Campaign of the Month: July 2012

Guardians of the Frontier

Day 27, 'Devil's Night'

Day 27, 'Devil's Night'

Evening meal is shared, watch is assigned including the ranger boys, and Wren settles into a comfy archers roost.

After removing the stain on the shrine and restoring the grove. Klembsy falls asleep that night awash in exhaustion, anticipation, anxiety, fear, and hope.
He dreams are vivid.

The scene around him has drastically changed. The fire remains but all life and sound surrounding have vanished. The grotto is completely covered in snow and light flurries float in all around, the is grotto is serene and calm and bereft of color. Looking to the rock shrine the blood from the ettin battle remains but it appears as black slick, a disturbing contrast to the blanketed surroundings. The blood stain begins to flow from the rock as if it were a wound on the stone itself. Again, compelled to it, Klembsy steps forward to the shrine, feet crunching on the snow. Reaching out, he is somewhat surprised to see his right arm. As his fingers touch the black blood, the stain seeps over his fingers, flowing slowly up over his hand, It burns cold. The druid drops to his knees clutching his arm. The blackness stops at his elbow but the flesh begins to melt off, dripping and sizzling into the snow. The pain overwhelming, Klembsy screams but no sound emits.
Then a white flash.
The form of an elven woman, silhouetted in light appears next to the shrine.
Bathed in her radiating light, Klembsy feels no pain.
She touches the rock shrine revealing a clean stone without mar or stain. Light flashes, echoing out in a bursting shell of energy.
Snow evaporates from the rock as the expanding bubble of golden light ripples out, winter and black and white vanishes from the entire grotto revealing the glowing emerald greenery of the restored grove.
Birds and butterflies dart about through golden rays of sunlight piercing the canopy above and bathing the surreal scene in warmth and beauty.
As the burst passes Klembsy his arm regrows like a new found seedling emerging from the ground. The limb swells and takes shape, forming an arm and hand.
Looking up to the elven woman, she nods to the druid and in a blinding white flash Klembsy awakes.
It is early morning and Klembsy, blinking away the haze of sleep, quickly realizes a sapling has sprung up overnight directly in front of his face. Oddly, it resembles a human arm with a few various leaves and twigs sprouting off.

The boy rangers bid farewell to the party and return to the forest.
As the group packs up, a raven flutters in and lands on Maltron’s head while he is wrapping up his bedroll. It looks around at all quite comfortable and begins to pick under its wing.
As Maltron slowly stands and raises his arms, the bird hops on to his forearm. Staring at the mage the bird squawks. “MAAAAAL…..MAAAAAAL….TRAAAAWK!”
Maltron is overcome with a unique feeling of attachment to this bird.Yernal (half-elf male) merely nods, “I do whatevers required.”
‘Sticky-toes’ (Male halfing) “Same as you, window man mahself.”
Banielm Edge-beard (Male dwarf) “I’m in the needlepoint trade. Lace and purty flowers.” He says with a snort and a smirk.
Perbel (Human male) chuckling off of Banielm’s comment. “My talents lie specifically in the arena of banging your mom.”

Maltron is delighted that his spell worked and that it has brought him this wonderful bird.

“It is good to finally meet you my little friend. My name is Maltron, but you may call me Mal-trawk if you want. What are you called?”

Maltron tries to communicate with him with his thoughts.

“It appears that Mielikki has blessed us both with good fortune. Thank you Mielikki. We are now bonded, I will protect you and you will be my eyes and ears where I cannot go. When we get back to town, I shall buy you the finest seed that can be bought.”

“Little friend, I know we have just met, but I will need you to do a task for me tonight. It will require being invisible and quiet. We can practice this on the way back to town.”

Maltron will practice with the raven along the way with invisibility and have him/her fly around invisible to get the feel of doing so.

He is pleased that Klembsy has been blessed with what appears to be an arm, everything is turning out well.

DM EDIT: Maltron is able to mentally communicate in simple thoughts with the Raven who states his name is ‘Dagnoe’.
‘mmmmm seed good, Dag like seed. Dag like meat better. Wolves know where good meat be. Find wolf, find meat. Mmmmm…meat’. At this statement, Maltron realizes he can actually ‘feel’ Dag’s love of meat.

During ‘practice’, Dagnoe adapts easily and is quite comfortable being invisible.
Kistol laughs at the dwarf’s jab, “I guess you can judge a book by it’s cover,” and replies to Perbal, “Must be a pretty small arena. Let me know next time she’s around. After she’s recovering from her disappointment, I’d love to meet her.”

Klembsy stands dumbfounded looking once at the sapling and once at the shrine. He realizes that the sapling is some kind of a gift or message from Mielikki. Unconsciously, he begins a prayer of gratitude to the beautiful goddess. With outmost caution, he approaches the sapling and caresses its leaves and twigs. He tries to pick it up softly to see if it can be detached easily. If this is the case, he lifts it up and tries to “wear” it on his severed arm continuing his prayer. If it cannot be detached with a soft move, he feels that he needs more praying for guidance.
Klembsy will not return to the city. He will camp at the yesterday’s campsite, outside the grove, using his tent.

DM EDIT: Klembsy pulls at the sapling which lifts, roots and all, quite easily and intact from the ground. As he moves to ‘set’ the arm on his stump the roots ‘reach’ out and latch on. Painlessly, they penetrate his skin and pull the sapling onto the stump, ‘grafting’ the sapling to the druid. After a few moments of pressure and tingling, Klembsy is able to flex and manipulate the ‘arm’ as if it was his own. The leaves and small twigs fall off revealing what appears to be a fully functioning living wood arm. The ‘skin’ is soft but firm like that of a tree without bark and the coloration is a light grey.
Farouk, having spent a portion of the evening successfully learning the spell deep pockets as well as copying it into his spellbook, memories 3 of them before a quick breakfast and then heading off.
He arrives at the Bronze hare on time and Sneegh is waiting for him. The ugly weasel leads the pudgy mage to a 3rd floor room in the tavern.
The contents of a the room are sparse. Bed, chair, small desk/table, iron candlestick with candle, a wash pot, and small chest. In the rear of the room next to the window, smoking a pipe, is a 5,5”-ish figure with a cloak hood pulled low hiding their face. The stranger does not appear to be wearing armor or armed with any weapons.
As the pair enter the room, Sneegh closes the door. Moving over to the chest, he opens it withdrawing 6 robes, each covered various sized pockets.
Laying them on the bed, he motions for Farouk. “1 on each of these.”
Withdrawing a pouch, he pulls out six 1000 GP trade bars and shows them to Farouk.
“Moneys here. You get it once it’s confirmed the spells are in place and working.”
He then tosses the pouch to the stranger.

The party mills about Charcoals and sometime after first meal, Eggs arrives.
He thumps a satchel down unceremoniously on the table.
Without saying a word he takes the nearest drink (Trists) and pounds it, then leaves.

Satchels contents:

2 vials labels ‘flying’
2 vials labeled ‘invisibility’
1 vial labeled ‘polymorph self’
2 vials labeled ‘healing’
(All vials are 1 dose each)

A small corked jar labeled ‘dust-for finding lost things, 1’

A scroll with one spell and accompanying instructions when read reads:
Rary’s Telepathic Bond.
(casting time 1 round, Range-close 50’, Duration-1 hour, Targets-You plus 3, no two of which can be more than 30’ apart.)
’You forge a telepathic bond among yourself and a number of willing creatures, each of which must have an INT score of 3 or higher. Eafch creature included in the link is lined to all the others. The creatures can communicate telepathically through the bond regardless of language. No special power or influcence is established as a result of the bond. Once the bond is formed, it works oe any distance although not from one plane to another.
If desired, caster may leave themselves out of the telepathic bond forged. This decision must be made at the time of casting.

And finally, a hand drawn map of River Tree identifying two adjacent shops in the south end. Side by side, one ‘Elhmunds leather workings’, the other a bakery called ‘Two Cart Dry Goods’ with a note that says ‘sundown’.

Wren travels with the group back to town and will go to the bowyer/fletcher in search of exceptional quality arrow heads and, depending on the cost, will equip the new arrows with the new heads.

DM EDIT: I’m going to rule on this and say none. She may have bowyer/fletcher skill but Wren sat in a tree attempting to make arrows under little moonlight, not quite the master’s workshop. I’ll allow she was able to whittle 3 usable shafts.

ooc: No problem. So do bowyer/fletchers have to set up workshops in these lands? Based on info in fighters book, they dont usually have to. Just checking for future craftings. :)

DM EDIT: If you want to craft masterwork items? Proper tools, a workshop, and time is necessary.

“Very nice doing business with ya, was working all night and Im ready to magic a few of those right now. After I do those ill come back in about an hour with the rest done and we can finish up. Nice robes you got there, but may I make a suggestion,next time, a leather bandoleer instead of robe works just fine, looks cooler, and wont slow you down like a dress, just sayin.”

Farouk offers to do 3 now for 3 of the bars and then come back to do the rest… If pressured into staying, Farouk says that he needs time to prepare the spells again, and hes left his spellbook at home.

Farouk doesn’t like the idea of being this exposed, they could just wack him after hes done. At least this way he’s got half the trade bars… Farouk will return after a little more than an hour with the rest of the robes AND an additional levitate spell cast on himself before their final meeting.

When Farouk gets home, he cast detect magic on all the trade bars, and wacks them with cold iron… just testing for authenticity.

DM EDIT: Sneegh and the stranger exchange a look. Sneegh looks back to Farouk, handing him the 3 bars he cooly states. “Bullshit. Mages don’t leave their books behind. You study here, you do it here. Or would you prefer to be searched?”

Player Edit: “Fine fine you got me! I just wanted a quick bite. I concentrate better on a full belly…You think maybe someone could bring me back something… please?”

Farouk takes the gold, and puts in his pack, at some point during his studies he subtly casts detect magic and tries to get a read on the gold bars and these guys in the room, taking note of the school of magic that might present itself in the scan.

Farouk studies and casts 2, and fakes a fizzle on the 3rd, he actually memorized levitate instead and is keeping it in reserve for a break towards that window… Farouk memorizes the last spell and casts it… but before doing the last spell he sneakily casts levitate on himself"

DM EDIT: Once completed with the robes, Steegh tests each. Satisfied, he nods to the stranger who tosses Farouk the pouch with the remaining money.
“Nice doing business with you Faroot.” He then motions for the mage to leave.

Farouk & Sneegh spells – Day 27, morning

Party returns from shrine, chilling in Charcoals – Day 27 late morning

Kistol, Francis, Farouk meet with Johana, Farouk casts spells for the crew – Day 27 evening

Jo and crew (including Cat, Francis, and Kistol) head over to Ravencloak drop – Day 27 evening

Klembsy chilling at the shrine for an extra night – Day 27 evening

Hunter expected to retrieve tablet – Day 27 evening

This brings up a good point. Ravencloak’s ‘drop’ is going to go down the same evening as when the hunter is expected to go after the tablet. This means the party will have to split up (or do something else).
Who’s going to the drop? Who’s going after the hunter? Anyone (besides Klemb) doing something totally different?

-So far I have:
Ravencloak drop: Francis, Kistol, Johana, Catarina, crew
Hunter stakeout: Alvyra, Maltron, Farouk, Wren, Finna, Trist

Farouk smiles, “Need anything else let me know, couple things to remember, that magics temporary…but I’m sure you knew that, also… don’t go trying to store one of them robes inside the other, it wont be pretty, trust me.”

Farouk bows out and makes his way home, hoping to get a few hours rest before helping out Jo, Hoping those trade bars don’t turn to lead in the meantime.

Trist grabs Klembsy as and hugs him and says, “I’m so glad you are back in one piece my friend. Be safe in your journeys and I will see you soon”.

On their way back to the city she prays to Freya, “Thank you goddess for allowing me to help my friend”.

Trist stands up her temper starting to flare and says, “You need some manners boy”! Trist tries to gauge the persons stature, strength and general attitude. Even though the drinks are on the house this persons rude behavior is a personal attack in her mind. Her posture is more of a warning to Egg than presenting any real challange since this individual may hold some necessary items and resources for the party. She’ll ask for two fresh goblets of elven wine and offers it to Egg showing a more proper way to behave.

Trist helps Maltron with the hunter stakeout. At some private point in the eveing she asks Mal, “So what’s the plan? If we are tracking something give me some descriptions of who or what we are tracking so I can look for the right tracks and signs”.

She ask the group before they start tracking if they would share in a prayer to Freya or to their own god? Assuming they do, she will lead them in prayer and ask Finna to help.

Maltron will order some unspiced meat for Dagnoe.

“I suggest we head to the shops early to look around and buy a few token items for appearances. I plan on casting invisibility on myself and Dagnoe this evening and polymorphing myself into an owl as suggested and then Dagnoe can stake out one store and I the other. We can cast telepathic bond on me, the bird, Trist and Alvyra. Us two birds will watch silently and then follow giving you two directions. If you want to do a brief confrontation and tagging, go for it.”

“Trist, if you want to scout the two stores early while invisible, that should help us find the cellar entrance to the cave.”

“I’m open to suggestions.”

Maltron’s Angels?

Alvyra chimes in, “That’s a good start. As for the distraction, perhaps Finna, Wren, and I can pose as thugs and threaten the hunter. We’ll be the Wicked Wenches looking to take advantage of the breakdown in guild ‘order.’ Meanwhile, Trist can be invisible (Maltron to cast spell on Trist) and she can sprinkle the magic dust on the hunter while we threaten him. After the hunter scares the three of us off, we start following him. Maltron and Dagnoe can fly invisibly. Trist can trail on foot while invisible. Let’s have Wren in the sky also invisible (Flying and Invisibility potions), she’s got her elven see-in-the-dark eyes. Finna can follow invisibly on foot as well (using the second Invisibility potion). I’ll take the second Flying potion. That means I’ll be visible, so I’ll hang back ready to storm in if things go to hell and we need to fight through, or if we need another visible distraction and want to keep everybody else invisible. Perhaps Wren should hold the healing potions, ready to assist anybody who needs them.”

Listening to Maltron and Alllvvvyra (Trist thinks in her best snotty teen voice) she smirks and says,“So I’ll take this dust and after you cast invisibility Malrton, I’ll check out the shops”.

“Later on , I’ll also try and put some dust on the hunter in several spots, (shoes, cloak/shirt and breeches) when we meet up and you two try to threaten the hunter and I try to plant a tracking dust”. OOC-Trist will do this the easiest way possible to minimize detection if that means only one spot, then that it.

Trist finally says, “I’ve always liked crows an she attempts to move closer and in a soothing voice asks. Does it have a name? What a great specimen of a crow. If the crow seems receptive she will ask it if she may pet it”.

“I’m ready when you guys are”.

She will continue to work with Wren on archery and Finna on religion as time permits.
Klembsy spends a big part of the morning in praying, thanking Mielikki for her gift. After that, Klembsy will do a quick scan of the area around the grove during the day, only getting about 500 yards away from the shrine in a circular area. He looks for nests, trees, curious-looking objects or any old houses. He makes sure that he is back at the shrine before sundown.

At some point before helping Jo with her job, Farouk invisibly makes a trip to the mages guild, cash in hand. Farouk wants one of those fancy pouches of accessibility.

ooc-helping as in casting spells, Farouk is going hunting.

DM EDIT: The mages guild won’t sell him a pouch of accessibility but they do point him in the direction of several independent magic shops within the citadel that will. Checking them out he finds a pouch for for sale at 2500 GP.

Actually, Maltron and Wren should take 1 healing potion each. The rest of us have native healing ability.

While Farouk heads out to shop, Alvyra, Maltron, Wren, Finna, and Trist go off to recon the stakeout location.
Both shops are side by side, sharing a structural wall and have 3 stories with wooden shingle rooftops.
Elhmunds is basic leatherworkings. The show room and workshop is somewhat small (40’ x 20’ish). Various equipment, tackle, and some clothing for sale adorn the inside. An mid-thirties human male introduces himself as Elhmund and a younger (20ish human male) is spotted also working in the rear of the shop nearby a staircase leading up.

Two Cart Dry Goods is similar in layout to Elhmunds. Barrels, bundles, and sacks of wheat and flour are piled about. A small grinding mill in the rear is attached to a stout dwarf sized, bipedal ambulate, walking in slow perpetual circles ‘powering’ the mill and grinding the product. Two burly human women are working the mill, filling it with raw grain as well as clearing away the processed flour into sacks. A thin, squirrely human male with glasses, sits behind a counter, near the entrance apparently doing book-keeping.


Any final notes before we go into the evening’s events? Spell casters please make sure your current spells are current. Any final notes to the ‘stakeout’ plan?
-Mal casts invisibility on Self, Trist, and Dagnoe
-Using potion, Mal polymorphs into an owl, pairs with Dagnoe both observe a separate store.
-Telepathic bond cast on Mal, Dagnoe, Trist and Alvyra.
-Birds will watch silently and then follow giving others giving directions.
-Finna, Wren, & Alvyra pose as thugs and threaten the hunter as the ‘Wicked Wenches’ looking to take advantage of the breakdown in guild ‘order.’
-Meanwhile, Trist, invisible, attempts to tag hunter with dust during attempted mugging.
-After the hunter scares off the group, they start following.
-Trist trails on foot. Wren in the sky also invisible (Flying and Invisibility potions), she’s got her elven see-in-the-dark eyes. Finna can follow invisibly on foot as well (using the second Invisibility potion).Al will take the second Flying potion. That means she’ll be visible, so she’ll hang back ready to storm in if things go to hell and we need to fight through, or if we need another visible distraction and want to keep everybody else invisible.
-Maltron and Wren take 1 healing potion each
Does Al bring her horse?
One more question how is Farouk planning to meet back up with the Maltron angels?

Farouk Makes sure to dress warm, his flask is full and his pouch full of snacks. Farouk waits on a rooftop perch that he levitated upto earlier during the day, invisibly of course.
Spells re memorized while snacking.

Waiting he spy’s the streets below looking for anything unusual, although invisible he is still cautious, never exposing much to get look every now and then.

Farouks intention is when everything goes down is to use ESP’s and detect magic to glean what information he can about the hunter, He also intends to follow using levitate, bounding from rooftop to rooftop using his boots and unseen servant as a spotter for his untrained acrobatics.

He informs the party to his intent to use ESP, coaching them on some phrases they can use to help the hunter open up his/hers/its thoughts to scrutiny.

“Who do you think you are!”
“What are you doing here!”
“What makes you think you can get away”
“All by yourself I see…”
“Nice to meet you my name is _________ and you are?”

Just some phrases that might make a clue or two bubble to the surface.

Finna asks Hoken for the location of an armorer that she could purchase some leather armor and a wooden shield for this endeavour. “Also, maybe some way to hide the color of my hair? Want to have as few identifiable items for anyone else to track back to me.”

Will add spells in the morning when I get to a computer. Internet is down and doing this post by phone, which is much harder than expected.

DM EDIT: Hoken replies. "Gladly, follow me m’lady.” He leads Finna to her room on the 3rd floor. Withdrawing from a pouch what looks to be a door knocker. He sets it into a small hook previously unnoticed on her door. Knocking with it three times, he then opens the door. Finna is amazed to see the interior of her room is not what she expected it to be. Much larger than before, in fact, too large to actually be part of the physical structure of Charcoals. Inside is very impressive collection of weapons, armor, and equipment. Barrels full of spears and polearms, racks of multiple types of swords, axes, and maces, stacks of shields, bundles of bows, piles of full quivers, chests and crates of various sizes are piled about. Hoken walks over to a crate, opens the lid and sorts about it’s contents, eventually pulling out a coat of black leather armor. “This should work. Try the fit while I find a shield.” As the pair leave the room, armor and shield in hand, Hoken closes the door and removes the knocker from the hook. Placing it back in his pouch, he opens the door once again revealing Finna’s room. Looking to the cleric he smiles, “Nice, right? Picked up this handy item in a place called Bral. I’ll have to take you there sometime. They’ve got a pub there with a beholder barkeep who has the best elven port. Good luck tonight m’lady.”

I was thinking about having Maltron or Dagnoe fly into the shops if possible when the Hunter enters or camp there during the day sometime.

DM EDIT: Flying in may prove difficult if the door is closed behind the hunter. Camping in the street or an alley would most likely result in a visit from the watch. Unless campers are invisible. Also, keep in mind the telepathic bond lasts about 8 hours but the polymorph and flying potions have much shorter durations.

OOC – I think Trist was going to be invisible as she searched the shops. Her goal was to see if there was celler entrance to the caves.

DM EDIT: Searching the shops may prove difficult due to the close quarters of the interior, activity of the employees on the inside, and the fact that she’s not really used to this kind of burglary work but she’s welcome to try?

IC – Trist prays to Freya and asks her to watch over her friends. Trist asks Maltron, “So how much of this needs to get on him”?

When Trist see the mark she moves closer until the others confront him. Then she makes her move and puts some into the easiest accessible spots that he wouldn’t notice easily as quickly as possible and then steps aside and follows any commands as needed to track or otherwise help out.

OOC- Trist listens to her subconscious and won’t attempt the close quarters search inside the shops. :)

Leaning towards Trist, Wren ask “So exactly how do I “fly”? I mean, I know its magic but how do I operate it"?

DM EDIT: Maltron will explain to Wren that when the potion kicks in, she’ll ‘just know how’. That’s how the magic works.

Trist leans in toward Wren and says, “Wish I could tell ya. Last time I flew, I was being hauled off to be eaten. Talk to Maltron he probably knows how it works and all”.

Trist remembers a time when things weren’t so complicated. Eat, Sleep, Track a critter or two but not now. She’s glad she’s got Finna and Wren to keep her grounded. She hopes Klembsy’s doing ok. This city life is so strange too her.

Alright, whatever makes the most sense from the characters perspective.

We can stake out from the tops of the buildings right around the time of the expected arrival of the Hunter.

Finna gazes at Hoken as the door closes, appraising the man beside her. With a slight shake of head to help accept the powerful sorcery she witnessed, she speaks to him. “You make yourself more interesting each time we meet. I have seen the powerful enchantments like the cloth the signaltarian uses but that little device is just amazing! I would like to hear the story of how you came by it but now is not the time. My thanks to you and your generosity. I’ll take care of them as best I can.”

she enters the room and slowly closes the door as she continues to speak. “I will look forward to that time you escort me to Bral. But, I best get my thoughts towards the activities tonight. Freya’s blessings upon you.” The door clicks shut and Finna stands still for several moments, her cheeks slightly flushed. Inhaling deeply, she calms herself. Releasing the breath, she begins to pray. While praying, a thought comes to mind and she directs her prayers accordingly, thanking Freya for guideance.

When finished, Finna goes downstairs, uses her token to retrieve 100gp being held for her, grabs a few pieces of meat to take with her, then finds one of the serving girls. “If a lady wished to change the color of her hair for a short period of time, where would she go to do this?” She will ask several of them for the info, hoping to get direction. If not, she will go around to some of the ladies’ apparel shops in the citadel and discretely ask for that same info.

DM EDIT: A few of the ladies suggest purchasing a ‘cantrip’ from one of the wizard shops, and even recommend a few ‘beauty-specialty’ mages within the citadel, but that would only be a temporary solution lasting for 1-10 hours depending on the mage. A more permanent solution would be to purchase dyes or inks but that would require an hour or two of soaking her head and is a bit more messy. One of the barmaids agrees to assist her in this should she choose that option.

Once she has a place to go, she will travel to the area several blocks away from where the ‘Wicked Wenches’ are to set up and look for a place where a rat may be located. She will only spend 2-3 hours looking. If she can find one, she casts Charm Mammal on it. She will coax it with the meat to come close to her then cast Speak with Animals. She will ask the rat if it would be willing to follow after a person after dark then help lead her to the person as well. She will bring back more food for it tonight before follow her to another location to then wait for her to point out the person to follow. If it will not agree, she thanks it, leaves the rest of the meat and goes to the place for changing her hair color.

DM EDIT: The rat is agreeable along as she keeps up with the ‘tasties!’

“Ok so that eases my mind some about flying" Wren tells Maltron, “So why all the deception before we tag the mark? It seems to me that the things I notice the most are ones not trying to be seen. Can we not just go shopping? Do they close at sundown? Im just thinking that since the females are the ruse, one of us can talk up the shop keep while the others “look” around, seeking out a hidden entrance. Plus it gives us reason to be in the area. Back home human women are passionette about their shopping and it can result in disputes in the street that any passer by in the street could get pulled into, if you catch my meaning. I believe we can accomplish the same goal without behaving like thugs."
Ooc- I believe the shops will be closed when the hunter makes his move.
DM EDIT: Correct.

Finna heads back to the citadel at a fast pace, noting the position of the sun. As she enters the citadel, she pulls out her signal to make it prominent and gets directions to the closest ‘beauty-specialty’ mage that was recommended by Hoken’s staff. She will begin inquiring of the mages for one who can cast the needed spell for the longest time (9-10 hours). She makes the arrangement for the mage to meet her at Charcoal’s a half bell prior to when she needs to leave for the stakeout. She will even resort to dropping Hoken’s name to encourage her terms. If there is not enough time for this option, she will go ahead and have the spell cast (Red/Auburn color with loose curl).

Once done, Finna returns to Charcoal’s. She thanks the ladies who assisted her and informs them she is expecting a visitor, if the spell has not already been cast. She returns to her room, dresses in the leather armor and prays to Freya, giving thanks and praising her for the blessings of the day (long enough to restore two second level spells, again if time permits). She will have a meal sent to her room and pocket some meat for her new friend. Once the mage arrives, she will receive him in her room for the spell casting.

When it is time to go, Finna makes sure to walk near Hoken and give him a flirtatious wink. She will wear the signal under the armor and have her sword and shield strapped on for the journey.
Alvyra does not have her horse. She’s planning to rely on the Flying potion for speed. She’s also in standard issue leathers with her hair tucked into her cap. She picks an old beat-up suit to make it look like it might have been discarded or stolen in case it’s recognizable as watch garb. I’ll update the character sheet with the correct AC.Does anybody have the spell Detect Invisibility? I just realized if the hunter can become invisible, or is already invisible, our plan could fall apart pretty easily.Maltron has it memmed for the night x1. Farouk has access to it too. Want more?Farouk is aware he has access to the spell, but he has yet to learn it. He has been pretty busy with his other Jobs. Was there enough time for Farouk to squeeze in the time learn the spell?Just noticed there are 2 sewer entrances on the map… I the tablet is underground, maybe the sewers are being used? Just sayin. So which one of you ladies wants to explore ahead of time to see if the sewers lead under the shops…

Alvyra nominates Trist to slink around the sewers since Trist has 24 hour Invisibility. “We need to stay discrete while visible. People will notice us crawling into the sewers if we’re visible, and we don’t want to waste our short duration potions for that.” Plus it smells down there!
those circles on the map are wells.

Since it seems that we have no choice but to appear to be miscreants, Wren decides to follow suit with her sisters (Trist & Finna) and adjust her appearance accordingly. She will make a swift visit to Hoken to get a referral to a local leathers shop to find a leather “halter top” to use with her leather pants (please advise if this will affect AC) instead of the full vest she normally wears. Upon seeing him she realizes she missed a meeting to get her signal by helping Klembsy. Apologizing profusely she ask if a meeting can be arranged on the morrow? Then prior to setting out to meet the others she will attempt to mimic some of the unsavories she has encountered in her homeland by “fluffing” her hair to appear unkempt, donning the halter and pinching her cheeks to give them a rosy look. She carries her bow but places it in a manner so that it “appears” to be harder to remove for use(she wants to appear unskilled). She thinks her experience at trick shots may be useful for this ruse, so she wants to make sure that she can pull her bow effectively. She will then meet up with the others at the appointed time and location.

DM EDIT: Ditching the studded leather for just a leather Halter top would effectively mean Wren would be unarmored. Hoken states he’ll see if he can get the signaltarian to come around and he’ll let her know. How does one make a bow ‘appear’ to look harder to ready without being so?

ooc: Well I guess she will look “scruffy” then instead of trashy lol and the false string seems like exactly what I had in mind for the appearance of a person of less skill with the bow :)

Tie the bow with two strings.

The first string is not truly tied. Wren wears the bow so her body is physically between the bow and and the first string. The bow itself is behind Wren, while the string runs along her chest, shoulder to hip (like a purse with a long strap). This would be awkward to get out of, involving hunching over and pulling the bow over the character’s head.

The second string is the true string and does not wrap around the front of Wren’s body. Since it is mostly behind her, an observer might not notice it, and would certainly not expect it given the visibility of the first string.

This way, Wren looks like she’s carrying her bow incorrectly and will need time to extricate herself. When she wants to shoot, she quickly unties the first string (which has not been truly tied) to release the bow which is already strung correctly with the second string.

DM EDIT: Not to get too technical about it but I’m into archery IRL so I’m gonna rule the above won’t work. Most bows are strung not tied. The bow string is strung taut in such a manner as to bend the bow making it possible to pull back even further creating enough force necessary to fire an arrow. The second string, if strung ready to fire, would be too taut against her back (like 60-80 lbs pull too tight). Why the need to look unskilled with the bow? It’s my belief that carrying a bow would be like carrying a gun. The person observing the ‘carrier’ isn’t going to know they’re unskilled until they use it. Unless of course you fake a fumble readying it or trying to fire it.
The thought was to appear sort of “bumbling” so as not to arouse suspicion with our mark. Wren is a great archer, not so much of a great “rogue” lol so she is sorta winging it with what she thinks she knows :)

Alvyra nominates Trist to slink around the sewers since Trist has 24 hour Invisibility.“We need to stay discrete while visible. People will notice us crawling into the sewers if we’re visible, and we don’t want to waste our short duration potions for that.” Plus it smells down there!

Trist thinks, “What a tart. Too good to go down in the sewer I’ll bet”. She’s thankful it is just wells not a sewer though. Trist thinks a bit more, "If she’s in the watch, she’s got to be good at what she does. Maybe I can get some tips about moving up in the ranks.

Trist gets herself mentally prepared for the task ahead.

let’s just have Dagnoe scout the wells invisibly during the day.

It will answer if there is anything significant for further thought.

DM EDIT: Dagnoe scouts out both of the wells. The raven is not entirely pleased with the task but does so anyways. Unfortunately, once near the bottom, the raven’s visibility is severely diminished but does relay from the northern well that ‘Stinky wind down here. Water not sleep like other hole, water going. No smell fish, only stinky wind. No like.’

As sundown begins to fade into evening, Maltron, Alvyra, Finna, Wren, and Trist bid the rest of the party good luck and head off their stakeout.
Farouk reassures the ‘hunter-watchers’ he’ll make his way back to join them once he’s finished with his casting for ‘the drop’ crew.
He then accompanies Kistol, and Francis off to the Death Naga to meet with Johana.

It’s packed. Johana spots the trio and signals them to follow her into a back room.
Closing the door behind her, inside sitting around a table are Yernal, Catarina, Banielm, Perbel, and ‘Sticky-toes’.
All are in dark leathers with dark cloaks and in the process of readying and prepping various gear.
Jo tosses black cloaks with hoods to Kistol and Francis.
She looks to Farouk. “8 armors and 8 invisibilities for 1600?”
She clanks a pouch on the table. “You got anything else?”

OOC-At some point I wanted to have either Maltron or someone from the quild to cast Continual Darkness on a quantity of water for me. Placed in small opaque vials, This was going to be his something extra for JO.

Farouk explains “Liquid Black” Farouk demonstrates by dripping out a single black drop of darkness infused water. “Instant shadow”, Farouk says. “A little goes a long ways. use as little or as much as you think you need.”

As the droplet evaporates, so does the shadow,

Farouk smiles and hands JO 2 vials,

DM EDIT: Johana takes the vials handing one to Kistol and pocketing the other. “Nice. If this works out well I may be back for more.”

OOC-This seems to be taking part in the latter part of the day… When Farouk initially put the deal on the table he mentioned having to start early because of the amount of magic/memorization times… Since both spells are of very long duration, can we assume that Farouk fulfilled the deal before it gets too late?

DM EDIT: Not to get too much into the exact timetables as I’m sure everyone is ready to move into the encounters, It takes Farouk about 4 hours of casting/studying/casting to doll out 8 invisibilities and 8 Armor spells. He is then able to study for another hour and a half-ish to ‘re-stock’ his current spells. So starting before sundown (6pm-ish) he’ll be completed with the crew spells by 10ish and in place, locked and loaded, at the stakeout around midnight.

ooc – before I forget, if Kistol sets up a rope anchored to the roof, ready to drop down, would that make his descent faster if he needs to get down to the street quickly? I’m thinking he could repel with his Housebreaker’s harness.

Kistol dons his housebreaker’s harness and switches his cloak for the one offered by Jo. His eyebrows raise a little as he examines the Liquid Black, “So does the spell project a shadow? ‘Cause if it’s just black on the wall, it won’t do much good.”

Kistol tells Yernal that once they’re up top, he’ll have Yernal walk the perimeter of the roof, watching for activity, while Kistol keep his eyes on the drop.

“Hey, Jo, who/how many are supposed to be doing the drop, so we can watch for unwanted people?”

He also checks with Farouk privately, “Is there some sort of alert spell we can cast on me or Yernal? I want an early warning in case he’s wanting to stab me in the back.”

The liquid black radiates darkness much like a candle would radiate light. The more black you use greater volume of pitch blackness created. I figured each full vial would cast darkness in about a 30’R. In essence a portable darkness spell. I made it liquid so that it would be less than permanent. I want repeat customers!

“Hmmm a warning spell you say? I’ve been working on something that would do EXACTLY that. But kiddo tonight your just gonna have to depend on your instincts.”

“Well howdy there boyeeezs” Cat smiles at Frances & Kistol then looking directly at Frances “I thought you and I had plans for late night act-tiva-tays but then you left and nevah returned” a slight pout on her face but the twinkle in her eye lets you know shes just given you a hard time. Then laughing heartily she stands and walks over to Farouk “Well hello there fatman, my names Cat”! she reaches out her hand “Looks like you’re the new player to the party”

Farouk smiles, “Pleased to meet you too short stuff. Player who me? Nahhh I’m just a nobody, I’ll be runnin along here in a bit. After I’ve said my good nights.”

Farouk looks at the halflings feet… “Yup that ones a a real big liar”, Farouk thinks.

Francis nods silently to Jo for the cloak and puts it on. Seeing the coin pouch drop on the table for Farouk, he is really starting to think people need to be robbed, there is a lot of gold passing around, and not enough is filtering through Francis.

Looking at Cat, “Indeed my little one. Things have been getting very busy as of late. I owe you some time.” He makes a small smile, and winks at her. “I’ll keep an eye on you.”

Farouk, grabs the bag of coins smiles, and winks at Francis. “Have fun kiddies! Im sure if you need something else you’ll be able to find me!” Farouk does the rich fat guy skip towards the door.

The Maltron’s angels arrive to the stakeout and taking advantage of a nearby alley, Maltron casts from the scroll, Rary’s Telepathic Bond on Himself, Dagnoe, Trist, and Alvyra.
He then casts invisibility on Trist, Dagnoe, and Himself.
Trist states telepathically she’s off to move into position.
Realizing the time durations with the potions (flying and polymorph) the group decides to hold off on both until the hunter is spotted.

Hustling, Farouk gets into position and is able to study and snack, ‘re-stocking’ his spells while observing the location.

Finna’s rat friend shows up. The cleric feeds it and it stays by her side awaiting instruction.

A bit after midnight, Dagnoe, who’s been circling and scouting a bit since arrival, mentally relays to Maltron ‘Stinky man coming, stinky man coming.’
Maltron then drinks the potion of polymorph self and transforms into an owl, telepathically conveying when He and Dagnoe are in position watching the storefronts.
Finna, Alvyra, and Wren don cloaks, adjust disguises, and hide in shadows in the alley, alert and ready.

Around midnight Johana, Francis, Kistol, and crew make their way to the dock and get into various positions. Earlier before the group left the Naga, Johana instructed ‘Sticky’ was to watch the north for any issues while Cat, Banielm, and Perbel would keep an eye on the streets. Last minute she decides she and Yernal will take the topside of their building, while Francis and Kistol play watchpost topside on the other. “Watch for anyone wandering about or rushing in. The area should be on lockdown via direct order from Ravencloak, so anyone you see on the street, if they ain’t blackcloak they’re the enemy. Keep bows ready, let RC target attackers and we provide support fire. You see anything you give out a caw. This is an easy run. We’re just backup eyes and arrows. Shoot to disable if you can, kill only if necessary. Stay quiet and stay frosty. We got big drinking plans after this so don’t go doing nothing stupid like getting yourself killed.”

Maltron, in bird form, watches as a cloaked figure of average height, stroll casually towards Two Cart Dry Goods. Stopping at the shop’s front door, the figure begins to furiously knock on the door. After a few moments, a light can be seen moving inside the shop. Muffled sounds of discussion through the closed shop door between the figure and someone inside are passed back and forth until finally, the door is opened, the figure enters, and the door is closed behind them.

Johana and crew wait patiently overseeing the drop. A short low whistle comes out from Jo’s position. Surveying, Francis and Kistol see the source of the warning. The boat has arrived and A group has emerged walking towards the drop. 7 total Dressed all in black hooded cloaks, the group walks the dock and boards the riverbarge.
The barge has various barrels and crates on deck along with 3 crew members who appear to be humanoid.
1 member of the cloaks steps forward to address what appears to be the barge captain.
Suddenly from above, rushing in from the sky descend multiple figures above the boat. Some dressed all in white, others only partially, they hover 20’ish above the barge in a semi circle and appear to have weapons drawn. From this distance it looks like melee items, either daggers or wands, some of the flying intruders look to be armed two-handed, and all weapons are pointed at the black cloaked group on deck of the ship.
A single figure, dressed in a white robe, carrying a staff tipped with green eldritch fire like a torch, and with long white hair whipping in the wind, descends from the sky holding with the ring of other hovering flyers. His voice booms as he shouts down at the blackcloaks below. “Where is she Raven?!”

Ravencloak shouts back. “Easy Belgeon, think about your next move very carefully.”
Like a string of falling invisible dominoes accompanied with the sound of unsheathing blades and cocking crossbows, multiple figures in black cloaks suddenly begin to appear all around. On the dock, the shore, and on the neighboring nearby boat and dock as well. All appear to be armed with repeating crossbows leveled on the floating figures above or swords and daggers drawn and at ready.

Alvyra annoys Maltron with incessant requests for status updates, “What do you see now? Are they still inside? Has anyone else shown up? Has the hunter left yet? Any sign of the tablet?” She hates lurking in the back unable to see or hear anything.

Trist prays to Freya and ask for her blessing for this evenings adventures for everyone.

OOC – Just clarifying for DM that I am not casting Bless this is just a prayer to Freya to bless our activities.

Trist mentally tells the others, “Let’s hope whoever went in comes back out. How long we going to give them inside before we do something”?

Trist keeps her cool and hopes the individual comes back out. As soon as the others confront them she makes her move as quietly as she can hoping their distraction covers any mishaps she might have getting there and putting the dust on them.

Maltron telepathically relays the information to the others, telling them to stay put for now.

“The Hunter went inside, unless there is an unknown exit, he should come out that way. There is something about the southern well that makes me believe there is a passage inside of it, but it is very far from here. Someone should hang out around the top of the well and listen for noise and alert us if there is any just to be safe.”

Farouk moves back from the edge of his ledge and casts detect magic and begins to scan the area for emanations.

DM EDIT: Other than some faint signatures here and there, nothing of significance is detected.
Kistol trains his bow on the nearest floating white-clad figure. He thinks, She? and remarks sarcastically, “Yeah, bet RC’s feeling pretty secure right with us watching his back. Think we should “caw”? This thing tips off, it could be a bloodbath. Francis, you see anything behind us or in the street?”Wren is patient, shes listening for any noise out of place, shes watching for any shift in the shadows around the buildings they are watching.

“How about now? What about now? Anything evil need to be killed yet?”

Francis listens to Kistol and slowly looks around the top of their building thinking, “There sure are a lot of invisible people coming out of no where, I wonder how that happened.” He checks to see if he can hear any footsteps or anything unusual, outside of the already obvious unusual things happening. His bow at the ready he starts making mental notes as to where the white cloaks and the black cloaks are all situated, and he keeps the location of his wand close to him, if the shit really hits the fan.

What does Belgeon look like? Any chance he’s a short ugly human? Or does Francis see any specific short ugly humans he might recognize?

DM EDIT: There’s only a few lanterns/torches on the dock & boat so visibility is limited for Francis. Also, most of the blackcloaks have face wraps concealing their identity and heights among them range from short to average to tall. From this distance, Belgeon doesn’t appear to be a short ugly human. In fact, he appears more elven than human.

Player Edit: Francis quietly and patently sits at the ready, waiting for a que for action.

Belgeon raises his staff above his head with both hands and the green eldritch fire transforms into a shimmering point of light.
“Return her or I will tear your world apart. I swear it!!”

Amongst the floating semicircle of mages, all around the tips of their melee weapons begin to glow, spark, and crackle with various energies. It appears they are all carrying wands.

Ravencloak’s men hunker, crouch, and lean into firing positions as their boss roars back, “Belgeon, w”

The leader of thieves is cut short as a large fireball erupts on the ship, seemingly centered on him.
The cloud of fire engulfs and scatters Belgeon and his floating men above. Tossed flaming ragdolls and arcing out limp bodies, flung from the air, splashdown all around into the river.
The dock next to the barge is covered in flame and screaming blackcloaks. Some dive into the water, some fall and lay, unmoving roasting heaps.
Some of Raven’s men on the shore, all of whom were knocked down by the blast, look to be partially covered in the flame. Some lay unmoving, some get up to quickly assist in dousing the flames on their bellowing companions.
Some of the blackcloaks on the neighboring ship stand frozen, some dive into the water and begin swimming towards what’s left of the flaming barge.

As Jo and her crew watch in shock the scene unfold, over the low ringing in their ears, more explosions in the distance can be heard (and can be seen by those on the rooftops) from all around Rivertree.

All is quiet as tense moments pass when suddenly an explosion booms in the distance. Maltron and Farouk, from their height, are able to look out over the urban sprawl and see a large cloud of fire bloom and dissipate somewhere off in northern Rivertree by the river. A few seconds later the report of another explosion sounds in the distance, this time the fire cloud erupts from somewhere in the northeast of Rivertree. It is quickly followed by two more explosions, one to the east and one roughly 50’ yards north of the party’s location.

Then the storefront of The Two Cart Dry Goods shop explodes.

A quick flash of light from within precedes the blast. The bottom floor windows and door blow out in gouts of flame and the echo of the blast reverberates through the streets, ringing in the ears of the nearby party. A few moments later another series of smaller explosions rock the storefront from inside.
Moving up through the floors, the concussions of the blasts shatter out upper windows and finally erupt in a roar of fire through a section of the roof.
The entire interior of the building now appears to be engulfed in fire.

Amidst the community, screaming, shouting, and the calls of frontier signals begin to fill the night from seemingly all over Rivertree.

From the shadows of a nearby house, two short cloaked figures emerge and charge into the burning building.

Does Farouk detect magic from the store front Explosion? Or was in mundane in nature (smokepowder) or similar?

Farouk casts both levitate and unseen servant before moving invisibly down in front of the store. Farouk takes a peek inside.

DM: is ESP considered a hostile action that would break an invisibility? It has no save, does no damage and in alot of ways is passive like comprehend languages.

DM EDIT: Farouk detected no magic from the explosion. The fire is fairly intense, getting within 10’ of the blaze will incur damage. Through the open door he can’t see much beyond the raging fire, although he can see a dark shape moving in the back of the shop. ESP would only require a save on the target’s behalf if the target was aware the spell is active or in an interrogation.

Kistol lowers his bow, “Ooh, pokk. Did you see that? I don’t think that came from Belgeon. It tagged them, too.”

If it’s possible to get to the barge without being burned, using his jump ring if possible, Kistol will alert Francis he’s going in and repel down the building and run, invisible, toward the barge. He’ll see if he can get aboard and locate Ravencloak or any surviving members and jump them to safety using his jump ring, or diving into the water if necessary.

If not possible to help or get to the barge, Kistol says, “Let’s find Jo.” And will head over the roof tops toward Jo’s position. He says, “What the hell’s going on? That wasn’t Belgeon’s attack. Someone else is setting off those explosions.”

As Kistol moves to either location, he tries to pinpoint the location of the other blasts in the city.

DM EDIT: The barge and dock are completely in flame. Kistol can attempt to swim out to the barge but climbing aboard will most likely result in being burned. He can attempt to rescue blackcloaks from the water?

Farouk employs ESP on one of the figure’s trying to glean more information.
DM EDIT: Farouk gets a quick, ‘Go, move, move!’ Before the figure drops down from view.

Kistol repels down and runs up to see what he can do for the blackcloaks in and around the water. He keeps an eye on the flying men above in case they move to attack. Once he assesses the situation and starts helping, he’ll drop invisibility. He’ll use rope (plenty in the BOH) to either pull them up or aid himself in pulling them out by hand. He’ll enlist any available BC’s on the ground to help.

DM EDIT: All of the flying men appear to have been knocked out of the sky by the blast.

Player Edit: Kistol helps pull whoever he can from the water, Blackcloak or White Mage.

OOC- Since ESP can penetrate a distance through stone, metal and detect minds hidden behind a door, can i maintain the ESP on this now unseen figure?

DM EDIT: Unfortunately once the figure drops down Farouk no longer can get any ‘read’ on them.

Alvyra says to the team (verbally to Wren and Finna, telepathically to Maltron and Trist), “Change of plans? We’re now the Wonderful Wenches. We saw the explosion and are trying to help. If the hunter dies in that blast, our mission fails. Let’s get in there and render aid. Trist, stay on standby to tag the hunter. If you can’t tell who’s who, tag everyone.”

DM EDIT: The structure is engulfed in roaring flames. Unless whomever enters the building has some magical ability to resist the fire or the fire is extinguished, standing within 10’ of the burning building will incur 1 HP damage every two rounds. Any closer and the damage increases.

Trist listens in to Alvyra’s suggestions and says to the others telepathically, “Looks like they’re covering their tracks. Did you see those two cloaked figures enter the blaze? They must have some sort of fire protection gear on”.

Trist will try and get closer to the main building on fire but won’t get so close that it hurts her. She’ll dust anyone she sees coming out of the place, if possible.

Telepathically Trist ask Mal and Finna if either have a spell they can cast on her so she can endure the heat? I’m moving to you Finna if you can cast on me while invisible and if it will not affect me being invisibile. We may have been spotted. They must have some other way out of the building. Possibly through the sewers or magically. If things are a bust with this mission I feel bound to help the citizens that may be in danger unless this mission can still be salvaged".

The Flames too hot to cross and the sudden loss of telepathic contacts makes Farouk believe the figures may have taken to the underground, a cellar perhaps, or maybe a newly created opening to the stinky sewers below.

Hoping to get lucky, Farouk Makes his way to the well with the sewer opening and waits, watching, and listening for any activity below.

Francis nods to Kistol, in haste he says nothing. He makes his way down off the building top. He keeps away from the fires and damage, but looks for bodies, especially from the floating white cloaks, and even more specifically for the leader. He searches and loots them to find out who they are, what they had on them, any markings or information he can find, and wands, staffs, etc.As the others run towards the burning building Wren climbs to the roof of the building they were standing behind. She is looking for any movement in the area that looks out of place. They heard several explosions so she is also looking to see if she can determine where they came from. To herself she thinks “This is a ruse to draw attention away from this exchange. Didnt they (mages) say the other building that the other clue was reported to be at burned to the ground too? Something is amiss with this

“Explosions! This should prove more difficult,” Maltron thinks to himself.

Then communicating to the others, “There must be another way out. Our only lead is the well with the running water. I’ll fly there to check it out. Dagnoe, stay here and watch for someone leaving the building.”

Once at the well, Maltron will listen at top for any noise down below. He will cast Detect Invisibility also.
Alvyra stays put, waiting for an update from anybody else on what can be seen. She says to Finna, “I guess we should stay put. No need to reveal ourselves prematurely.”

Kistol rappels quickly down his rope and rushes to the shore of the scene. Bodies abound in the water. Some flailing, some float not moving.
On shore, several Blackcloaks are assisting their still living and some, still flaming, companions.
Watching the efforts it appears the explosion may have been oil based. Surrounding the sinking flaming barge are multiple ‘puddles’ of fire floating on the river. Also, seeing the blackcloaks efforts to extinguish the burning of their companions reveals water proves to be ineffective. Only rolling in the dirt or patting out the flames seems to douse the burning.
Looking to the water he spots several men floundering and shouting for help. Dropping his invisibility and pulling rope, he tosses the end to the first, closest blackcloak in the water in attempt to reel them in. He spots Banielm and Pebval, dropping their invisibility, quickly rushing into the scene to assist. Banielm looks to be searching bodies while Perbal looks to be aiding his companions.

Francis follows after Kistol down the rope. Still invisible, he moves out to the shore and reviews the scene. Despite the limited visibility he spots two bodies, unmoving with white garments, bobbing among others next to the barge (purple Xs).

Catarina moves up to observe the scene unfold. It’s a mess. A shout from behind turns her attention. Looking back she sees a group of figures, masked and hooded with weapons drawn rushing up towards the scene. (orange dots)

A loud ‘CAW’ goes off from Jo’s’ position. She’s dropped her indivisibility and is motioning towards the west. Looking in that direction a mob of figures, masked and hooded with weapons drawn are rushing along the shore in towards the scene. (orange dots)

To the east a ‘CAW’ goes up, from Sticky-toes position. Looking toward that direction, a group of figures masked and hooded with weapons drawn are rushing along the shore in towards the scene. (orange dots)

Maltron, in owl form, wings away to the well and eventually lands, roosting on its stone edge.
Farouk, coupling his boots with his levitation, scuttles across rooftops, ultimately lowering down next to the well and spots a peculiar owl perched on its ridge which proceeds to eyeball him.
Casting detect invisibility, Maltron is somewhat surprised to see Farouk float in to the ground, invisible, a few feet away.

Trist moves out of the alley and closes in to the burning building, ready for any escapees.

Shouts, screams and frontier signals continue to echo through the night. Civilians begin to filter into the street (green dots).

Kistol looks up to see the figures closing in, “Pokk! Whoever started this is coming to finish the survivors off.” He pulls the nearest survivor from the water and warns the rest, “Hide under the docks! There’s a kill squad coming!” If there’s a white clad figure nearby and there’s enough time, he’ll search it looking for wands or rings. Kistol warns the men on the dock and western barge, “Get over here! We got company and we’re outnumbered! We need to get outta here! Let’s go! Banielm stow your greed and grab somebody! Pebval, help somebody out and retreat southwest through the streets, rooftops are better.”

Kistol looks around for Francis, if he doesn’t see him, he’ll call out, “Francis? Obviously we need to go, but we should double back and try to grab one these guys. Find out who they are.” Kistol will try to help someone to cover before heading to the rooftops and regrouping with Jo, then suggests, unless she has another plan, heading south to try to take one of the men in the rear of that group alive using his knock out poison.

Alvyra is relieved to see civilians converging on the burning shops. As a member of the watch, no, as a member of Frontier, she can’t stand by and risk allowing a fire to spread. She whispers to Finna and telepathically to Trist and Maltron, “I’m going to organize these civilians into a bucket brigade, get this fire under control. That will provide us cover to loiter and keep an eye on things. If the hunter’s party emerges, Finna can intercept, fuss over them, offer healing, to distract them. Trist is still invisible and can tag follow. If the fire is under control, I’ll find a way to leave and follow a little farther behind.”

Alvyra steps forth into the bright light from the blaze to meet the civilians. She shouts out, “I hope you brought buckets! There’s a well southwest of here and one northeast. Let’s get the first bucket line going to the southwest well. Once that’s live, we’ll get a second line going to the northeast well. This doesn’t look like an ordinary fire, looks like whoever set it wants to keep it burning. Stay sharp by the wells, somebody might try to sabotage them.” Alvyra thinks it will be better to get some coverage on the southwest well and give Maltron some space to work at the northeast well for as long as possible.

Alvyra doesn’t identify herself as watch, she just oozes authority. If anybody who is not clearly on the watch challenges her, she gives them stink-eye and blusters them into obedience, “Who put me in charge? I did! Grab a bucket! What you need to do is focus on putting out this fire! The fire doesn’t care who tells you to grab a bucket!”

If any watch shows up, she’ll back off bossing people around and refer them to the watch. She’ll debrief the watch, “I was just passing through when the building exploded. Just tried to help organize everyone a bit. Looks bad, huh? I don’t know, this fire just doesn’t look like an accident to me. Might be worth posting some guards by the wells.” Alvyra will be in the front, closest to the building, tossing water at it. If things look like they’re under control when it’s time to leave, she’ll pretend to get faint and Finna can take her to safety.

OOC-Farouk being an alchemist familiar with explosions and having some experience burning buildings down; was he able to get any info on the nature of the explosion? Was it smoke powder, Explosive Oils, or made of other possibly exotic alchemical reagents. Farouk takes note of the smell, the sound, color and heat of the fire for his on the spot analysis.

Farouk is hoping if that if he is able to define the nature of the explosion, he may be able put together some clues on the identity of the bomb maker.

DM EDIT: From the smell and the intensity of the fire, Farouk is able to determine the explosion may have been oil based but he’s not clear as to what the catalyst may have been. Also he knows that ground flour, if improperly stored, can be utilized as highly combustible fuel.

Feeling better now that Alvyra will organize the town folk Trist mentally says, “I almost broke my cover to start a bucket brigade Alvyra, thanks for doing that. I will keep an eye out for potential marks”.

Trist circles the building making sure she doesn’t bump into anyone. She puts dust on anyone she’s told to or she sees sneaking about.

Francis will do as much looting of any bodies he can get to, and as the crowds come closer move to the bodies closer to the water. He’ll do his best to stay out of sight of the oncoming groups.

He’ll then escape into the water, hopefully before being seen, and try to loot any dead white cloakers under water. Using his ear-ring of swimming, he’ll stay under water as long as he can, and swim as fast as he can under water and come up for air on the other side of the flames/boat were no one will be able to see him, and continue looking for evidence and items of interest on the bodies until too many people are around, and swim away under water without being seen, (hopefully).
Maltron whispers, “Hi Farouk, its me Maltron. I’m just going to wait here a while to see if anything tries to escape via the well. Glad you are here.”A somewhat suprised Farouk raises an eyebrow and whispers back “So who has the tracking powder?”

Wren climbs the rooftop and patrols the area, bow notched.
Trist circles the building invisibility, watching, waiting for any escapees.
Alvyra, seeing the gathering crowd, quickly moves into action. She shouts to the gawking mass for buckets, ‘form a chain’, “to the well slugs, protect the town!”
As the paladin barks, the sheep move. Shaken from fear, they bolt into action, rushing for buckets, rushing to assist, moving with purpose.

Francis dives into the river swimming towards the seemingly lifeless whitecloaked bodies

Kistol shouts to Baneilhm who, briefly looking up, smirks then stashes his pockets with loot and bolts.
Looking to Pebvel, Kistol watches as the thief douses a fellow guildsman ,helps him to his feet and begins to aid the limping cloak away from the shore.

Maltron and Farouk conversate and wait while all around the sleepy town shudders to life in the midst of chaos. As of yet, no one is approaching the well.

Johana suddenly appears beside Kistol. Grabbing his arm she shouts, “Get out of here now!”

A familiar ‘twang’ of a crossbow sounds from the east as one of the front of the oncoming mob drops, a bolt to the chest. A scream goes up to the west as another of the mob falls underfoot raging companions, an arrow in the torso.

Looking around him, Kistol takes in the situation, fully realizing the rush of the three mobs closing in.

The bucket chain of civilian fire brigade begins with the first few pail-fuls of water splashing and sizzling on the roaring bakery.
Slow, the coordinated goal of the volunteers seems to be in preventing the overwhelming fire from spreading rather than extinguishing the inferno.

A small window of light opens, 6’ high above mid street. Flames lick from within the small stationary hovering magick portal. Two cloaked figures then fall from the ‘hole in the air’ to the ground below amdist the party and fire brigade in the streets.
The first figure does a quick scan and then lunges towards the nearest body, the lead bucketmaster, with a swipe. The civilian shrieks and falls back clutching his spewing throat, his bucket clatters to the ground splashing, spilling water.
The water brigade chain breaks in screams of terror as fellow citizens drop buckets and flee in terror.

Francis swimming better than he’s ever before, wades up to first floating white-cloaked body, he begins to root through it’s pockets. Shouts from the shore attract his attention. Some of the surviving blackcloaks have drawn blades to engage the oncoming mob. Some have taken to the river to escape, other scatter to the nearby alleys, some lay still smoldering and unmoving.

Frontier signals soundings become more frequent and prominent.

Farouk is looking into the well, He knows its dark but he is both listening and scanning with his detect magic on. Hopefully the empty tunnels will echo and hopefully the hunter will be a magical beacon.

Francis continues to dive and loot the white cloaks and any black cloaks he finds with safety, when above water and taking a moment for breath, he observes the groups on the land. Trying his best to keep out of sight. He’ll also look for any opening or way into the cargo hold of the boat, and enter if possible, unless everything is a blaze, if so he continues to check around the boat underwater.

DM EDIT: I assume Francis will prioritize whitecloak looting over blackcloak?

whatever is easier and closer. But sure.
Kistol looks up at Jo from the oncoming mob, “Yeah! No shit!” If grabbing and helping a new survivor to cover will be too slow, Kistol helps Pebval with his person, then heads up to the rooftop. He’ll stay low and watch the scene unfold. He’d like to see if he and Jo can grab one of the stragglers from the southern group. If that doesn’t seem feasible and the mob is checking buildings, he’ll bolt and head to the Cheshire’s Grin and wait for Jo. If she doesn’t show, he’ll head to Charcoal’s.

“Shit!” Cat whispers under her breath as she sees the mob heading at her from the ally. Stepping back into the shadow of the building she pauses a few seconds waiting for the closest group to get just a touch closer, then she will toss the marbles from their pouch and drawing her sword she will head with a quickness towards where she sees Jo and Kistol, swinging on anything that attempts to get in her way.
As the crowd parts Wren looks for a clear shot on either of the cloaked figures. If she gets line of sight she will fire stapling shots with the intention of anchoring one of them to the ground hoping that this will buy those with telepathic links time to decide tag or further restrain for questioning.

This is getting out of hand! All the explosions and this fire? What is really going on here? I wonder if those two that entered the place are coming back out here? Finna is standing back near the building corner by the alley, trying to keep an eye on the building but staying out of the way of the bucket brigade. She cocks her head to the side as an idea forms and she moves over against the building and looks for the rat. She begins casting her spell to speak to the rat when the portal appears.

As the first figure attacks the civilian, Finna anger starts to blaze. She quickly changes her action, points to the second figure and casts Hold Person. She will then draw her sword, secure the shield in place and call out to the first figure. “What are you doing?!? That man was doing his duty for Frontier! If you want an opponent, I’m right here for you!” She closes the gap between the two of them while talking and readies herself to fight the first figure. She will defend and attack to delay the figure from retreating long enough for Trist to use the dust. After 4 rounds, Finna will try to feign an injury like a pulled muscle to allow the figure to escape. She will also drop the spell at that point (if possible).

If the spell does not work, she will still try to engage them and delay them from escaping for a couple of rounds like above. Once they escape, she will locate the rat and motion/speak that those two figures should be followed.

It sounds like the civilian is pretty dead, but if he might be still alive, Alvyra will lay on hands (+8 HP). If the civilian is clearly dead, Alvyra shrieks in anger and attacks the murderer. This is no act, Alvyra’s going for it, plan be damned! She’ll probably come to her senses in a bit.

Trist checks in telepathically since she hasn’t seen anything while she has circled the building.

Assuming Alvyra fills her in on the current situation she moves to dust the two cloaked figures. Her priority is the main mark. If he is not seen then the easiest cloaked figure of the two.

If she’s not filled in, she continues her rounds until she spots the situation on her own. She will move quickly to dust hopefully the main mark. If he is not available then the next easiest cloaked figure of the two.

DM EDIT: Which one’s the ‘main mark’?

OOC – The first cloaked figure to enter the building of average height. I think Trist observed this individual and then the second entry by the two cloaked figures at a later time. She would use that as a reference for attempting to determine if the main mark shows up at some point.

OOC-Sounds like the bad guys dropped out of a Rope Trick. Did Farouks detect magic scan of the area earlier not pick up a magical aura in the air? Or was he just out of range… or Other…

DM EDIT: Farouk did not detect any magic in the location of the portal during his earlier magic scan.

Wren fires arrows, attempting to ‘staple’ with trick shots.
Her first two shots miss, thunking into the ground while her third sinks into the boot, through the top of the foot, of the tallest of the pair.

Alvyra attacks, charging out while simultaneously drawing her katana, she slices through the cloak of the shorter figure.
The figure stumbles back clutching it’s side, blood on the paladin’s blade confirms her strike was true.
The taller of the two cloaked figures, unsheathes a sword.

Finna moves up and casts hold on the duo, the taller cloaked figure apparently freezes, the other (who Al hit and stumbled back) looks to still be able to move.

Trist rushes up and with a handful of dust, becomes visible and tosses it, ‘splashing’ in a cloud on the frozen, taller, cloaked figure. (She has 3 more uses of ‘tracking’ powder remaining.)

The wounded cloaked figure raises it’s hand and gestures in Alvyra’s direction. The paladin lifts off the ground, moving straight up.
I’ll allow that Trist can make an attempt to grab Alvyra before she’s out of range, if she so chooses.

Francis swims out and is able to loot 2 whitecloaks and 3 blackcloaks bodies.
-20 PP, 47 GP, 158 SP, 2 Gems x 20 GP, 4 Gems x 5 GP, 1 Gem x 200 GP
-A brace of 8 throwing daggers.
-Hand crossbow.
-Small book
-3 rings
-2 wands
-A small pouch with 2 large beads
-2 potions
-6 daggers
-Short sword
-2 white robes (1 covered in multiple pockets.)

Kistol, Johana, and Pevbel, take off with 2 wounded cloaks. Seemingly surrounded by the onrushing horde, the group decide the best bet is through the alleyways.
Kistol supports one of the wounded cloaks while Pevbel aids the other.

Cat watches as the onrushing horde barrels towards the docks. 2 of the frontmen slip, seemingly on her tossed marbles. Behind them 3 others trip over their fallen companions. The mob moves around and over their fallen compatriots, a few at the rear pause in their charge to help up the others. Once they have passed, continuing on, Cat spots Kistol, Jo, and a few others cross an alley a few buildings away. She can also hear various shouts nearby from all directions. ‘Over here!’, ‘this way, they’ve gone this way,’ ‘don’t let them escape,’ ‘After them,’ as well as the occasional metal on metal of sword strikes. The Halfling draws her blade, becomes visible, and rushes off to catch up to her crew.

Francis watches from the water while most of the blackcloaks decide to flee (into the alleys, or diving into the river), some decide to stand and fight. Overwhelmed, the mob quickly cuts down the remaining survivors, dispatches the wounded, and chases after the retreating. Archers clamor onto the nearby docks and ship to fire at the swimming escapees as well as pepper the floating bodies. Arrows begin to zip past and splash nearby. Hiding behind one of the bodies, it doesn’t look like he’s been spotted yet. Several shouts start from a small figure on the shore, looks to be most likely a dwarf, ordering some of the mob into nearby rafts and small boats to head into the river.


Trist thinks – by your will goddess. She telepathically tells Maltron what is going on and to pass it on to those not in the link.

She will grab for Alvyra unless motioned off.

As she grabs for Alvyra she draws ripper and whispers quietly, "Ripper form 2 × 4 HD Quickling Brownie elders behind the smaller cloaked figure. Once the smaller cloaked figure is distracted she places some dust on them as well.

If Alvyra does not wave Trist off she focus’ on grabbing her and making sure she has a firm hold on Alvyra. She tells Alvyra, “I have a ring of feather fall I hope it will slow us a little, but we have to figure a way to stop you from flying”.

Trist will consider throwing the pouch of dust down to Finna since she won’t be able to dust them from up in the air very well.

After Cat catches up with Kistol, Johana, Pevbel, and the 2 wounded Blackcloaks, the group make their way through the alleys quickly but cautiously. The crew does their best to avoid contact, ducking and hiding as they retreat. Along the way, amidst the chaos, they spot 3 watch engaged with 4 of the ‘mob’, 2 other watch rushing to the docks, a fleeing blackcloak who is soon after pursued by 2 others, and multiple bodies. Some of the dead are recognized as blackcloaks, some are masked ‘mob’, and a few are River Tree watch.

As the sounds of the bedlam from the dock fade as the group moves further and further away, new sounds of panic emerge. Frontier signals and shouts echo all around. It appears the boat was not the only explosion this evening, the light from multiple fires all over the town can be seen. Various citizens and Watch dart and dash about. Groups of bucket brigades race to fires as black smoke fills the night sky.

The group turns a corner and after a quick scan, Jo motions for all to move on. As they cut through a small arcade plaza, a group of five mob members with blades drawn rush into the plaza ahead. Spotting the crew they shout ‘Blackcloaks!’ and charge to engage.


Cat steps back into the shadow of the building to her left, moving nearer to the corner and crouching there, sword drawn in one hand and pouch in the other, waiting for the actions of Kistol & Jo and waiting to see which mob member gets closest.

Kistol says, “Leave one alive,” and scatters a handful of 30 Caltrops(KO) on the ground between the groups then quickly deposits his wounded brother against the wall in the alley to the west, handing him 2 KO masterwork daggers if he is unarmed. Then, if the building is short enough, he’ll use his jump ring to jump up to the top of the building north of Cat’s position and start firing flight arrows(KO) into the masked attackers.

taking a quick scan of the surroundings, Francis makes his way to the left side of the map. He thinks the far boat, the boat with no one on it, is clear and he tries to swim underwater without being seen. He’ll try to get to the bow of it if he can. He’ll take a wide arc if necessary trying to make sure that the others don’t see him. He still tries to take notice of the shore if possible, but staying unseen is more what he is going for. (It’s still dark right)

Alvyra telepathically warns Trist off, “Don’t break your cover! I have a potion of Flying, I’ll be ok.” She screams aloud, “Ahh! What’s happening!” She starts to flail in feigned panic as she is elevated upwards. She shouts at Finna, “Annif! Save yourself! They’re too powerful!” At some point Alvyra expects to be dropped. When that happens, she will drink her potion and allow herself to continue to fall, but will use the flying power to slow her descent to avoid injury. She hopes once she is dropped the cloaked figures will depart and will not watch her so closely that they will notice she is faking things. If they stay put, she’ll just fly away, hoping Trist can stay on them.

Trist realizing Alvyra is ok, but also realizing her invisibility is no longer active uses the quickling bronwnie elders to distract the smaller figure so she can place the dust without being too obvious. She does her best to hide her identity with her black cloak. She thinks to herself that this city business is crazy stuff. I don’t know how Kistol and the others do it.

Once it’s placed she back off and hides with her summoned help. She will Hide in shadows and move silently, as best she can. She will mentally tell Maltron what’s going on.

She tells Maltron telepathically, "I’m visible. Can you cast invisibility on me again? I have only marked one or two of them and I’m not sure we have the main person tagged. I’m hiding were I started out at.

Trist will try and remember if the two she is engaged with resemble the first person that approached the store front before the other two or if these two are the same ones that entered after the first one. She has the shadows move to the roof tops to follow her from a distance or to hide as they follow her. She mentally prays to Freya, “Please keep everyone safe this night goddess”.

Farouk looks up a Mal/Bird. “That hunter is throwing up a hell of a diversion. Sounds like weeks of planning. My guts telling me though, this is where we need to be. I’m not movin. That guy is either gonna crawl up this hole here, or pass by underneath .”

Maltron tells Trist, Alvyra , Dagnoe telepathically, “Forget about Alvyra she’s a big girl. Dust the other cloaked figure quickly and get over here to the well that stinks a bit. Farouk think the main guy will be coming through here”.

Maltron whispers to Farouk, “Speak quietly and remember we want to follow this target not take them out. I’m bringing over Trist to dust them, then we can track them. You should probably be out of sight if they do come through here”.

Maltron will find a perch to land with a good spot where he can observe the well hopefully where he can look down a ways.

Trist hearing Maltron will move over to the well in a path that does not reveal herself to the cloaked figures and takes her pets with her by having them hide in the shadows or invisibly if they are able. Trist holds the pouch so just a bit is hanging near the inner edge of the well. If Maltron sees anyone or they hear anything coming up she lets a portion of the dust fall from the ledge simulating actual dust falling down from the edges. She will then hide, if able to, before the individual get to the top so she can track them.

Francis dives and swims underwater to the nearby boat. Quietly, he pulls his soaked self aboard the river cargo barge.

Ducking down amongst some of the crates and barrels on deck, he watches the activity on the docks. It doesn’t appear that he has been spotted.

The flaming barge has tipped some and has apparently started to sink. Several members of the ‘mob’ have commandeered small boats and are moving towards the scene, dispatching survivors and pulling up bodies as they find them.

The ‘mob’ on shore and on the docks are looting and dragging about bodies, as if they are searching for someone or something in particular.

Finna draws her sword, secures her shield in place and calls out to the first figure. “What are you doing?!? That man was doing his duty for Frontier! If you want an opponent, I’m right here for you!”

Alvyra flies straight up. The shouts, screaming, and signals of the city begin to dull as she rises. At about 60’ feet up her ascent slows enough for the paladin to look around. Surveying over River Tree, she can count at least 9 large fires.

A dull boom in the distance erupts in another cloud of fire on the southend of the city.

Trist commands Ripper to conjure quickling brownies behind the smaller cloaked figure. From a nearby shadow, two small and slender beings, looking much like 2’ tall miniature elves emerge. With faintly yellow glowing eyes and sleek, needle-like daggers drawn, they move in on the cloaked figure. The small attackers dash around the figure as darting blurs of flashing steel. The figure roars in frustration, slashing out with its claws, trying to connect a strike on either the quicklings. The ranger moves in to ‘tag’ the target.

Finna holds back, not wanting to catch any collateral damage in the flurry of the brownies blades.

Kistol says, “Leave one alive,” and scatters a handful of Caltrops on the ground between the groups as the 5 ‘mob’ charge.

Johana withdraws a dagger and hurls it M2, thunking in the masked figure’s upper chest. He falls to one knee, clutching at the wound and somewhat shocked to find the dagger missing. He looks up just in time to see it’s back in Jo’s hand as she throws it again, hitting M2 square in the chest. He falls.

M1 and M3 bellow in pain. Falling to the ground, both claw at the bottom of their boots to pull caltrops from their feet. As M1 rolls on the ground scrambling, he bellows again, caltrops lodged in his arm and leg. Kistol and Pevbel lean the wounded Blackcloaks against the walls in the alley. Kistol sprints north and in a leap, lands the ledge of the rooftop of the nearby two story building. M4 rushes in and attempts a swing on Kistol mid leap, missing.

The thief deftly hops from the ledge onto the roof and withdraws his bow.

Pevbel pulls a shortsword and moves in to engage M5. The clash of their steel exchange rings out in the small plaza.

Maltron tells Trist, Alvyra, Dagnoe telepathically, “Forget about Alvyra she’s a big girl. Dust the other cloaked figure quickly and get over here to the well that stinks a bit. Farouk think the main guy will be coming through here”.

Maltron whispers to Farouk, “Speak quietly and remember we want to follow this target not take them out. I’m bringing over Trist to dust them, then we can track them. You should probably be out of sight if they do come through here”.

Maltron then, still in owl form, flaps a short bit away finding a perch to land with a good spot where he can observe the full location.

Farouk, currently invisible and scanning the well with detect magic, does not detect anything. Nearby shouts indicate he may have company soon.

Farouk eyes still on the well takes a moment to glance around the area as well, seeking out any magical emanations.

DM EDIT: Farouk detects no nearby emanations.

Francis takes a moment to inhale and exhale, to take in the moment. He thinks to himself, what a shit show in Frontier. I wonder if it’s time to leave this place soon. Such a good place, such a nice community. There’s some serious business going on behind all of this. His mind then takes a turn, I wonder if the fine jewelry and magical shops got abandoned or half destroyed. Where where those again?

He stays in his place, and tries to take in more intelligence, to see if he can spot any specific leaders or figure out what is going on.

DM EDIT: Francis watches as what appears to be the leader, a figure on the docks with what appears to be the stature of a dwarf, barks orders to the ‘mob’. The mob moves quickly, looting the bodies and staging a few nearby in a pile. The smaller boats begin to make their way back to the pier and the dwarf orders the staged pile of bodies moved to the boats. Once completed, the dwarf and few others board the boats and set out. The remaining ‘mob’ members on the docks break up into small groups and retreat, scattering back into the town.

Kistol will fire on M4 until he hits, then moves on to M5 if he has a clear shot, otherwise, he’ll continue to fire on M4.

Trist attempts to tag the smaller cloaked figure while the shadows distract it. The smoke and flames raising the heat levels of the surrounding area a bit. While not visibly concerned with Alvyra, she hopes she’s ok.

She’ll keep her cloak up to hide her features as best as she can and deflect some of the heat. She moves out of sight once the smaller cloaked figure has been tagged and then moves the quicklings out of sight. She’ll have them come to her, hiding along the way, as she head over to the well as requested by Maltron.

Trist signals to Finna that she’s moving out of the area toward the well/others.

If she spots the third cloaked figure at any time she attempts to have the brownies distract them and while the third figure is distracted she tags them and quickly hides then withdraws the quickling elders.

Trist tells those linked, “I’m on my way as soon as I tag this individual. I’m bringing two quickling brownie elder shadows so don’t worry about them, they’re with us. If she gets new instructions she follows those instead”.

Maltron scans the area for any signs of the mysterious figure hoping to spot some trace of them. Maltron realizes his eyes where playing tricks on him when he thought he saw Farouk.

Maltron tells the others telepathically, “I think there’s still a chance we might spot this third figure. We need to be a bit more patient. We’ve at least tagged one maybe two, so worst case we have something to go on. Everyone stay sharp. If it’s going to happen, then it’s now or never”.

Alvyra makes a mental note of the location of the fires. She tries to spot any patterns such as a massive “X” or an arrow.

DM EDIT: With the smoke it’s somewhat difficult to get a full view of the city but from what she can see, she can determine no pattern to the fires. She does observe one fire suddenly snuff out in such a manner as she believes it was extinguished somehow magically. And another fire to the south can be seen being battled by two flying figures spraying large streams of water onto the blaze from the air.
Francis stays in his location a little longer making sure the crowd has dispersed.Wren holds her position a bit longer to see if the others accomplish their task (she does not have telepathy on her, she has not consumed her flying potion either) and their actions.

M2 yanks the caltrops out of it’s boots. Pulling himself to his feet, he then begins tearing out the several traps from his arm and side.
Tossing them to the wind, he then reclaims his fallen sword.

M1 gets up as well, after pulling the caltrops from his boots. Drawing two daggers, he charges Johana

Kistol draws back and fires on M4, hitting in the upper back with the first shot and missing the second. M4 spins, roaring in pain and launches a dagger at the elf, it misses whipping into the darkness.
Pevbel lunges in on M5 but the hood deflects the swing. M5 counters with a lunge which Pevbel parries off and up.
Johana, spotting M1 hurls her dagger at the brute. M1 pauses his charge briefly to duck the attack, then resumes. As he barrels into Jo, the thief leaps, flipping over the attacker. She lands and spins, hurling a dagger into his back. M1 roars and drops to one knee.
One of the wounded cloaks, seeing an opening, brings a dagger down in M1’s back. The ‘mob-man’ crumples face first in the dirt under the blow. The cloak continues to stab at the fallen foe, over and over in a rage.

M4 turns, somewhat surprised to see Jo (from her leap) standing in front of him. As he begins to swing on her, an arrow from Kistol thunks again into his back, just as Jo brings her dagger up into his ribs. M4 drops to the ground, dead.

Pevbel swings on M5 who sidesteps and parries the slash then booting Pevbel back against the wall. With a quick scan of the situation, the would-be attacker barks something that sounds like orcish and turns and bolts. M2, following suit, chases after his retreating companion.
Moving to the other side of the roof, Kistol watches the retreating pair and attempts another shot on M2, missing as the hoods turn a corner and disappear from view.

Jo shouts, “Keep moving!” which is shortly followed by a shout from the east of “There! Stop in the name of the Watch.”

Looking to the source 3 watchmen charge down an alley toward the arcade from the east.
Jo withdraws a vial and hurls it at them. Exploding on the lead watchmen, the alley is suddenly encased in a burst of darkness. Sounds of falling and crashing follow soon after accompanied by shouts of confusion.

The short cloaked figure swipes out and catches one of the brownies with an upswing, tossing the quickling back, hitting the nearby building wall with a smack.
Trist takes advantage of the window, stepping in and tossing a handful of tracking dust, splashing the figure full in the face.

As the figure claws at his eyes to clear the dust, roaring in frustration, Trist turns and bolts with her brownies.

Alvyra’s ascension continues. Now roughly 100-ish feet up and slowing, the black smoke from the building fire is making it difficult to keep track of the scene below as well as breathe.

Clearing his eyes, the short cloaked figure throws back his cowl revealing to Finna what appears to be a goblin (a large one for that manner, 5’ish). It’s eyes glow yellow as it emits an audible growl. Staring daggers at the cleric, it charges and shifts at the same time into a large. frothing and snarling, wolf-sized dog.

Alvyra suddenly drops.

As she falls, Alvyra drinks her Potion of Flying. Once she has control over her descent, she adjusts her course slightly as if there is wind buffeting her, so she falls in the alley around the corner. The idea is to be out of view so the bad guys don’t realize she’s slowed down. See the “x” on the map:

Landing zone

Wren seeing the creature change will unload a round of arrows to attempt to prevent the creature from reaching Finna but not attempting to kill the creature.Kistol calls down, “Move! I’ll follow and cover from up here!” Kistol will switch to his hand crossbow (KO bolts) when he needs it and follow the group along the roof tops. He’ll keep an eye out and guide the group around attackers and watch as best he can using Alertness.After the coast looks clear, Francis will make sure he is not wearing his Black cloak, and he’ll stow all the cloaks and items he found so as not to be seem, and he’ll carefully make his way to his Uncles house and see what he has to say about all this mess.

Wren fires arrows at the large charging dog. 1 misses, 2 strike but look to bounce off the creatures hide, it continues unfazed.
The beast leaps at Finna, jaws snapping but the cleric manages to swat the attack away with her shield.
Finna swings in on the devil-dog, missing as it lurches low under the blade.
Maw wide in a roar, it leaps again this time connecting.
Finna screams in pain as teeth clamp down on her sword arm, just below the elbow. (-14 HP)
Alvyra chugs the potion as she falls and shortly after, manages to slow her descent to a float, landing in the alley nearby just behind the monster and her compatriot locked in battle.

Trist sprints to the well followed by her two quicklings. Arriving, she spots Maltron in owl form on a nearby rooftop.

Kistol, Pevbel, Johana, Cat, and the wounded cloaks continue their escape. Bolting and dashing through alleys and side streets, the group manages to avoid and evade the watch and few other ‘mob’ members. Moving through the streets, passing rushing citizens and fire brigades, they disappear amongst the confusion.
Eventually stopping to catch a breath, Kistol hops back down to street level and the group reconvenes. Jo barks orders between panting breaths. “We’re splitting up, it’s too suspect running together like this. Cat and Pev, you each take one of the wounded. Find a place to lie low and get patched up. Pinch n’ me will bail back out on the rooftops, mebbe see if we can’t help any other cloaks looking to bug out. Gimme a day or two and I’ll send word for ya. Avoid the Naga if you can, sure’n who’s ever behind this prolly tore that place apart or is planning to soon. Good luck!”

Francis, still invisible makes his way to his uncles place. His Uncle is glad to see him alive and ushers him in (after he drops his invisibility). Bolting and barring the door behind him, the old man pours each a brandy and they discuss events. He knew the area was on ‘lock down’ via orders from the Black cloaks and he knew recently there was a bunch of muscle milling arout but he had no idea and hadn’t heard why? He figured it was due to the recent inter-guild crew brawling but he didn’t expect it to be taken to this level. Besides that, he has no other information.

Trist will try and stay in shadows and keep her friends with her out of sight. She wait patiently unless provided instruction to do otherwise. She will constantly check her surrounding for activity and adjust her position as necessary to stay out of sight.

Alvyra flies up and to the left around the corner. She’s trying to get out of view before the devil-dog has a chance to turn and spot her. She’ll wait this round out to see if the devil-dog lets Finna withdraw. Alvyra is willing to let the fight play out a little longer, but will intervene if she thinks the devil-dog is intent on finishing off Finna.

Alvyra takes a look at the fire. Presumably it’s still raging pretty intensely, but Alvyra keeps an eye on it. She’s itching to get inside.

Alvyra around the corner

Kistol heads off with Jo, “We should check on Janine. No telling where this attack is spreading or who’s behind it. I think Francis can take care of himself. I never saw him turn up, so I bet he stayed out of sight. Then I wanna see if I can find the rest of the Chains. Who the hell is Belgeon and who was this ‘she’ he and RC were talking about?”

After checking on Janine, unless Jo has another assignment, Kistol will head to the shops the other group was going for.

Finna is stunned as the oversized goblinoid creature’s shape turns into an oversized dog. She barely is able to impose her shield in the path of the snapping maw. She swings at the dog in defense and misses as it lurches low under the blade. She pivots, trying to bring her shield back up. Her vision explodes with violent lights as the creature’s maw clamps down on her sword arm. The sword point falls downward but she manages to keep her grip. In the back of her mind, she notes that the heat of the fire and roar of the burning building seems to no longer be present, only the pain in her arm and the creature hanging from it.

Fighting to keep the pain from consuming her, Finna turns her full attention to her arm. She loosens her left hand from the shield grip and shoves her hand into the creature’s eyes, trying to hook a finger or thumb into the eye socket, yelling “YOU! WILL! LET!! GO!!” She will continue to try removing an eye from the creature until it let’s go or loosens it’s jaws enough for her to pull her arm free. Once free, she will move backwards towards the alley she originally appeared from. She will stay in defense mode, using sword and shield to keep the creature from furthering injuring her.

Francis lays low at his Uncles until the dust of the evening settles. He stows away the items he looted in a secure area in the house.

“Well Uncle, something big is definitely afoot. I’ll go out in the morning, there is just too much darkness and chaos going on right now, no sense in getting caught up in it, without knowing more.”

If the creature does not follow her, Finna will get to a safe spot to cast Mind Read and try to probe either creature’s thoughts. She tries to determine as much as she can about the creature, what it was doing, ff it was after the tablet and where it is heading to. Once the spell is done, she will look for her rat friend, then point out the creature to it, if it is still in view. Otherwise, she is going to look after her wounds and decide what to do next.

DM EDIT: Unfortunately it appears the explosion and chaos in the streets has scared away the cleric’s rat friend. As the hunter rushes past Finna, she focuses and casts Mind Read. Mentally narrowing in on the figure her mind fills with what sounds like goblinoid tongue. Frustrated, she is able to determine one thing. This beast is no goblin. The words ’B’zas’ and ‘Barghest’ echo over and over in the back of her mind as the creature flees and the spells fades.

Finna gouges her thumb into the eye of the devil dog. With a loud yelp it releases her and leaps back.
She moves away as the beast recovers, eventually hustling around a corner out of sight.
Wren watches as the dog shakes off the attack. Hearing nearby shouts of approaching watch and fire brigades, the dog shifts back to humanoid form and lifts its ‘frozen’ companion over his shoulder. Bolting south, Finna ducks down as it passes her position. Continuing on, it looks as if it doesn’t care or did not notice her.
Wren moves down to reconvene with Finna and the two meet back up with Al who lays hands on Finna, healing her arm (+8 HP)
Mentally relaying the situation to Maltron, the mage suggests a retreat back to Charcoal’s while he and Dagnoe pursue the ‘hunters’ by air.
Fire brigades and watch begin to arrive on scene. The watch secures the area and moves the civilian body aside while fire crews begin fighting the blaze.

Farouk, Trist, Alvyra, Wren, and Finna make their way out of River Tree back into the Citadel and to Charcoals.
The watch presence is heavy when leaving town and very active in the Citadel. The group is briefly questioned but allowed to pass at multiple locations along the way.
Francis crashes with his uncle until morning when he heads out to meet back up with all at Charcoals

Kistol and Jo, after some light rooftop reconnaissance decide it’s best to head back to the Cheshire, arriving to find the establishment and occupants unharmed.
Over a strong elven wine, Jo relays her intentions to Kistol.

“Keep low Pinch, try to stay away from any crew territory. I’ve got some damage control ahead of me, hit up some of the other lieutenants and figure out what’s going on, who’s left, and if Raven is even still alive. I’ll find you or send word when the time comes.”

With that, Kistol makes his way back to Charcoals. Passing his rented apartment, he is relieved to also find the structure was not involved in any explosions.

Cat and her cloak split from Pevbel and his wounded cloak.
Making her way back to her rented room, shortly before arriving, her companion cloak begins a violent coughing fit and stumbles aside. Quickly ushering the wounded young human into an nearby alley, the youth clutches as his chest as blood sputters from his mouth, he collapses. The spasms ensue and soon crimson gurgles flow from the boy’s mouth and finally his body goes slack. Quickly searching the corpse and finding nothing of real value, Cat hustles on. Doing her best to move unnoticed, the halfling eventually makes her way to her inn without being accosted.

Dagnoe and Maltron fly in pursuit of the hunters. Unfortunately both lose the trail amidst the chaos and eventually fly back to Charcoals.



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