Catarina Von Furfoot

Female Halfling Rogue


Cute lil halfling with clear blue eyes and short curly brown hair. You can tell shes used to taking care of her self from her simple armor to the short sword, barely noticeable. If she didn’t seem so sad you might not see her at all.


Halflings mate for life! He knew that. There was little else she could relate with her family about being a halfling but that was one of them, halflings mate for life. Blonk was the one she chose to give her love too, they were meant to be. A dwarf and halfling people whispered “Unheard of”! Both outcast, rebels in the world of men and damn good at it to boot! He rescued her from an ugly world and from various other situations over the time they were together. What a fool she was, the anger still swelling up inside her! So when the guild approached her to join (apparently her and her love had built a reputation together, chuckling for a moment) she decided to accept their offer, I mean why not, right?! She was no longer tied to anyone or anything might as well pick up some quick gold and sparklies for her self. Then she could splurge a bit, take some time off, get over it, but until then she could use this pain and anger to her advantage haha. That would be the best way to spite the bastard. So now she waits……

Catarina Von Furfoot

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