Weapon Fighting Style Specialization
  5. Long Bow Proficiency (3rd level)
  6. Cutlass Specialization x2 (Bonus Non-Weapon Proficiency)
  7. (@ level 6) (Two Weapon Fighting Style Specialization x2, gonna take this @6)

Non Weapon:

  • Rope Use (Dex 10)
  • Seamanship (Dex 10+1)
  • Navigation (Int 14-2)
  • Swimming (Str 16) + earring abilities
  • Weather Sense (Wis 12-1)
    add’l 4 w/ 14 Int
  • Reading/Writing (Int 14+1)
  • Direction Sense (Wis 12+1)
  • Gaming (Cha 16)
  • Fast Talking (Cha 16)
    lvl up skills
  • Additional Language Orcish (Int 14) (3rd level)
  • Spelljamming (Bonus Non-Weapon Prof)
  • Forgery (Dex 10-1) (Bonus Non-Weapon Proficiency)
  • (@ level 6)

Worn Equipment:
Armor: Bracers AC 0

Ear: earring of swimming from Cyton

Cutlass +1, Flame Tongue, +2 vs regen, +3 vs cold-using, flammable & avian creatures, + 4 vs undead, Sheds light like a torch upon command, can light flammable items.
Bull Whip +2 Flame Tongue, Sheds light like a torch upon command, can light flammable items.
Masterwork Cutlass +1 Non Magical
Masterwork Dagger +1 (non-magical) x2
Masterwork boot knife +1 (non-magical) w/ sheath, in the right boot
Masterwork Compound Longbow +1 (non-magical) (Str dmg modifier applies)
Wand of Frost with a Spring Sheath: (15 Charges) A frost wand can perform three functions that duplicate wizard spells:
Ice storm: A silvery ray springs forth from the wand and an ice (or sleet) storm occurs up to 60 feet away from the wand holder. This function requires one charge.
Wall of ice: The silvery ray forms a wall of ice, ? inches thick, covering a 6OO-sqft area (10′×60: 20′×30: et~.). Its initiative modifier is +2, and it uses one charge.
Cone of cold: White crystalline motes spray forth from the wand in a cone with a 60-foot length and a terminal diameter of 20 feet. The initiative modifier is +2, and the effect lam just one second. The temperature is -1 W degrees E, and damage is 6d6, treating all 1s rolled as 2s (6d6, 12-36). The effect is two charges per use. Saving throw v. wands is applicable. The wand can function once per round, and may be recharged.

A metal Frontier Sigil around his neck (blood-marked)
A Fine White Silk Shirt with 3’ ruffled cuffs
Fine Pitch Black Breeches
Fine Pitch Black Leather Gloves
Fine Pitch Black Soft Leather Boots
Fine Black Waist Coat
A Fine Pitch Black silken sash decorated diagonally down his front and then tied around the waist.
Snow White Hooded Robe covered in multiple pockets
Playing cards
a pair of bone dice said to have been carved from a red dragon. The pips are embedded rubies save for the 1, which is a black topaz, worth 500 GP
1 smoke stick: This alchemically treated wooden stick instantly creates thick, opaque smoke when ignited. The smoke fills a 10- foot cube (treat the effect as a fog cloud spell, except that a moderate or stronger wind dissipates the smoke in 1 round).

Custom padded satchel:
2 clay bottles of oil
Black Soft Leather satchel:
Watertight brass charts and maps case that also has a compartment for navigational tools and ink pen:
Rutter (Navigational Logbook)
Charts & Maps
Writing/Mapmaking Inks & impliments
Lantern & 3 small candles
flint & steel
2 lengths of coiled role 100 ft each.
Jerky, days worth
2 Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds, 2 doses each
1 Potion of Cure Serious Wounds, 2 doses
1 Potion of Flying
2 torches & oil

x20 Masterwork Arrows (non magical), +1 Attack
Water skin (water), Dwarven Ale skin, ‘medicinal’ Brady skin, Dark Bitter Ale skin.

Belt pouch:
Coins: 2 PP, 44 GP, 8 EP, 62 SP, 72 CP

Stored Equipment:
Ripple hill, at Unlce’s house:
Compound Longbow, 4 daggers, 2 Cutlasses
Charcoal Gray Wool Long Coat w/ inside and outside pockets:
Hooded black cloak (given to him by Jo)
Dark bear-skin winter cloak
Cloak of Poisonousness
Large Sack:
3500 gp in bars
Books: Beasts of the Sea, Sea Warfare Tactics, Advanced Knots, How to Brew Ale, Cooking with Fish, and a guide to Moonsea Monsters.
Pony Keg of Fine Dwarven Ale
chain pouch

Ship Notes:
Fury’s Eclipse
Helm of Spelljamming

Item Notes:
Earring of swimming: bestows upon the wearer the ability to swim at a full 21 base speed. the ring further enables the wearer to dive up to 50 feet into water without injury, providing the depth of the water is at least 1 1/2 feet per 10 feet of diving elevation. the wearer can stay underwater for up to four rounds without needing a breath of a of air. Surface swimming can continue for four hours before a one hour (floating) rest is needed. The ring confers the ability to stay afloat under all but typhoon-like conditions.
Cloak of Poisonousness – This particular cloak is usually made of a woolly material, although it can be made of leather. It radiates magic. The cloak can be handled without harm, but as soon as it is actually donned, the wearer is stricken stone dead. A cloak of poisonousness can be removed only with a remove curse spell—this destroys the magical properties of the cloak. If a neutralize poison spell is then used, it may be possible to revive the victim with a raise dead or resurrection spell, but there is a -10% chance of success because of the poison.

On the taller side of things 6’2", and of athletic build, he’s stronger than he looks, with a muscular and angular face. Wearing a short light brown beard most of the time, medium length dirty blonde/light brown hair, with bleached streaks due to being on the sea and in the sun a lot. A charming and handsome fellow, he’s good with the ladies, or at least he has had success in the past, blue eyes. Hair is sometimes worn loose and sometimes tied back. He likes to wear nice clothing, silken shirts, high quality leather gloves, boots and belt, with a well kept coat keep him in fashion, and warm on the high seas.

PARTY SECRET WORD: Man overboard


Born and raised in the City of Velprintalar. He came from a well off upbringing, has an education, and a cocky attitude to match. Some time he keeps it subdued, and other times he’ll run wild with it. Cool, calm, collected, calculating. Sometimes the emotions take hold, as with all men. Kind to the ladies, small animals and Fairies. He’s tolerant of Goblins and Orcs, as with his profession in this part of the world, has run in with them as employment fits.

His father was a shipper, and had a few other Captains under is employ. One of which was his Uncle, his father’s Brother. Francis grew up at Sea with his Father when he could, from a very young age. He would stay at home with his mother for education and classical upbringing, and go to Sea with his father as often as he could. He had a great relationship with his parents and a happy childhood. He wasn’t a noble, but his family did well, and had enough money to make sure he had the best of things. His parents taught him to be generous and kind. His father was the kind to always over tip and meet a stranger with a kind word and an open palm. He said, “A Man’s loyalty is stronger than his fear.”

He grew up with a desire for the finer things in life through all his travel and exposure to a diverse and varied cargoes and personalities he meet while shipping with his Father. He wears fine clothing when he can, drinks good drink, and prefers foods prepared by chefs, and master cooks over slop house Inn’s. He’ll stay at the nicest places he can afford. He knows he should sometimes keep his profile low, and not attract attention, and does mitigate that to a degree, but when good food, good company, and a game of chance are in the midst, that caution gets thrown to the wind.

After finding some suspicious cargo on board from a group of Merchants Franicis’s father had done many jobs for was discovered. Some weird things began to happen. Other’s dropped business, contracts were broken, and things took a turn for the worst. After taking some concerns directly to the Merchants, Francis’s father was never seen from again. 3 of the men who were part of this group Francis knows of, Dragaemyr ‘red tooth’, Snakeman Zeles and Hadramor the Brutal. After returning home and finding his mother dead as well, Francis left the city immediately and hitched a ride on the most unsavory looking ship he could find. He’s been in hiding for 5 years now, staying clear of anything from his home city. Working for any bottom feeder he could find and clear of the more respectable channels of shipping.

Re: Cutlass from pg. 100 of ‘The Complete Fighter’s Handbook"
The cutlass is a short, heavy sword, sharp along only one edge, with a heavy basket hilt (a protective cup) around the hilt to protect the hand. The cutlass’ basket hilt provides the following benefits: it gives the wielder a +1 to hit with the Parry maneuver: and it works just the same as an iron gauntlet if the wielder wishes to punch someone with the hilt rather than slash with the blade. (See the Player’s Handbook, pages 97-98. Bare-hand attacks do ld2 damage, plus strength bonus, and the other effects of Punching from the chart on 97: metal gauntlets and other metal band-protection makes that ld3 plus strength bonus and punching effects. Note: An enchanted cutlass, say a cutlass + 1, does not confer the + 1 to hit and damage with these basket-hilt punches… only with blade attacks.) Proficiency with Cutlass is related to proficiency with short sword, daggerldirk, knife stiletto. and main-gauche. Weapon Specialization with Cutlass is normal, except that you also get the +1 to hit and +2 damage with those basket-hilt punches. In a campaign with pirates, cutlasses are common and readily available in any port community: they are much less common inland.

From Cyton the Assbag: “He explains that back in Rivertree they were on a bit of leave awhile back when Cyton and some of the other crew lost all their personal coin to Francis while gambling. Cyton caught up with him later that night and when he found him he was with Cyton’s favorite regular girl, whom at the time Cyton thought was his ‘exclusive girl’. So he and the crew beat and kidnapped him with the intent of selling him to Khoppy for his Zhent contact info.”

Frantisek (Francis) Incurvati

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