Campaign of the Month: July 2012

Guardians of the Frontier

Day 30-123, 'Time passes'

Day 30-123, 'Time passes'

Morning comes quick and all gather for breakfast (excluding Cat). The party is somewhat pleasantly surprised to see Klembsy waiting for them. Greetings and introductions are made and 1st meal is served. Consisting of crisp sausages, thick blackened bacon, slices of brown bread with sharp cheese and raw purple onion, soft-boiled quail eggs and pearl onions, cherry tomatoes with a light drizzle of oil and basil flakes, small cups of spiced porridge with cream, plates of grapes, figs, almonds, and walnuts, cups of strong mint tea, and tankards of mellow amber ale.

Hoken sits with the group sipping a steaming clag mug of mold wine but keeps relatively quiet.

Marcetheus arrives, pours himself an elven wine behind the bar and plonks down at the table exhausted.

After grazing a bit on the spread, the mage brushes his hands off and begins to discuss recent events.

“Well, I won’t lie and say things couldn’tve gone better. But the good news is the bad guys got away with only one of the tablets. Bad news, besides the bad guys getting away, is that they took two of the relics with them. Buuuuut according to your account of the encounter with the Barghest, which is very informative by the way, it seems the fiend caught a one way ticket back to it’s home plane taking it’s artifact with it. I’m thinking it’ll be awhile before it finds a door back. Regardless, the mission was a success in that we’ve prevented whoever from walking away with a complete package. And without the tablets, they won’t have the ‘manual’ to properly operate what they do have. And for that adventurers, we are grateful.”

The mage downs his copper goblet and motions for another.

“We’re sorting through the mess over at the blessing and haven’t found any of the items or the tablets. It’ll take some time as well to question the bodies of Trakas and Steegh, what’s left of them. I’m afraid we didn’t find remnants of the Ardolf character, but we’re still looking. Lotta lotta burnt dead over there.”

His head sinks as he mumbles. “Gods I’m getting sick of interrogating the dead.”

His cup refilled, the mage takes a pull before continuing.

“We’re still making progress with Kargan and should have a solid lead soon. In the meantime, heroes, the Guardians are prepared to offer rewards for all that you have done for Frontier. You should feel proud and we are grateful.”

Once the Duplicate Blessing has been completely sifted through, Full ownership and deed to the property is to be given over to “The Company of the Broken Chains”. The cost of the rebuilding will be covered by the Guardians.
(3 story max. redesign with fight pit and roof garden/patio, and 2 max. underground sub floors, 2nd must be significantly smaller than 1st. anyone want to design? What will the new name be?)
Depending on what the group wants to do with this, it can be utilized as a source of steady monthly income.

Farouk is given an Ambulate Alchemists workbench. A portable alchemists workbench with all necessary equipment for an alchemist to create on a small scale. Farouk should designate where the bench will live. Preferably an underground location, but it is mobile so it can be moved to various locations. The bench moves at a rate of 4 and is not intended to take out into the field. The setup can also be used to create small amounts of liquor.

Francis is gifted a helm for his boat. A small, ornate, hand carved, dark stained, wooden ‘U’ shaped, four legged chair with no back. Its ‘Key’ is a cold iron chain with a bronze amulet.
The brothers Sneaseldove fly Francis out to Phlan on their barge ‘Bertha’. The navigator meets the brothers at their private dock a few bells past sunset. Brandy is passed out and shortly thereafter, the barge ‘lifts off’. Francis is shocked and amazed as the boat rises up from the water, above the lands, settling into casual cruising speed above the clouds.
Over the course of the journey, dinner is shared and spelljamming is discussed. Touching back down into the river just outside of Phlan before sunrise, the barge coasts into port. The brothers aid Francis with installing his helm (Francis should designate where on the ship the helm is located). Gramps then gifts the navigator with a bosun’s whistle of Unseen ship crew “Guardians thought this would help as well.”

When activated, this magical item summons an unseen crew. The unseen crew are effectively unseen servants that perform sailors’ tasks (manning, sail booms,working rudders, manning oars, etc., depending on the ship design. The item can be used once per day for 1d4 hours, but cannot be activated in the phlogiston. Though the unseen crew is invisible, some of them can be seen occasionally as they pass through the magical currents of the spelljamming helm. Though these sightings may occur as often as once per turn, the glimpse is only for a brief second. The unseen ship crew works stations that are not currently manned. The unseen crew will take proportional losses as if they were 1 HD sailors (including effect weapons) but can be used the next day. Captains who possess this magical item tend to have very superstitious crews. Whenever the ship comes into port, the crew often speaks of ghosts manning the sails, throwing a life preserver overboard to a fallen comrade (whether to an unseen crewman or a real one), or looking out from the crow’s nest.

Using the unseen crew, Francis tows the brother’s barge a good distance out to sea and then around sunset both ships lift off (Gramps aiding Francis in his first flight) and depart back to Frontier. Francis is permitted to land/dock the Fury’s Eclipse in one of Frontiers small lakes. Francis is approached by the thieves guild as well as the Guardians to contract himself out, when available, to act as a transporter on occasion. (Over the next few months Francis learns the bonus NWP: Spelljamming)

Kistol gets a bump up in guild. Johana informs the elf that Traros the armorer and Magrath Unflinching, being the only remaining guild crews left, have divided River tree amicably. Traros has welcomed any surviving cloaks into ‘The Chain’ while Magrath has offered surviving whitecloaks membership within ‘The Cloistered’. Since Ravencloak hasn’t surfaced and is presumed dead, Jo has been designated new captain of the chain and Kistol is ‘made’ a lieutenant. With a small crew under his command, the elf is given the River root islands as his specific territory while Jo will over see the south westside of River tree. Farouk and Francis are also now considered ‘in’ with the guild and are able to successfully access members and services as well as offer services without raising suspicion.
Pinch pins’s crew consists of Cat, Pevbel ‘Bells’ human male thief lvl2, ‘Cobby’ half orc female thief lvl3, ‘Sockets’ Large human male F/T dual class 3/1, and ‘Pigs ear’ half elf male thief lvl2. This crew are Kistol’s enforcers, collectors, foot soldiers, and eyes and ears on the street. Also, within the guild, Farouk and Francis report to Kistol and he is accountable for their activities pertaining to guild sanctions and guidelines.

Wren is gifted a magic bowstring. When strung to any bow (not including crossbows) and drawn, the bow string creates a nocked arrow which can be fired. The string has unlimited uses and various arrow types that can be created include, flight, flaming (must be lit), and sheaf. She is also given an honorary Frontier ranger’s signal. Over the next three months she accompanies and trains with the rangers on a quite a number of occasions. (bonus NWPs Mountaineering, Forester)

Klembsy meets Oleanna, she is receptive but stern to the younger druid. Explaining his given territory is on the fringe of hers. She’ll be available to aid as long as he abides by her laws of the forest. He’ll also be expected, when needed, to assist local farmers, rangers, and in miscellaneous matters of the forest. Over the next three months, Ein pays several visits to the druid and aids in the building of his cabin. Also various frontier rangers visit occasionally and Klembsy quickly becomes well known amongst them. Klembsy also discovers his new arm allows him to speak to plants once per day similar to the spell.

With the new ownership of the Former blessing, Ripple hill Sheriff and Druid, Brunyun approaches Max to help build and train a small school of fighters. Most are guild, guard, or ranger prospects. The new bar/inn is also a considered a “Chain/guild” hangout and under guild protection. Over the next few months, Dwarven and local communities are grateful Wally and Trakas are out of the picture. Max is considered a sort of local hero around the island and River tree. On a few special occasions he’s been invited to and participated in various rock pond sponsored bouts along with Brunyun and both are soon considered to be in the top of the hand to hand fighters in Frontier. Max is also designated and trained as an militiaman and fire brigadesman. (He’s given a sword belt with a longsword, shortsword, as well as a repeating crossbow cho-ku-nu with 2 magazines. His signal is also stamped to denote his position of sergeant in the militia and volunteer in the fire brigade.) Over the next few months Max becomes adept in the crossbow as well as hand to hand fighting, Bonus WPs crossbow & punching and wrestling specialization.)

Alvyra is reprimanded by her superior within the guard for her use of excessive force and lack of bringing in living prisoners. After the tirade, surprisingly he promotes her to Sheriff status. “Somebody upstairs likes you.” Her signal is stamped denoting her rank and she’s given a new suit of plate +1. Over the next three months she’s partnered with Quarrel of the River tree Law keepers. He familiarizes her with her new beat, policing the south of river tree comprising of a few various farming lands and settlements. This area is also known for trade with southern lizard man tribes, various fishing villages, and for a fledgling half orc community. In the small forest located southeasterly, Guardians Brunyun and Grace make it home. As a result only small game, herbs, and minor foraging is permitted. Individual tax free logging, hunting, and foraging are permitted on the land West of River tree, south of the Keep. Quarrel introduces Al to the Brunyun and Grace on separate occasions. Brunyun sheriffs Ripple hill but is a frequent regular in River tree. He’s a regular spectator and participant in most of the sport fighting locales. Grace is a witch who appears to keep a fairly solitary life style. Quarrel and her seem to have familial relationship with just a splash of awkward sexual tension. Grace home brews potions known for significant alcohol content and she is regularly tipsy. Her fox familiar ‘Kampari’ takes a quick liking to the paladin almost immediately. Grace is wary of the new sheriff but warms when gifts of food are brought each visit and eventually, over the next few months and after a few shared drinking sessions, sees the paladin as a trusted friend.

Maltron is given an apartment within the citadel. A modest 3 story townhouse with a small rooftop patio and garden. The 3rd floor is the mages quarters, the 2nd is a study, and the first is a common room with fireplace and privy. The apartment also comes with a caretaker. Geta Marblegrinder is a young female dwarf of motherly, sassy, and somewhat gruff demeanor. Geta works 5 days a week, has her own key, arrives in the morning and leaves before sundown. She prepares meals, cleans and maintains general upkeep, welcomes visitors, run errands, etc. Her monthly salary is covered by the Guardians but Maltron covers any expendables, food costs, etc. She also excepts bonuses. She’s a good cook, is humorous, keeps the stores and spirits stocked, and gives Maltron all the privacy he needs. The 1st floor may be converted into a business in which Maltron and Geta can receive customers. Over the next few months, Mal enjoys the citadel life, hob nobs with nobles, mingles with other mages, and is introduced into the upper crust of Frontier, even becoming friendly acquaintances with the Citadel Mayor Kajal.

A large donation from the Guardians is given to the Temple of the Northern Gods in Finna and Trist’s name. Also a small farm with 5-6 acres of land, nearby the temple, is granted ownership to Finna, Trist, and Srren for temple use. The land has a main house with 3 quarters, common room, kitchen and outdoor privy. And two smaller bunk houses are able to quarter 12 total. There is a small well on the property, a modest barn with 1 dairy cow, 2 goats, a mule, an ambulate plow, and a small basic smithy. Srren is overwhelmed to tears. Over the next few months the acolytes of the temple Freeyan and Odaenain move into one of the bunk houses, Trist and Finna room together in the main house, while Srren decides to stay in his cabin by the temple. Not long after, a woman Maeva and her two daughters Oda and Asta and two sons Stein and Gauti arrive as refugees in Frontier. As they are followers of the northern gods, they are directed to, and taken in at the Farm house. Maeva and the daughters are allowed take up in the main house with Trist and Finna, while the boys bunk with the acolytes. All assist in the duties of maintaining the small farm and temple grounds. Maeva and Oda begin studies towards becoming priestesses while Gauti works towards becoming a cleric. Finna and Trist, in between assisting in farm, temple duties and other outside activity, also pitch in, training and teaching in matters of weapons, religion, history, combat, ethics, archery, etc.

Trist achieves full clerical status in a small ceremony at the temple. Srren gifts the ranger/cleric with one of the candles from the ceremony. “May it’s light protect and shield you in your darkest hours.”

Candle of Protection: When lit, this item sheds light within a 40-foot radius. Any and all undead creatures approaching must make a saving throw vs. spells or be unable to enter the lighted area. Even if the undead succeed and enter, each must make a saving throw each round or be forced to leave the light. The candle has no effect while being moved. It can last for a total of 24 hours, but each use deducts a minimum of one hour’s burning.

Privately, Srren gives Finna his deceased brother’s Sword of wounding +2 (light on command), a Shield +2, and black wool cowl with no cloak. The cowl is embroidered with feathers in white and silver stitching. (When worn, Featherfall x1 per day, Infravision at night)

Over the next few months Trist accompanies Ein and Wileeg on patrols the northern mountain territory once occupied by orc clan. She begins something of a romantic but sporadic relationship with Kuiper, Guardian and commander of the Frontier rangers. On one special outing, Wileeg, Ein, Kuiper and few select rangers bring Trist to a secret nursery. Wileeg had rescued 5 hippogriff eggs and now the Rangers are raising and training the hatchlings. “What you’re witnessing is the beginning of Frontier’s air calvary. It’ll be year or so before they’re big enough to ride but until then, a hand picked group of rangers will need to imprint themselves on these little guys. Trist, we want you to be one of them.” A hatchling hippogriff is gently handed to Trist who cradles and rocks the small squawker. As time passes, Trist visits the hatchling whenever she can, contributes an old cloak to the nest, and spends several hours a week playing, feeding, and bonding with the creature. She also spends time practicing her airborne riding utilizing ‘Ripper’ and generating a shadow Hippogriff (On several occasions she’s extremely thankful for her ring of featherfall). (Trist’s female hippogriff hatchling will need a name?)(Bonus NWP: Airbourne riding)

3 months total pass. Each player may select 1 from the below options as downtime training/ research bonuses:

1 NWP & spell (MUs only) 1 NWP & 1 WP 3 NWPs

Trist enjoys her time with Finna and Srren developing the temple to the north gods especially restoring Freya’s shrine. She keeps tabs on her friends especially Klembsy and Wren. She also helps set up the Duplicate Blessing so the group can operate a business from there to make a monthly income. She manages to catch the eye of Kuiper who is the commander of the Frontier rangers Commander Kuiper. She begins a relationship with him and slowly over time falls in love. She trains with Finna and learns the art of Healing and trains with Kuiper and learns the art of Animal Training. She humbly accepts the Hippogriff hatchling and names it Phoenyx and trains with it constantly in mock fights and aerial feats. Honing her skills in the newly formed Frontier’s air calvary.

Trist will be working with Phoenyx to develop the following tricks and tasks. Come on Whistle 1 or Command Come. Heel on command Heel, Withdraw on command Away, Lookout on command Watch, Bodyguard on Command Protect, Halt on Whistle 2 or Halt
OOC -(Rangers handbook) each requiring up to 2d4 weeks training after Phoenyx turns one.
OOC – How do you want to do cleric spells for Trist? I assumed 3 NWP slots not 3 NWP skills so I took Healing (2 slots) and Animal Training (1 Slot).
OOC – Are we working through the loot? and is it GP divided by 11 for each of us?

Edited for Hatchling Age 1 training requirement.

DM EDIT: Healing is fine, Trist should have Religion instead of Animal training, that will come later. Her Cleric spells should be the same as a 1st level cleric.

Klembsy makes the best use of this time to expand his serving to the goddess and to tend the shrine and the grove around it. He agrees to serve the forest under Oleanna’s guidance and learns from her all the rules of the forest. He will eagerly help all nearby farmers and rangers and tend the forest in general and will be ready to help whenever needed or called upon. He shows great generosity to the Frontier Rangers and Einbon especially for the construction of his cabin.

Klembsy also pays regular visits to the temple of the northern gods and spends some time with Trist, Finna and Srren. He is very happy to see their small religious community growing.

Klembsy will use his hand innate ability to speak with a different plant every day. That way he feels the bond with the forest getting stronger.

OOC@Jayph> Are these NWP and WP in excess of what we currently have as per level or you mean that those we gain as per level, are those that we really train upon now?

DM EDIT: These are just a one time bonus in addition to what you currently have per level.

ls Spells and more spells!

Farouk exchanges spells with Maltron, We never got around to that previously, too much going on, He also goes through Enthars spellbook… Any news on his signet ring? And the Small whitecloak spellbook (from the loot) after checking for traps of course, What spells were contained within that?

OOC-I think we need a few new threads, Treasure picks/discussion, Discussion thread for The broken chains building, and one where we can post our individual or group plan for the next 3 months. Just to keep things organized

DM EDIT: Broken chain building thread created. Individual and group plans for the next 3 months can post in this thread.

DM EDIT: Mage’s guild is still studying the signet ring, more details to come. Who’s checking for traps on the spellbook?

Nice! Well written, Jayph! I have no idea how to be a lieutenant, but I’ll do my best! Any chance of some thief skill points? Do you have any specifics on the islands?

DM EDIT: Thanks! Being the Lt means managing his team while reporting to the bosses. His crew brings him cash and he kicks a percentage up to the bosses. I’ll roll for monthly intake of gold as things progress. You won’t have to post out the day to day unless it’s campaign related. I’ll have more detail on the islands soon.

Henry Hill: All they got from Paulie was protection from other guys looking to rip them off. That’s what it’s all about. That’s what the FBI can never understand – that what Paulie and the organization offer is protection for the kinds of guys who can’t go to the cops. They’re like the police department for wiseguys.

Jayph, your command of the narrative is inspiring.

Francis will take the 1 WP & 1 NWP, TBD.

I’ll put some time adding, up-dating and expanding the character sheet with the new info today. Did we ever come up with a name for Francis’s Uncle?

Francis definitely would like an office in the blessing. Also to open a cartography and navigation shop, near the blessing, if not adjacent to it, and take on an apprentice or two to run and manage it in his absence. You don’t want to be too far away from your own bar. Francis will need a locked room in the cellar for his own private stash of wine and spirits. He might have to become friends with this witch, and also get a little more chummy with Farouk if he’s gonna be able to concoct some spirits from his still. Francis will refer to Farouk’s Ambulate table as ‘the still’.

As far as where the helm of the ship is, would it be best to have it out in the open, or would that present a problem for defenses, should it be inside for cover and defense? I would think Francis would have the expertise to put the helm in a spot most advantageous, but I am personally, not sure. Chat with me about it.

Maybe Francis buys a building, and has a nice upstairs multi floor dweling, kinda like Mal, sounds like nice digs, and then has a shop down below, and his Unlce lives next door, or someplace close, but not with him. Francis can’t be crapped by his uncle. Then get like 2 or 3 young aspiring attractive female cartographers to learn from Francis. He can take them out on the ship for real world practice, and they, when ready can Navigate and draw maps for the paying customers.

I guess most of this is good PM stuff, but I figured I just drop it all here. More RP to follow when I get everything straight.

DM EDIT: Uncles name- Shaben Incurvati. The blessing should probably have an office for the ‘Broken chain’ as a whole to take contracts, receive customers, etc. Buying a building is going to be pretty pricey for Francis, I guess he could rent. Why doesn’t Francis just live on the ‘Eclipse’? His uncle could act as a caretaker when Francis isn’t around? Francis can also run a business from the ship as well. Having two cartographers in his employ is going cost 1 GP each per day. The helm shouldn’t be out in the open. If it’s hit in an attack, it could explode, become damaged and useless, and/or even kill the helmsman. Standard positioning for a spelljamming helm is on the Main deck, room 5

Farouk picks up 3 NWP…

Farouk refines his already outlandish gambling skills (Gaming +2) and Polishes his manners (Etiquette) working his way into higher stakes games with people of substantial means.

DM EDIT: are you looking to ‘specialize’ in NWPs?

OOC-Farouk knows hes a wimp…He has to get buy on his wits.

DM EDIT: That works, i’ll allow it.

Alvyra lets out a slow breath of relief as the rebuke turns into a promotion. She does take the criticism to heart, though. In the intervening time, she practices subduing enemies (Wrestling Specialization). She also purchases 3 sets of hand shackles, 3 gags, and a head clamp (ring with screws to squeeze a spellcaster’s head so he can’t concentrate and cast). These dangle conveniently from her belt for easy access. There’s a new sheriff in town! she thinks. She tithes 10% of her share of the gp to Tyr, and donates another 10% to a dwarf charity. Otherwise, she spends her idle time sharpening her card skills. It’s not that she’s out to cheat anyone, it’s just that she’s pretty good at cards. Didn’t ask to be, just came naturally.

Max relishes all the martial training he’s involved in. In addition to finessing his unarmed fighting and learning the Chu-ko-nu, Max polishes off his two-weapon fighting technique so he can now wield Giant Slayer in one hand, and his trusty drusus in the other. All the physical training has started to pay off (1 slot in Endurance, need 2 slots to actually take the proficiecy, will do that at next opportunity).

DM EDIT: Punching and Wrestling specialization are together as one skill

OK, they’re separate in the PH, but no problem from me to combine them. Also, *Max already had 1 slot to specialize in punching, so I assume it’s ok to now “double specialize” as per the Fighter’s handbook, right? What kind of quarrels does the CKN take?

DM EDIT: In the fighter’s handbook I believe they’re one skill. Regardless, they’re one skill here :). Fighter’s can dble specialize yes. CKN takes regular quarrels but they need to be loaded into the magazine. Plus Frontier CKN’s have an underside pump similar to a shotgun to ‘chamber’ the next quarrel instead of the topside pull down handle. The magazine is still on the top of the crossbow but the pump is cocked, working like a self cocking crossbow, readying the bow and setting the next bolt, then the trigger is pulled to fire. It’s been refined a bit to be less clumsy and to allow for better accuracy.

Wren is honored by the gifts and works very hard with the Rangers over the next 3 months to honor Freys blessings and her fathers name as she tells stories of her homelands and the great King GoldOak She will also make several trips to the temple to see Finna & Trist and to spend time working on the statue of Frey She will work hard on gaining more skill with her short sword and to be able to camouflage herself and others in a natural surrounding (she is taking 1NWP-Camouflage & 1WP-slot to short sword)along with crafting some arrows in her spare time. She also aids in rebuilding the pub and makes a point of not losing track of any of the team.

0cc: I have updated Wrens sheet.

Kistol is happy to see Johanna is well and happily takes on his new position. He moves out of his apartment to a nicer place in River-root. He takes time and gets to know Cat, Bells, Cobby, Sockets, Pigs Ear better. He makes sure to get regular reports from the islands on goings on as it will be a good point of entry for slavers and other unwanted ’ne’er do wells’. In the urban setting, Kistol brushes up on skills for his new position (taking Trailing, Fast-talking, and Information Gathering) as well as still doing a few window jobs when it’s needed or suits him. He’ll keep in regular contact with the Broken Chains through the former ‘Blessing’ and include Farouk and Francis in on any jobs they might be interested in.

He’s still curious about the conflict between Ravencloak and Belgeon and will put out feelers for information about it and the girl that was mentioned at the harbor attack.

Farouk ends up declining membership in the the thieves guild, insisting hes not interested and it interferes with his don’t ask don’t tell policy, grateful but declines none the less. Of course with a smile he is a businessman and all comers are welcome.

In the upcoming months, Farouk takes Maltron up on his generous offer to peruse his spellbook, and Enthars. Copies, made bound and smelling fresh. Farouk reciprocates, sharing his book… but not the secrets in his “Black Book”

Assuming the Chains find it collectively acceptable to turn their little patch of land into a business where well dressed men women and others of questionable reputation and societies upper crust can mingle un-molested on neutral grounds. Farouk pushes hard to pull in paying customers, the foolishly beautiful, and gold… lots of it.

Up front, all manner of games of chance, exotic drinks, and first in class service. In back high stakes games and private lounges where business and fun can be had away from prying eyes and spouses.

Farouk pushes his personal brand of confidential services in the private back rooms. Cutting magical tattoos, selling alchemical concoctions and all manner of services, some unspeakable, but always in confidence, and forgotten after gold is exchanged….well mostly forgotten!

Curious about adding a WP and if you would allow it. Look in the Player Options: Combat and Tactics book, end of chapter 4 where the WP are. Looking at either Iron Will or Trouble Sense. Still deciding what NWP she could do, she still has one unused slot currently.

DM EDIT: Both of those work. looks like Iron will takes 2 slots though.
Farouk and Francis aren’t offered guild memberships, they’re just considered guild friendlies.Trist splits her time evenly between the temple at the first part of the day, then she goes into town and helps out at the Club of Chains (Potential new name), then in the afternoon heads to see Phoenyx. She trains with Phoenyx until she leaves to go back to the temple to pray at sunset to Freya with the rest of the temple. Phoenyx has a unique red/orange feather coat justifying her name.

Maltron enjoys the leisurely life his deeds and status have brought him, but he hasn’t forgotten his gritty roots. Maltron keeps Max close, “hiring” him to be his bodyguard when going into town. If Max is willing, he will ask him along on the Broken Chain’s next adventure. Maltron will invest in the Broken Chain’s building and assure that Max has a place to stay. He will act as his fiduciary if he wants, so the big man doesn’t end up broke.

Maltron will check in on Harkris and see how the legal proceedings are going. He will ask the mayor and the Guardians for the favor of releasing him into his custody. The half-orc saved his life once or twice, so what if he was charmed at the time. Maltron will even research any magical items that might cause a change of disposition (alignment) that he could force upon Harkris as part of the deal. He’d rather not do that unless the mayor or the Guardians insist. He likes him the way he was, drunken and unruly.

Maltron will check the spell book that Farouk looted for traps, Explosive Runes for example. He will suggest having a high level Mage check it out in the Guild, paying whatever is the normal fee or asking for it as a favor. He will study this Robe of the Arch Magi prior to donning it, asking a Cleric to cast Detect Evil and Detect Good on it, magic this powerful should not be trifled with.

ooc – awaiting some clarification from DM before more posting.

DM Edit:

Small spell book:
light, web, magic missle, sleep, invisibility, ride the wind
10,000 GP value.
Harkris is still alive and in custody. The Guardians are hesitant to allow him to be released under Maltron’s supervision until the slaving ring is completely broken. If Mal were able to find an item or device that would shift his alignment, they’d be open to the discussion of an early release.

Francis would like to take a day during the ‘Time Passes’ and head back to Morslades secret Pirate hideout and take a look at it. See if anyone else has set up shop or if it’s still ‘secret’.

He confers with everyone that was there as to any ideas on what we could do with it.

He’d like to see if they can bring back the other ship, hire some shipwrights, carpenters and enough to crew to bring it back to Frontier to go with them, salvage it, and bring it back to use.

DM EDIT: Heading back to the pirate hideout, it appears the location has been abandoned since the party left. Francis was able to hire a shipwright with a small crew to accompany him. The Shipwright will charge 5,000 to fix the hull as well as some minor general repair. He offers to forgo the 5k charge and purchase the ship, once repaired, as well as the small prince’s galley for 40,000 GP.
For Trist the somewhat romantic meetings with Kuiper are a first. She seem taken with the commander. Spending more and more time with the man learning all she can about him and herself. Not quite sure if it will become more serious, she is enjoying her life while she has it. Freya has been kind to her allowing someone to see past her dirt and grime and seeing the beauty inside her soul. She does not take this relationship lightly but she knows she has duties to the Frontier, her friends and the temple. She continues to train on her Shadow Phoenyx Training as much as possible. She builds the bond with Phoenyx every chance she gets bringing treats and worn out clothing for it to sleep with.If Marc still wants Farouk to work with some apprentices, (And their Alchemist) he will… Farouk also shows the youngsters how to play cards and spot a cheat… hes got plans for these boys n girls.

Finna and Francis exchange wands. Francis also makes Maltron the offer to exchange the flaming whip for his AC Bracers, if the Robe of the Archmage works out for him. Plain ole Leather armor isn’t cutting it for the melee fighter.

GM – is Uncle Shaben Incurvati keeping his place, or his he moving onto the Fury’s Eclipse? Can I flesh him out as an NPC, give him some stats and a class?

DM EDIT: I’ll allow a mage to use/take WP whip.
DM EDIT PT2: Go ahead and flesh out Shaben. Send me what you come up with and I’ll post it in the NPCs. Try to get me an image to use as well.
Well we can work on a couple things on that armor… Armor spell or Leather only when your in town or on a ship, chain elsewhere when out adventruing?Uncle Farouk does have a little something that could quiet that chain a little, will have to work on the weight though.

Well Leather Armor gives Francis an 8 AC, those AC 5 and AC 6 bracers are significantly better. Being a pirate sticking to leather or the bracers would be better, he could wear his pirate outfit and not be hampered by armor at all. Which I like, but for practical purposes being a Fighter in the D&D world, it might be good to have some chain for protection. Armor spells, are always good to work out, so that’s an idea I hadn’t thought of. We’re pretty ranged heavy, we have the Paladin and Pit Fighter, but most likely only one of those at a time. Finna could be good at melee meat shielding, but outside of that, it’s Francis. He’s more of the flanking fighter, not necessary tanking, but more of a rogue, doing damage, but trying his best not to take it. And anything that can help at that helps us all.

I’m up for any ideas that work.

I think you need a flintlock…

DM EDIT: note that the only smoke powder that will work on Toril is powder imported in from the demi-plane of Ravenloft. This is not publicly known. Otherwise, all smokepowder and and smokepowder weapons will work off-planet.

Farouk is planning on getting a flintlock… and instead of packing it with smokepowder… he’s gonna use alchemical flashpowder. Shooting blanks…ya kinda… in hopes of buying a second or two with anyone in his face more like it.

Hes not a very good shot… so has to improvise.

dm edit: The flintlock’s not a widely known weapon so whipping one out is more likely to cause confusion than intimidation. He might be better off crafting smoke/flash pellets if the intent is mainly distraction.

Player edit. Even Better! They wont know better to look away when its in their face!

Trist goes out while in town and looks for the following items.

Healing potion(s) or Extra Healing Potion(s)
Str Bow String as a spare
She send out her Leathers to be repaired and mended.
She buys needle and thread and healing supplies, herbs or kits.
She will get fresh elven wine for her skins and water.

Francis takes a day, along with a few shipwrights, carpenters and seamen with him on the Fury’s Eclipse. Setting off a little before nightfall and traveling back to the Pirates hideout based on the calculations in his log book. He tests out the Spelljamming Helm and becomes more familiar with it’s use. He spends the time in the hide out looking around and getting familiar with the place, while the others repair the damaged ships. He agrees to the sale of the ships. Accompanying the vessels back to Phlan Francis does some shopping once he arrives, he goes to a shop and purchases Some “Bracers AC 0” (6,000g) He sells his fine silk Shirt in town for the best price possible, and buys a new White Silk shirt (even swap? using charisma and charm?). He finds a magic shop and charges his new Frost wand from the 3 charges originally to the full capacity of 20 charges, (4,250g) and has a night out and spends a few hundred gold on the finest and best meals and drink that money can buy. He stays at the best Inn in the city, maybe doing some entertaining gambling and offering others rewards for doing things that amuse him in his drunken and silly state(say 250g).
The next day he heads back to Frontier. He takes the smallest denominations of gold bars he can find, and puts them in nice silk sacks, 5 of them. He uses the best delivery organization that he can, and sends the silk Bags to the 5 other members that were on the island with him, Kistol, Klem, Maltron, Max, and Trist each containing 5,000 gold each. With a note in his best map quality calligraphy, “Compliments of Morslade and Cyton, with love, Francis.”

DM EDIT: No swap on silk shirt. Francis’ is second hand, bloodstained, and stitched up.

Maltron will use his 3 NWP for Netherworld Knowledge and Tumbling (2 slots since it is rogue based).

He will inquire with the Guardians and Mage’s Guild if there are any alignment changing magical items for sale (for Harkris).

He wishes to learn the following spells:

Hold Person (3rd)
Suggestion (3rd)
Knock (2nd)
Lightning Bolt (3rd)
Fly (3rd)
Water Breathing (3rd)

At least that is my wishlist. We’ll see if he can afford it.

Maltron thanks the drunken pirate for splitting the loot from the sale of the boat he liberated him from.

He simply didn’t have the time to go to check on their secret hideout.

“We should disguise the entrance to that cave. We can get there in a snap or anywhere for that matter, with that new helm of yours.”
Maltron has been keeping his Robe of the Archmagi a secret from the Mage’s guild. He doesn’t want a knife in the back. He has always dreamed of wearing such a robe, but never imagined he would get one so early in his career. So much for cheating people at gambling with the Charm spell back in his youth.

Francis buys a new Cutlass, Masterwork +1 Non-Magical, 3 new masterwork daggers and a Masterwork Compound Longbow, and 20 Masterwork Arrows 382g total.

Francis asks Kistol if there is anyway to get his hands on one of those wrist sheath things that he got, so he can use one for his own wand. Maybe some crafty cloak can make one, or maybe there are others around that can be scrounged up.
Maltron is allowed to take a look at Farouks Spellbook (Not the Black book) Knock is in there.Farouk likes the ship, “Fancy ship you got there, You know I know a thing or two bout these ships, did some work on em as kid. There are a couple easy modifications we can add to the ship if you like… Continual light spotlights for one, up top and underneath… you gotta think in 3d with one of these.”Francis says, “I like it. Any other ideas?”Kistol thanks Francis for the money, “You know I’d almost forgotten about that place. We should supply with food, weapons, some healing potions and the like incase we get in real trouble and need to hide away. Also maybe add a few new secret hiding spots in case there’s anybody alive that knew the layout.”

Trist thanks Francis for the coins and says, “You’re a good sort after all”.

While in town Trist purchases the following items.

boots of elven kind = 1000 GP
Potion of Extra Healing x2 = 800 GP
Sewing Needle and thread x 4 = 3GP
Strength Longbow string 25 GP
+1 Footmans Mace 160 GP
+1 Shortsword 150 GP

Total paid = 2138 GP

She goes over to the leather shop to see if she can create a set of armor that fits her requirements.

They agree to the following item.
It would be an ornately designed masterwork with a small silver brooch inset in the middle of the chest.
When activated via ‘mental command’ the armor would act as ‘armor of commanding’, radiating a powerful aura of magic.
When worn, the armor bestows a dignified
and Commanding aura upon its owner. The wearer is treated
as if he had a Charisma of 18 for all encounter reactions. Friendly
mops within 360 feet of the user have their morale increased by
+2. Since the effect arises in great pan from the distinctiveness of the armor,
the wearer cannot hide or conceal himself in any way and still
have the effect function.
The command function lasts for 2d4 hours and can be used 2x per day.
The armor would cost 9000. Trist hand over 3000 GP to start the process.

OOC – I’m playing Trist as a novice in bartering since she mainly lives in the woods and hasn’t dealt in currency a whole lot.
ool Farouk! Regarding Knock.

Trist begins developing a roost for Phoenyx near the temple under the forest canopy. It will have a couple open accesses that then require a horizontal flight path to the roost to protect the Hatchling when it’s ready to be moved. On a visit to see Phoenyx when she know Kuiper will be there. Trist will ask Kuiper about gear for the Hippogriffs, armor, saddles etc. We have some time but depending on the quality the guardians may want it may take multiple guilds to fashion the necessary gear. To facilitate acquiring her(Bonus NWP: Airbourne riding) she will exclusively cast shadow Hippogriff 8 HD to train everyday. She keeps it out of sight of Pheonyx so as to not spook it or taint the bonding process. She keeps up her training in Religion and Healing with Finna and the temple so the temple also improves on healing and learning the gifts of Freya. She trains with her new weapons to get the feel of the balance of the blade and mace used in conjunction with Ripper. She instructs Srren to dig a room below the temple and then dig an escape tunnel away from the temple about 100 yards. Put food store in it and some basic weapons so you and the rest may have a safe way to get out of the area. Make the door look like the floor of the temple to disguise it.

DM EDIT: Srren understands the need but is hesitant to dig under/disturb the temple grounds. He does however agree to a secret store under the Main farm house. “Although an escape tunnel would be a waste of time. If there were to be an invasion of Frontier, we’d most likely see them coming and would likely pick up and flee into the mountains.”
Kuiper is excited with Trist’s enthusiasm with the Hippogriffs. We’re planning quite a bit for these little guys and everything we’ll need is being discussed and noted. It’ll be some time before they’re big enough to start commissioning barding. Patience girl, patience." He says with a smile.

Trist tells Srren, “It was simply a concern for everyone’s safety here. I know I can trust you to protect the others.”

Trist tells Kuiper, “Patience can be a difficult thing my dear. I will manage though and I am only trying to make sure everything is has been considered. Her face reddens realizing she who has less experience in these matter tries to tell the commander how to do his job. My apologies my love. I will remember my place.”

Max grins happily when Francis presents him with the 5,000 gp. He embraces the scoundrel in a bone-crushing bear hug. “Thanks! This will really help with my debts, right?!” After Maltron explains that Max doesn’t have to pay Wally back anymore, the big man gets a little gloomy at the reminder of his friend’s unfortunate passing. “I thought Trakas was trying to protect Wally. How could he do that?” Max blows 10d100 gp = 381 gp on wenches and getting ripped off.

Alvyra ponders next steps. She’s hooked on flying. No horse sweat she thinks. She makes inquiries into how much a Blank of Flying might cost. She’s interested in anything, boots, rings, bat wings, cloak, even a broomstick. Magic carpet might not fit the bill.

DM EDIT: Currently available flying items for purchase.
Potions of flying (1 dose) 650 GP
Ring of flying (4 charges, Recharge-able, 4 charge capacity MAX) 3500 GP
Ring of flying 2x per day 8000 GP
Broom of flying 5000 GP
Wings of Flying 2250 GP
Max buys 4 Potions of Extra-Extra-Healing. They’re just like Potions of Extra-Healing, only they’re more expensive and therefore better. (-2000 GP)

Kistol takes Francis to the Chain Guild’s fence and helps him acquire the spring sheath along with anything else he needs.

DM EDIT: Kistol is able to procure a Spring sheath for 30 GP.
Wren enjoys her time training, she loves the forest and is there often. She consults with Trist & Finna about the possibility of renting a place till she makes more concrete decisions about how long her stay here will be. She is enjoying this place, these people and no one treats her any different just because of who her family is which is the best part! She explores the area alot getting to know her surroundings. She will seek out to spend individual time with each of her new friends to get to know them better and to enlist their aid in getting to know this new home of hers. She really enjoys her time with Trist and regales her with stories of her home lands while teaching her the proper (Wood Elvan idea of proper) way to care for her bow and to create wonderful arrows. During this time of reflection she decides it is time to send word home, if she can. So she will seek out means of long distance communication first by non magical and then magical if she that is the route she must take. She does not have any real input on the building the group is designing. As long as they do not plan to cut down a bunch of trees to build it she has become noticeably bored with the whole thing.

Hey DM, Alvyra’s dragon scale vest is not actually magical, right? Only important b/c paladins are restricted to 10 magical items. Thanks!

Also, Alvyra sells her fine plate mail. List price would have been 1200 GP. What’s the used equipment sale discount factor? 50%?

*DM EDIT: dragon scale vest is not magical, correct. I’ll allow Al to sell her plate to the watch for 1000 GP.

Maltron will seek out and learn Fly (3rd) and Hold Person (3rd) for a total of 3k gold.

He will peruse Farouk’s book to grab Knock.

He will wear his ring of Read Magic while studying these spells.

DM EDIT: Maltron is successful in learning both spells.

Trist loves the time she spend with her friends. Finna and Wren have become close extended family for her. The others are also her extended family now. She’s grown fond of them all. She will introduce Kuiper to them all when and if time permits a social gathering. She will of course ask Finna and Wren for help during such an event. She prays to Freya, “Thank you for allowing me to have such a good time. I hope you will allow it to continue my goddess”.

Should Srren need more money she will see what she can do.

ooc- 1. Was Maltron successful in finding a magical item to reverse Harkris’s alignment. Or
perhaps do a permanency spell on charm person.

DM EDIT: Marcetheus knows of a special helm that would be able to reverse Harkris’ nature but none exist in Frontier. He has heard that the Rockseers, because of their history of isolation and low population, have been known to implement such a device on the rare criminal and convict within their society as a method of reform. He’ll inquire further but the Guardians aren’t going to release Harkris until the slaver ring is completely smashed.
2. How much would a new blank spell book cost so I could mix and match from the 3 spell books I currently have

DM EDIT: What did it cost last time Mal bought a blank book?

Ooc- I got one at character creation, found one after the shipwreck, but sold it. The other ones I took off the corpses of my enemies.

I haven’t bought one. :)

DM EDIT: 50 PAGES = 10 GP. 100 PAGES =20. Waterproof satchel/case = 15 GP

Ooc: So how many arrows are Trist and I able to craft during this time and of what quality? Plus I am going to string the short bow with the lovely new bow string, the long bow will be for enchanted and crafted arrows, how should I denote that on the sheet?

DM EDIT: I’ll give Wren and Trist a full quiver (20) of normal arrows. In order to create masterwork items, skillsets should be specialized and characters need to have access to appropriate workshops. You can denote the bow differentiation on your character sheet in the item descriptions for each of the bows.

Trist picks up 2 more +1 arrows +1 to attack for 240 GP giving the vendor a 250 GP gem and getting 10 GP back.

Trist will help wren look for quality arrow making material the next time they go out adventuring. Trist has her hands full with the Temple and Air Calvary she may not have time to invest in making arrows in a shop. She will help Wren though as much as she can. She gives Maltron 100 GP to put toward the House of Cards to pay for weapons or improvements of any sort. She gives Srren 100 GP to make any improvements they need while she is away.
ooc – Maltron buys a 100 page spellbook and a waterproof satchel. Total = 35 gp. Deducted.Finna will take the 1 NWP & 1WP bonus. Will make post soon for things to do.

Klembsy buys 2 Masterwork Scimitars +1,non-magical and 2 Masterwork Spears +1, non-magical.
Scimitars 15gp x2 x2=60gp.
Spears 8sp x2 x2=32sp.

Klembsy will keep on him only one pouch of 50 gp and 50 sp. All other coins along with the 5,000gp golden bars from Francis will be given to Hoken for safekeeping until he decides what will come next.

Character Sheet Updated

Klembsy will ask guidance from Mielikki about the location of the broken unicorn horn of her statue. He will devote extra praying time for this apart from his regular services.

DM EDIT: Klembsy receives no guidance from Mielikki regarding the horn. It’s not a special horn, the image in the shrine was carved on the rock. Sometime ago, who knows when, the shrine was defaced and the horn broken away. If Klembsy learns to shape stone or hires someone who can, the horn could be ‘replaced’.

At some time, Klembsy searches the Frontier for an accomplished stoneshaper. When he finds one, he will cover all expenses for him to travel to the shrine and “re-shape” the missing horn from the carved unicorn.

Jayph, there is no price in the PHB for stonecutters/stoneshapers. Please define cost.

DM EDIT: Cost to hire priest to cast stone shape and re-create shrine face = 1,000 GP

PLAYER EDIT: Thanks very much. I will cast it myself and save the 1000gp.
He said they are going to do what? Finna sits in shock as Marcethus speaks on about the donation to be given to the Temple in her and Trist’s name. After a few moments, she finally realizes her mouth is open and closes it. As the party disperses, she immediately heads to the Temple to speak with Srren. She comforts the older priest as he is overcome with emotion at the news.
Over the next two weeks, Finna busies herself with setting up the farmhouse and working at the Temple. She weeps with joy at the end of the ceremony when Trist is acknowledged as a full priestess of Freya. As Srren is giving a candle to Trist, Finna moves off to the side to pray aloud. “Thank you, Freya, for your trust in me. As she is now a full sister in the mysteries of your followers, I can see I have finished the first part of the journey you have set for me. May I continue to walk in the path that brings you honor. I vow to continue her training, strengthening our bonds to you. Even if I do not feel your blessing again, may I never stray from your will. May my actions bring me the honor so I can sit in the great hall of Sessrumnir with you.”
Finna is curious when Srren pulls her to one side, a short time after the ceremony. She follows him to his cabin and steps inside. She watches as he takes a quick look around outside, seeing if anyone watched them walk in then shuts the door and throws the small bar. His smile seems wistful as he moves to his bed and reaches under it. Two bulky packages, wrapped in burlap and dust, come forth. He motions for her to step over beside him. He unwraps the first one and lifts up a sheathed sword. She takes hold of it, marveling at the feel of the hilt and the workmanship of the scabbard. She gives a tug, the sword starting to slide forth from its long imprisonment. Srren’s hand quickly clamps around her wrist, arresting the sword’s movement. “With this blade, you should always be careful. Those cut by it cannot recover from it by magic. So, let’s wait to see it once we are not in close quarters, hmm?” He returns to the removal of the second wrapper and holds up a shield and an embroidered cowl. She listens as Srren relays the history of the items, his visage both crushed and proud as he speaks of his fallen brother. She graps his forearm in a warrior’s clasp and looks into his eyes. “May I bring both honor to you and your brother as I wield these magnificent items. May Freya bless you for your generosity.”Didn’t I leave this life? How long has it been since I left my parent’s farm with Edda and here I am with another farm under my care. Blessed Freya, this work hasn’t gotten any easier, that’s for sure. Finna stands up and stretches, pulling the knotted muscles but getting little relief. She looks around the farm area. Maeva, Oda and Asta are cleaning the bedding from the farm house and bunkhouse. Gauti and Stein are busy replenishing the firewood. She nods her head as she watches them work. At least Trist and I are not alone up here. It’s good that Wren has felt comfortable enough to stay with us when she wishes as well. Still….. I think I need something more than this. Guess I better confer with Srren about my plans.
The next night, Finna sits in Charcoal’s, both hands holding onto her mug of ale. Her expression is somewhat anxious as she keeps looking over towards the front door. As a large figure fills the doorway, relief crosses her face and a grin appears. She waves to Max to join her at the table. She turns to the bar where Hoken is, “Hoken, bring yourself and something for our good friend here to drink, please.” Once the trio is settled, she makes sure their attention is on her and explains her actions. “I’ve been conferring with Srren about an old battle technique that has been used by many of those who have followed the Northern Gods. I wish to train myself to push through the pain and bleeding, to continue to fight when the normal fighter has passed out. It is not a easy thing to do and I would need the assistance of capable fighters that I could trust to train with me. Max, Hoken, I am asking you to help me with this training. You two are the most capable fighters I know that I could trust my life with.” She reaches out and places a hand upon each man’s arm, looking them in the eye to gauge their responses. She sits back, her hand lingering a moment longer on Hoken’s arm than Max’s then smiles. “So, will you be willing to help with this training?”

Over the next months, whenever Trist is out on patrol, Finna will leave the Temple and farm after her prayers at sunset. She heads to Charcoal’s and will spend her evening there, eating and drinking, occasionally drinking too much and taking a room instead of staggering back to the farmhouse. She will go out and purchase four quality dresses, each embroidered with the symbol of Freya (Cost?) which are generally only worn when she goes to Charcoal’s. She will also spend her time there, speaking to Hoken and learning more of his past exploits and adventures. She will ask his counsel when seeking out his recommended person for her to have her new Wand of Fire recharged. The only time she practices with the sword that Srren gave her is during her solo practice times and having him nearby in case of some weird accident.

DM EDIT: Wand of fire = 250 per charge, dresses 40 GP each.

Player Edit: She will add four charges to the wand.

Finna will send a message to Klemsby, via one of the young rangers-in-training she met on the outing to the shrine.

“Good Klemsby, I pray that you are doing well. I will require your specialized talents and services. I am in need of an Ash tree that can be felled and utilized for service to Odin, Freya and the other northern gods. If possible, please locate as many as you could and mark their locations on a map. Myself and Srren, the chief priest at the Temple, would then visit each one to determine its usefulness. Afterwards, we shall inform you of our choice and take the appropriate actions to have the tree felled and transported to Frontier. If you are willing to embark upon this endeavor, please send your reply back along with the messenger.”

“May the light of the gods shine upon you. Your companion-in-arms, Finna.”
Max furrows his brow with concern at Finna’s request. “I’ve fought fighters like you describe. Barbarians? No, a special kind of barbarian, be-ze-er-ka-rians? They do good against peasants and rabble, but not versus regular soldiers, definitely not elite soldiers. They won’t stop. They won’t take a tactical retreat or rotate the front lines. They just keep fighting, attacking the nearest until somebody goes down, usually them, because the regular soldiers they’re fighting are keeping to formations, defending and relieving each other. I don’t know, I guess it’s a good technique for a last stand, but you’re in a bad place if you need to be good at last stands. Sure, I’ll help you train! I’m a sergeant, you know!”Klembsy welcomes Finna’s messenger and sends him back with an order to inform Finna that he, himself, will deliver the answer. Messenger goes away and Klembsy travels to the Temple of the Northern Gods to visit Trist, Finna and the others and also to request Finna’s aid towards training with the spear. He also informs her that he will do the search she requested about the Ash trees in his area.

Finna starts to interrupt Max but realizes it would be useless to stop him before he had said his peace. She weighs his words for a moment. “No, not like those fighters. They whip themselves into a frenzy and keep attacking until there is nothing to kill or they truly die. They are just mindlessly killing, that is not what I wish. This technique is similar to how they are able to continue fighting past the point where their injuries would normally put others down. The biggest difference is that the user of this technique is in full control of their mind and actions, they…. ‘will’ themselves through the pain to do what needs to be done.”

She takes a long pull from her tankard before continuing. “Last stand? Well… yeah, I can understand why you phrase it that way. If one was going to use it, that would be the time to use it. With the creatures we have been facing recently and the number of them, especially over at the bar that burned down, it may prove to be prudent to have this ability to protect others and myself. I’m glad you are willing to assist me. Now…..” Finna turns her gaze towards Hoken.

Hoken flushes beet red at Finna’s request. “Of course m’lady. Like a exquisite blade, an iron will must be tempered properly. I can think of no finer steel to work with, it would be an honor.”

Over the next few months Finna and Hoken train often. sweaty bouts and long sessions often end in lingering exchanges and sly smiles.

Inevitably Hoken invites Finna to share a private evening meal which becomes the first of many.

The pair spend time together often, outside of the training, in private as well as at multiple social gatherings. The romance blossoms slow but strong, each carrying some self imposed restraint. Their pasts and experiences all too similar and all too bittersweet to give themselves over completely. They are, after all, no longer the impetuous youth of their earlier days.



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