Campaign of the Month: July 2012

Guardians of the Frontier

Day 29, 'Clean up crew, loose ends'

Day 29, 'Clean up crew, loose ends'


Name Maltron Klembsy Kistol Max Trist Francis Finna Farouk Wren Alvyra
Upgraded Current XP 20,500 13,000 17,500 16,000 20,500/0 16,000 10,000/x 14,000 9,000 13,500

Negotiating Alchemist contractor gig with academy, working with the Blackcloaks, getting flirty with Hoken, maintaining ‘deep cover’ status, Maintaining patronage of Srren and the temple of the northern gods, Re-achieving full clerical status, officially forming ‘The Chain’, aiding Klembsy in restoring the shrine as well as regaining his arm.
Banishing B’zas the Barghest back to the plane of Gehenna, Successfully ‘tracking’ Steegh and B’zas, Spell use to create 2nd tablet replica which led to recovery of 3rd artifact and last tablet. Death of Trakas. Death of Steegh. Defeat of Ardolf. Preventing Trakas’ Coup and effectively breaking the guild ‘The Ingots’ (The forge), expanding character back-stories and motivations, creative spell use, combat, creative attack strategies, general active character role-play, negotiation, troubleshooting, and party involvement.
Dismissal of Renrir (crazy dwarf in caves), Failure to investigate symbols in underground ancient elven golem workshop. Naga escaped with actual 2nd tablet and 2nd elven artifact. Failure to question Trakas, Steegh, B’zas, or Ardolf while alive. Failure to recover 1st elven artifact (B’zas took with him when banished). Failure to pursue investigation of dock attack or River Tree bombings, Failure to discern identity of artifact seeker mastermind.

Francis’ loot from drop boat explosion

20 PP, 47 GP, 158 SP, 2 Gems x 20 GP, 4 Gems x 5 GP, 1 Gem x 200 GP A brace of 8 throwing daggers. (non magical) Hand crossbow. (non magical) Small spell book 3 rings (invisibility, protection +1, feather falling) 2 wands (Wand of Frost 3 charges, magic missles 20 charges) A small pouch with 2 large beads (beads of force) 2 potions (healing, gaseous form) 6 daggers (non magical) Short sword (non magical, poisoned blade) 2 white robes (1 covered in multiple pockets non magic.) (1 Archmagi)


4 smoke sticks This alchemically treated wooden stick instantly creates thick, opaque smoke when ignited. The smoke fills a 10- foot cube (treat the effect as a fog cloud spell, except that a moderate or stronger wind dissipates the smoke in 1 round). The stick is consumed after 1 round, and the smoke dissipates naturally. Blue Dragonscale Vest (1700 gp) +2 vs electrical attacks Black Opal (600 gp) Lock picks (Non magical) Brace of 5 throwing knives (Non magical) Shortsword (Non magical) chain pouch w/ 53 GP, 39 SP, 10 PP Snake Necklace Made of golden snakes twisted together. The user is immune to attack from serpents of any size (meaning snakes only, not dragons, crocodiles, or other relatives).


periapt vs. poison pin ring (non magical) ring of invisibility 2x per day key on a mithril chain (non magical) pouch with 5 × 100 gems, 5 × 1000 gems, 10 × 50 gems 2 daggers (1 poisoned) (non magical) coin purse with 6x 100 GP trade bars, 75 GP, 50 PP, 80 SP, 40 CP wrist spring sheath with sleep wand 2 charges, 2 charge capacity

ooc- Ding, level 5, Jayph roll hit points for me please.

Maltron dislikes letting the guards handle anything. He only trusts himself and the Chain at this point, but what’s he to do otherwise. He eats a hearty meal and bathes. He will clean the blood off Jes, eerie work murder, but it was him or me he thinks.

He will assist Kistol in any way he can with the interrogation of the Halfling.

DM EDIT: I trust players to roll their own HPs.

Calculated the GP value of the Coins, Gems, to the nearest gp. 8103. I say split evenly, and donate the remainder to our Clerics.

There was GP next to the Blue Vest… I did not include that… was that coin or was that just the value of the vest?

DM EDIT: the GP next to the blue vest was GP value of the vest.

Okay, if everyone is good on the list, let’s get to picking, and get that resolved, so we can move forward from that. Cool?

P.S. Don’t take my stuff :p
All good with me!



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