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Guardians of the Frontier

Day 24 'Turf Wars'

Day 24 'Turf Wars'

The party comes down out of the hills and through the forest into Ripple Hill around mid-morning.
Ein leads the party into ‘main town’ Ripple hill to the large storefront of ‘The Copper sack’ general provisioners.
Inside he arranges the sale of the horses, weapons, and misc goods and returns with pouches for each containing their divvied share.
Business concluded, he pipes up.
“I’m heading over to the Citadel to meet with Hoken and hand over the head and signals. I’m sure he’ll want to discuss with us all so let’s agree to meet up at ‘Charcoals’ tonight at sunset. That’ll give anyone who needs it the opportunity to settle in, run errands, grab a bath, blah. All agreed?”

Francis arranges for the pong keg to be stored. (wherever works, a room at Charcoals, a storage facility, etc.)

He heads around looking for jars or pots of oil, checking out stores that would have such things, and asks around for where that might be. He’s looking for oil he can keep on his person that isn’t in danger of breaking but can be thrown at bad guys, and have them coat said bag guys with oil, then use his various fire making devices to ignite said oil to then create flaming bad guys.

Is there a place in this town that can recharge wands? or was that in the bigger city only?

Francis then heads off to eat a good meal at Charcoals, take a bath, get all his clothes laundered, and rest until it’s time to meat up with Ein and the rest of the group.

DM EDIT: Francis can stow his booze with his Uncle? Also, Francis can purchase oilskins or clay flasks/bottles of oil. The clay is definitely the better for tossing with intent of breaking and covering targets with oil, but there is risk of breaking if the container carrying the oil bottles was hit or dropped. A satchel or pouch can be custom oreated to carry the bottles. Heavy leather with extra padding will allow added protection against accidental breaking but it would only be able to stow 2 bottles. A magical item that provides an extra-dimensional space would be optimal such as a ‘pouch of accessibility’ (1500 GP), ‘Heward’s Handy Haversack’(3000 GP), ‘Portable hole’ (5000 GP), or a ‘bag of holding’(5000 GP depending on size). Dropping or hitting these items would not affect the contents within. Francis can recharge his wand at the Mage’s academy or with a wizard at a private magic shop for 200-300 GP per charge

Keeping 15% of the offered share for provisions and for Frey, Wren will give the balance to Trist to aid with her quests for Freya. Turning to Ein, is “Charcoals” the local tavern? “I would enjoying meeting for a glass of elvan wine if they carry it” smiling, assuming your friend (Hoken) would not mind the added company." Would one of you mind showing me around as I am not familiar with this town? Does anyone know of if there is a temple to Frey here? and Frances is your boat new here? I actually love the sea and would enjoy a tour of your boat sir" she smiles."

DM EDIT: Ein replies to Wren. “Charcoals is a tavern in the citadel owned by man named Hoken. Hoken is master of the Frontier adventurer’s guild as well as one of the Frontier guardians. Representing the Guardians, Hoken commissioned our group to hunt down Kargan, the human who was with the orcs. He’s been tied to a slaving ring that’s been operating in Frontier and we’re working with the guardians to put a stop to that.”

Trist informs Wren there is a temple dedicated to the northern gods and there she can offer tithe to Frey.
Speaking to Wren, “Well my dear lady, I will indeed show you around this fine little town. No my ship isn’t here, it’s but a short journey down the river from here though. I’m hoping that we’ll need to make some sea travel in the near future. I like these Frontier people, nice group, at least I haven’t seen any reason not to trust them yet. And I can’t go leaving anyone quite yet.” He leans in close to Wren and whispers, “my friend Max is in deep with this, this unsavory type. He’s got a man that needs a little dealing with too. But Max is a good man, so he made a deal with him, so I have to stick around and make sure he doesn’t get taken advantage of.” Standing up straight and clearing his throat Francis continues, “and I don’t know what Maltron would do without me. My council is invaluable, you know.” He winks to Wren. Extending his arm to the Elven beauty he does is best to show her the town, and hits all that Ripple Hill has to offer. He uses is best charm and manners the entire time.

Maltron rents a room at Charcoal’s and sits down for a fine meal and a warm bath. He will ask a servant to go buy him a new robe while he is bathing and have his current one washed.

After the bath:

1. He will go to buy one 2 dose potion of healing.
2. Look into getting his ring recharged.
3. Go to the Mage’s Guild to report what he discovered on his mission.
4. Look into learning those banked spells (1-1st & 1-2nd level).
5. Start scribing Enthar’s spells into his own spell book.
6. He will take Enthar’s ring with him (barring no one objects) to have the Mage’s Guild look at it. He will encourage Farouk to come along to the Mage’s guild if he wants to meet them or perhaps even join the guild.


How much will the potion, recharging the ring (not sure how many charges are left), and learning a 1st & 2nd level spell from the mage’s guild cost?


DIT: potion of CLW (2 doses)= 200, CMW (2 doses)=400, CSW (2 doses)=800GP (Mage guild discounted prices)
1 charge for the ring (currently 6 remain, 20 max charges possible.) = 50 GP (Mage guild discounted price)
Learning 1st & 2nd level spells at Mage academy (150 gp total, time to complete = 1-2 hours)

How much time will all of that take?

Max buys a potion of CMW (400 GP). Then he starts drinking and wenching! He blows through 5d6 GP = 22 GP.

@DM, didn’t realize the prices are mage guild discounts and Max is not eligible. Can Maltron buy for Max? If not, let me know and I’ll reverse the transaction.

Kistol will buy a 2 dose bottle of healing potion (level depends on final loot shares), 4 clay flasks of greek fire with a cushioned case/container to be stored in his Bag o’ holding. He also buys a change of traveling clothes.

DM EDIT: Greek fire is not available in Frontier.
PLAYA: I see. Oil will have to do, then.
PLAYER EDIT: Any discounts on potions through adventurer or thieve’s guild? Buying a 2 dose bottle of CLW potion.

Kistol will first check in at his apartment to see if anything has been taken or disturbed, (possibly adding loot depending on shares), then go see Cat.

“Hey, how’s life in the city been without me? Any news from the guild?” He’ll make sure they are alone before mentioning the guild.

After that, Kistol will head to Charcoal’s and gets a bath, a good meal, smokes his pipe and drinks with the rest. He toasts the group, “To us! May our efforts put an end to these slavers and raise us to new heights!”

Farouk shakes the pouch a bit… Kinda light… Farouk figures he can triple it tonite, one way or the other…

During the day, Farouk is happy to tour the place with Maltron, During the night the seedier places feel more comfortable…especially the ones where lots of money changes hands.
Kistol will accompany Farouk and show him some gambling houses. He won’t gamble himself, but instead will keep an eye on Farouk and watch his back.

Farouk is quite appreciative of a knowledgeable guide. Hopefully some contacts will come of this…

Kistol takes Farouk to Blackcloak territory (if that’s appropriate) and stays alert for pickpockets.
DM EDIT: it’s appropriate. Johana is technically a ‘Blackcloak’ and Kistol is familiar with and is known by many other BCs. Also the Cheshire grin, Death Naga Grogshop, and Kistol’s rented lodgings are in BC territory.

PLAYER: sounds good. If he needs to wait until after the meeting to see Johana, Kistol will take Farouk with him, but discuss guild business in private or in thieve’s cant.

PLAYER: Kistol stashes 350 gp in his apartment hiding spot before he goes out with Farouk.

ooc- how much does a potion of neutralize poison cost?

DM EDIT: 2 dose poti
on = 600 GP

Maltron will study in the Mage’s Guild to learn Find Familiar and Stinking Cloud. 150 gp

He will buy the 200 gp, CLW x 2 potion.

He will fully charge his ring (add 14 charges at 50 gp each) = 700 gp

And will buy a 30’ silk rope for the rope trick spell = 10 gp

Total = 1060 gold if approved by DM.

Will probably buy neutralize poison depending on price.
Seriouly impressed with the mage discounts… Farouk inquires on how to get in on this!

As the party enters the farmland area of Frontier, nostalgia washes over Finna. She breathes deeply, letting the scent and memories of her youth bathe her. So enthralled by the past, she almost fails to notice when the party stops. She moves close to Trist, “This place greatly reminds me of the place I grew up in. If it is as nice as it seems to be, I would love to stay here for a while.”

Nodding her head in agreement with Ein’s suggestion, she looks to Trist again. “Sister, I know that you have responsibilities as a Frontier Ranger and you may need to tend to those soon. I would implore you that we both seek out Freya’s temple first. She has blessed both of us and we should give her thanks. If you know where it is, lead us to it. We can present ourselves to the priest there and complete the first part of this journey. We do need to have an offering first.”

Turning to the group before all can split apart, Finna asks if the gold mirror, silver ring, and velvet mask that was part of the loot taken from the orc ambush could be given to herself and Trist in advance of splitting the remainder. “It is to be used as our offering to Freya. If it tallies to a larger amount than what our share would be otherwise, I shall gladly repay the difference plus. We could also take anything you wish to offer as well, if you feel so led.”

If the group agrees, Finna shall wait for Trist to lead the way to the temple. If the group does not, she will ask Trist to find a store where they could obtain some jewelry or other finely crafted objects to present as an offering then proceed to the temple.

Wren is pleased that Frances is willing to show her around. She has kept herself very isolated since leaving home. As they explore town (from a tourist perspective lol) Wren takes in the locals as they pass down streets, looking at things like races, attire, general feel of the place. “So how did you come to be with the others, a seaman such as yourself must feel trapped so far away from the sea?” I must say that having a Priestess of Freya among you was a compelling reason to get to know you all better."

Continuing through town, “I was wondering what the protocal for purchase of enchanted items is? I would like to either find some special arrows, or commission for the enchantment on some of my own crafting, but I understand that is not acceptable in some lands to speak on such things in open forum. I have not needed such custom arrows since my arrival but I would feel that if I am going to be traveling with you all……I am going to need some” she laughs heartily

After a pleasant afternoon with Frances and he shows her where the tavern the group will be meeting at later is, Wren thanks him profusely for his kindness and be off to visit the temple, see if she can work with them in exchange for shelter for the evening and a bath. She is happy about how things are going and believes Frey has given her exactly what she needs….something to keep her from thinking about home.

Trist tells Finna and Wren, “I must assist Ein in town as part of my frontier duties. Once we pass off the items I will meet with you and both so we can exchange our currencies and purchase offering to take to the temple where I have commissioned the resident priest to begin updating it with a statue of Freya and add other accents. It is a 1/2 day journey from here and we need to coordiante that journey with the demand of the Guardians. I’m sure we will have time once we talk things over at Charcoals this evening. Let’s plan to make the journey there and back tomorrow after a nights rest unless there is an emergency of some sort”.

OOC- Unless we pre arranged the trip back to go by there.

Trist is looking for Quality arrows, Healing potions for herself and Jewelry for Freya.

@ Wren If you do not wish to keep your money I will instruct the priest of the temple to utilize it to add a statue of Frey beside Freya once we get to the temple tomorrow. Here keep 100 GP and we will use the remainim 196 GP toward the temple. How does that sound?

Francis tells Wren, “I’m not completely sure about the arrows. I know that Trist was in the market for specialty arrows when we left town last time, so she’d be your best resource there.”

After the pleasant day showing Wren around, and as they part ways, Francis goes in for a close embrace. “I enjoyed our day, My Lady. I look forward to seeing you soon.”

At any point during the day as opportunity permits, Francis will go to Farouk, Maltron, Kistol and Klembsy and suggest that they buy some pots or jars of oil. Recounting how well the Troll BBQ worked, and setting the ground work for future coordination between Francis’s flaming weapons and Klembsys produce flame spell. That way the less combat oriented members can have some additional options when a melee ensues.

If Francis can get a 200G recharge rate on the wand, he’ll get 2 charges, if not, he’ll do none, as he doesn’t have the cash for any more than that.

“Thank you Frances I should have thought about Trist first.” Upon Frances embrace, Wren smiles and with a soft chuckle says “The mating rituals of human males is always quite interesting, but I agree with Farouk you have the ability to be quite charming” still smiling as she steps away “I too have enjoyed your company and shall see you again later for a meal and drink Seaman” (( you now have a nickname lol))

Assuming the subject of fire and oil was mentioned during our afternoon, Wren would put in for a jar of oil, she can dip some of the poorly crafted arrows she aquired in the cave in the oil and fire flaming arrows as needed.

Farouks rubs his chin a bit at the mention of oil for trolls…“For a small investment, I think I can do one better. Any of you boys ever heard of Alchemist fire?”

DM – What would it take to set up a small lab to make JUST alchemist fire.

DM EDIT: The alchemist must maintain a large, well-equipped laboratory. The character is
assumed to begin play with a suitable facility in his home town or base of operations, but
building and equipping a new laboratory costs at least 1,000 gp per character level, and
existing laboratories cost 50 gp per level each month to maintain. The mage guild may be interested in sharing some of the cost if Farouk were a member. With this laboratory Farouk will be able create the following:

Acid: Through careful distillation, alchemists can brew potent acid. (See the proficiency description, on page 51 of Chapter 4.) A flask full of acid can command anywhere from 50 to 100 or (1d6+4) x 10 gold pieces, while a vial might sell for 10 to 40 gp.
Incendiaries: These dangerous concoctions range from flammable oils and pitches to nasty stuff like naphtha or Greek fire. Again, refer to the description of the alchemist nonweapon proficiency in Chapter 4. A flask of an incendiary substance usually costs 10 to 30 gp.
Pyrotechnics: Unlike the previous two substances, pyrotechnic mixtures are often powders. They can be used to create clouds of smoke of a variety of colors, or bright flashes of light when added to an existing fire. A vial of pyrotechnic mixture costs 5 to 20 (5d4) gp, while a flask costs anywhere from 10 to 30 gp.
Acid inflicts 1d3 points of damage per vial, or 2d4 points of damage per flask, and continues to injure the victim the next round; the vial inflicts 1 point of damage in the second round, and the flask causes 1d3 points of damage. In addition, the flask is large enough to splash creatures near the target; see Grenadelike Missiles in the DMG. Acid can also burn out a lock or clasp, forcing an item saving throw.
Incendiaries ignite when exposed to air. A flask of incendiary liquid inflicts damage as per burning oil (2d6 points in the first round and 1d6 in the second.) Again, refer to the DMG. Incendiary powders or liquids can easily start fires if used on buildings, dry brush, or other such surfaces.
Pyrotechnic materials resemble incendiaries, but create clouds of billowing smoke. A vial creates a cloud of smoke
5 feet high by 5 feet wide by 5 feet deep, obscuring vision.
A flask creates a cloud of smoke 10 feet high by 10 feet wide by 10 feet deep. The clouds persist for 1d3 rounds, depending on the wind and other conditions.
Alchemy is an expensive hobby, to say the least, and it can be a dangerous one as well.

At 6th level, the alchemist gains the ability to create potions. This is a special
chemical process that doesn’t involve magical materials or processes, but it tends to be
longer and more tedious than normal potion brewing. First, the character must research
the potion’s formula, just like conducting spell research; consider the potion’s level to be
equal to its experience point (XP) value divided by 100. For example, a potion of
clairaudience (250 XP) is treated as a 3rd-level spell for this purpose, while a potion of
longevity (500 XP) is equivalent to a 5th-level spell. It takes two weeks per potion level
to research the formula, at a cost of 500 gp per potion level. The alchemist must roll learn
spells to find out if he learned the spell before he can be considered successful in his
research. The maximum number of potion formulae he can know is limited by the
maximum number of spells per level score that is determined by his Intelligence (see
Table 4: Intelligence in the PHB). A character with an Intelligence of 15, for example,
can know up to 11 potion formulae.
Once a character has successfully researched a potion’s formula, he can produce
one dose by investing 3d6 x 100 gp in materials and spending one uninterrupted week in
his laboratory. Again, he must pass the learn spells check to see if he followed the
directions correctly, with a +1% bonus per character level. While the alchemist doesn’t
have to adventure to acquire rare or unusual materials for potions, he may still have to
take time to make arrangements for special requirements, such as the delivery of unusual
chemicals or glassware.

ooc – when you get a chance, Mr. DM, a divvy for the rest of the loot would be awesome.

As long as they make up any difference, Kistol is fine with Finna taking the requested items.

Kistol agrees with Francis, “When we need it, I’ll throw, you guys light ’em up.”

“Wow, a half day to get there? That would make it difficult to pray to Freya at sunset then return to… whereever we are. Since this is my first time in Frontier, I will need to get my bearings. If it is a half day journey, I am inclined to find lodging closer to the temple once I know it’s location. As we are meeting tonight, that shall wait for tomorrow. Let me seek lodging near this Charcoal’s and tonight you can tell me more of this town and the temple. I’ll busy myself with some exploring and finding things while you are busy.”

“Something else comes to mind, is it frowned upon to wear armor and weapons in parts of this city? I would rather look more like the general populace than not. I also don’t wish to be without a weapon, just in case any unscrupulous persons decide my belongings are worthy of their unwanted attention.”

Finna will get her directions to Charcoal’s, find the place and then locate suitable lodging as close to it as possible, preferably one that allows her to secure (as much as possible with all those shifty characters around here) her belongings. If her lodging has a place for bathing or an agreement with a bath house (how Roman/Japanese/Chinese is this place?), she will bathe first then change into her good clothes and cloak (if needed), and wear her holy symbol to Freya openly, her mace at her side (if allowed) and a knife in her boot. If her lodging can, she will secure her money in a safe except for 40 gp, 20 sp & 20 cp, otherwise she will hide the rest in her belongings.

After a decent meal, she will inquire the locations of a reputable armorer/blacksmith for repairs upon her armor/shield then browse around whichever town area she is in, noting sundry supply places, weapon shops and jewelers. A bell prior to sunset, she will return to her room to relax and pray to Freya, thanking her for safe travels, never having left her truly alone, finding Trist and the other blessings that have been bestowed upon her. Her prayer time will take up a full bell plus some. Afterwards, onto the pub!

DM EDIT:The temple to the northern gods or “Ole Srren’s’ place, top of the hill far back. Can’t miss it, look for the ring of stones,” is actually a short and light walk from Ripplehill, maybe 20 mins tops, from the party’s current location in Ripplehill (check the wiki map). It is not frowned upon to wear armor or weapons in the city. Because Frontier is remotely located, a relatively young city and, no outer wall (save for the southern wooden ramparts) most citizens carry a weapon of various sort. Charcoals does have baths available to patrons. A few of the rooms set aside for the party have magic tubs that, upon command, fill/empty with water of any temperature desired.
Klembsy will not go out for any special transactions yet as he wants to see what news the Rangers have about the crushing of the slavery business. He only buys two new pouches to accommodate the new loot and follows Ein and Trist in order to find out what happened with his donkey, Bobo. He also wants to ask about a senior priest that could be able to help him get his arm back. He is divided in this matter as he thinks that his dream/vision may imply that Mielikki will help him with his arm if he devotes himself to her forgotten temple. As for personal time, he also takes a room in “Charcoal’s” in order to rest, eat lunch properly and pray to understand the vision. He also uses some time to list down any items that will be needed for the cleansing and reinstatement of Mielikki’s shrine.

Klembsy will also visit a magic shop with Maltron to ask about his new ring charges and recharge cost.

DM EDIT: A ring of protection does not use charges.

PLAYER EDIT: This aspect is more interesting than the ring itself

DM EDIT: sorry, i’m confused by your reply. What is it exactly that you want Klemb to do?

Jayph, don’t worry. It was a bad joke. I wanted to say that it is wonderful to have a magic ring whose magic never stops!

occ: Thats great about the temple, I was thinking Wren would have to change plans for a place to stay. Thank you joettle for the occ post with arrows it was helpful.

So while Wren is exploring on her own, she will visit the local bowyer/fletcher shop for some to pick up the following:
(20) Armor Piercing Arrows- 7g,
3 flight arrows with continual light-5g each,
(20) barbed arrows-10g

She will also drop into the magic shop, looking to find an enchanted quiver (or have one of hers enchanted) to hold all of her arrows or at least hold all her speciality arrows. If she runs into Klembsy and Maltron she will strike up conversation.

DM EDIT: Bottomless Quiver
This quiver generates a seemingly endless supply of arrows or bolts.
A quiver of this sort looks like a normal, well-made, well-used quiver. However, upon picking it up and using it it quickly becomes apparent that this is not the case. If picked up by a small, medium, or large creature with arms, it immediately resizes appropriately for the one who picked it up. When not being held or equipped, it appears to be sized for a medium character.
The quiver has a much more useful property than this, however. It creates an endless supply of arrows or bolts, depending on which was chosen at item creation. If crossbow is selected, the quiver constantly holds 15 bolts sized for the wielder’s crossbow (note that a Hand Crossbow uses separate ammo and thus a different quiver from other crossbows). If bow is selected, the quiver will constantly renew 20 arrows sized for the wielder’s bow. If you drop the quiver or die then all ammunition within it immediately vanishes. If magically suppressed, the quiver does not continue to produce new ammunition, though any ammo already in existence remains in the quiver until used or the wielder drops it/dies.
All ammunition created by the quiver is non-magical. If any piece of ammo is removed from the quiver and not fired within 5 rounds, then it vanishes. Ammunition likewise vanishes 5 rounds after being removed from the quiver if it is fired (weather it hits or misses). Ammo removed from the quiver is replaced instantly, making it impossible to place other ammo into the quiver.
If examined with detect magic, the quiver gives off a faint aura of conjuration magic.
Cost: 2,000 gp

Efficient Quiver: This appears to be a typical arrow container capable of holding about twenty arrows. It has three distinct portions, each with a nondimensional space allowing it to store far more than would normally be possible. The first and smallest one can contain up to sixty objects of the same general size and shape as an arrow. The second slightly longer compartment holds up to eighteen objects of the same general size and shape as a javelin. The third and longest portion of the case contains as many as six objects of the same general size and shape as a bow (spears, staffs, or the like). Once the owner has filled it, the quiver can produce any item she wishes, as if from a regular quiver or scabbard. The efficient quiver weighs the same no matter what’s placed inside it.*
Price 1,800 gp

Trist ask Ein, May I accompany you as you deliver the signals and head to the Guardians? Do you know of a reputable jeweler in the city I and my sisters can purchase items to offer to our dieties? I am glad this part of the journey is over. I hope the Guardians can learn enough to put us on the right tracks for our next task".

Trist says, “Sister, talking to Wren and Finna let’s go shopping after we get bathed and rooms at Charoals and a quick bite”. Trist leaves her backpack and bag but takes her bow, arrows and sword, and all money as she need to make some exchanges. Trist takes them around the city showing them the armorer, fletcher, magic shops, gem and jewelry shops and any others they wish. Trist lets loose a bit cutting up with the other ladies, free of duties that would have her be more serious while adventuring. She still keep her wits and senses about her while keeping an eye out for shady behavior. She keeps her money pouches rolled to the inside of her leather pants. While in the city she keeps her Frontier signal displayed openly.

She purchase the following items at the fletcher and exchanges the following items.
5x +1 MW Flight arrows request 10 GP
6x Fire, Arrows non-magical request 18 GP
4x Barbed Arrows request 12 GP

36 +1 MW Sheaf Arrows cost 252 gp haggle to 230 gp?
5 Armor piercing Arrows cost 35 gp haggle to 30 gp?
Assuming she hears Wrens interest in a magical Quiver depending on price she would be interested as well.

Jewelry purchase
100 GP necklace, bracelets for Freya.
Updated a bit

Things Farouk would like to do in town…
During the day Farouk hangs out with Maltron, visiting the guild and doing his best to earn himself an invite. Additionally Farouk picks up a few articles of clothing, appropriate for disguise, and finds a nice secure place that is fit for a long term stay, a rental as opposed to an inn for instance.

After the meeting at Charcoals, Farouk makes his rounds with Kistol. Farouk trys to get an understanding of guild politics and how this town is split up. Farouks main mission here is to let the guild bosses know who he is and what he is offering this town, and hopefully be granted some autonomy to ply his trade in peace.

Farouk makes the guild(s) aware he’s not interested in their politics and does not want be involved with them at all, and that includes being a victim of them. Farouk doesn’t ask questions and he doesn’t want to know your business or your name. Discretion, business honesty and neutrality that’s what guild gold buys.

After some introductions, Farouk is hoping to find a good game of cards, and some fat cats that are looking to lose some gold. Farouk is out to triple his money tonite, even if that means charming somebody into “lending” him some coin, or jewels or whatever.
Farouk makes some adjustments to his spell list for a night on the town.

• Cantrip x2
• Charm Person x2
ESP x2
• Invis x1

Short term shopping list:
A place to call home
Clothes, including womens…
Visit to armorer Chainmail antitheft bag…
small lead lined box… ring sized
Francis will accompany Farouk, and take only 80 GP in seed money. He’ll play the role of the not so fortunate one, and play cards or dice as it comes.

Kistol doesn’t give Farouk any information about the guilds, especially not his own guild. He doesn’t discuss his status or affiliation with his guild or that they are in Blackcloak territory. If he knows about Farouk’s plans of contacting the guilds tonight, or working magic on anyone while gambling, Kistol will give him the names of a few gambling houses and opt out of the evening. He will warn him of who not to mess with or talk to, so he doesn’t get into too much trouble.

Kistol will gladly tell Farouk anything that’s common knowledge, like perhaps which guilds hold which territories. If there are official channels to get Farouk in contact with someone that won’t effect Kistol negatively, he’ll do what he can, but doesn’t vouch for Farouk.

“Nothing personal, mate. I like you, but I’ve got a reputation to uphold, and I really don’t know you that well.”

ooc – seriously, nothing personal! Ha ha!

ooc – Just point Farouk in the right direction, hes like a cruise missile with a killer smile, he’ll find his way just fine!Finding Trist in town Wren will discuss with her about the quiver to see what such an item cost in these parts. Wren is finding that prices are far higher here than her city back home. It will depend on the cost as to her ability to aquire such an item unless there is barter to be had or if Wren can pay a deposit to have the work started. ((based off previous info, I check encyclopedia of magica and there are a couple she might could afford but its in the DM’s hands now lol))So Wren would be interested in the Efficient Quiver which of course is more gold than she has access to at this time. Knowing that there is no trade agreements between these lands due to their distance apart, she does not have access to her normal funding account. So she wonders if there is barter or trade to be had with merchants here (which she will broach with the quivers seller)? Or possibly offer aid to the temple or a quest to pay for such a useful piece of equipment. If none of these options are successful, she will discuss with the group other potential options.

The party all accompanies Ein to Charcoals (except Kistol)
As the door to the tavern swings open the party is greeting by the wafting smell of roasting meats, garlic, onion, spices, baking bread, ale and wine.
Hoken roars from behind the bar and, setting down the tankard he was wiping down, comes around the bar. “Ein my boy, I knew you and your friends would make it back alive!”
Greeting each with a strong clasping of the forearm and a slap on the shoulder. He introduces himself to Finna, Wren and Farouk. “I see you found some strays on the outside. Welcome, welcome, brave ones. If you have been brought into the fold of this company, you are truly worthy adventurers. Have a seat, have a seat.”
The big man notions to nearby tables. Clapping his hands he barks aloud. “Alyssain! Barina! Refreshments for our champions!”
Two comely barmaids exit from the kitchen behind the bar and place tankards in front of each of the party.
Hoken continues, “Bring out our finest elven wine, most potent chilled mead and cider, a generous bottle of aged brandy, and multiple pitchers of our finest rockpond ale. Also, we need nibbles. Something most welcome after a week of rations in the field.”

Drinks are poured followed shortly after by various foodstuffs. Warm sweet honey corncakes, toasted and salted almonds, hard boiled quail’s eggs, aged salted pork sliced thin, hunks of crumbly blue cheese, creamy slices of goat cheese, apples, cold green grapes, fresh warm loaves of pinenut bread, sliced pickles, barley biscuits, plump cherry tomatoes, dried figs, and warm bowls of vegetable stew.

Hoken continues. “I was a bit worried when your delicate friend Bel suddenly returned. She relayed the events up to her leaving and is currently in the care of Guardian Marcetheus. He has seen to her care and recovery and she is doing much better. He may allow a short visit, if her health permits.”

The party dives in and Ein hands over a large dark sack to Hoken as well as a small pouch. Hoken nods and takes the items to a back room.
He returns and, clapping his hands, states. “Enjoy yourselves. Your rooms on the top floor are still available. For those of you who are new to Charcoals, all expenses, food, drink, lodgings will be covered by the house. The top floor is exclusive to the party and has two common bath rooms with special tubs, the command word for each is ‘fill’ and ‘empty’. Speaking the words ‘hotter’ or ‘colder’ while in the bath will adjust the temperature. We are a busy tavern and Inn so to there will be other guests in the lower floors and in our pub but feel free to stay as long as you like. The ‘items’ Ein has brought back will take some time to analyze and I’m sure the guardians will eventually want to discuss in depth your journey. For now, please enjoy the hospitality ‘Charcoals’ and Frontier has to offer. Please don’t hesitate to utilize myself or my staff,” he says waving to the barkeep, barmaids, and young errand boys running about, “should you require anything. Welcome back adventurers!”

With that he notions to Ein “You’re up first scruffy, bring your mead and let’s head up to the rooftop garden. There you can regale me of your doings this past week.”
The dwarf nods, grabs his tankard, a pitcher of mead, and handful of foodstuffs and follows Hoken up the spiral staircase.

The party is each able to take a bath and while doing so an errand boy takes their clothes and attire to a nearby laundry. Being in the Citadel this particular laundry is run by a wizard and various apprentices. They are able to cantrip wash, clean, and dry all garments so that when their bath is completed, the attire is fresh, folded and awaiting in the character’s room.

An older errand boy is able to purchase a new robe for Maltron. (1 GP, it is stylish yet modest soft wool with multiple pockets on the exterior and interior, a bit of sheepskin lining, and various patches of tanned dark leather trim.)

Finna is able to stow a stash of coin with Hoken, at no charge, who assures her the utmost safety of it in his house vault. She is given a wooden token that serves as her retrieval ticket.

Hoken informs Klembsy that Bobo was found by some frontier rangers wandering lost in the woods a few days after they left.
After ‘speaking with the creature’ his owner was soon after identified and the mule is currently stables over at the Frontier Keep. Hoken sends an errand boy to retrieve the donkey and bring back to the Citadel’s public stables.
In regards to his arm, Hoken replies, looking down and rubbing his wrist. “I myself lost a hand many years ago. I can inquire about as to prosthetics but I believe you would need something of natural substance correct? Wooden or clay? That may prove difficult. Perhaps the nearby gnomes of the vale may have some devices we can procure. Regeneration is expensive and the guardians may be able to negotiate something with the high cardinal of the temple of Shi’ti’. He is the only man in Frontier who would be able to perform such a task. He is a busy man and may prove elusive but I should be able to get you in to meet with one of his lesser acolytes. They may be able to assist you in the recovery of your arm but also the interpretation of your vision. Perhaps even high druid and guardian Oleanne may be able to assist..hmmmm…..I will look into this.”

Hoken also informs the party he is able to sell healing potions to adventurer’s guild members at the same discount the mage’s academy offers.
Potion of CLW (2 doses)= 200, CMW (2 doses)=400, CSW (2 doses)=800GP

After the party has completed with lunch, drinks, baths, and donned clean attire, groups split up and head out to accomplish errands.

Francis stows the pony keg with his uncle. The two catch up a bit over a tankard of the delicious ale. Francis briefly recounts his last 7 days while his uncle informs him of some recent events in Rivertree. “Quite a bit of guild crew brawling the last few days, seems to be escalatin’, fires, brawling, people catching beat’ns all round fer being friendly to differ’n crews n’ what not. Watch yer butt if yer’n out drinkin’ n’ tossin’ bone."

Wren, Trist, and Finna head off to Srren’s temple but before leaving the citadel Trist purchases some jewelry at a nearby gemsmith. Exceptionally crafted and very beautiful, she is surprised to find the 2 bracelets and necklace she buys to be Rockpond creations.

The trio take side roads cutting through the various farms, ranches, and homesteads of Ripplehill. Soon after they come upon the Temple of the northern gods.
A short, stone walled parcel of land with a quaint wooden house, a small field-stone temple, and a ring of large natural stone pillars. Each unmarked stone in the ring stands upright about 8’ tall and are spaced 8’ apart in a perfect circle.

Trist notices there has been some improvements since she last visited. The ring of large stone pillars appears to have been ‘cleaned up’. The surround overgrowth of brush and greenery has been cleared away and various white, blue, and purple wildflowers have been planted all around.
The quaint wooden house has been freshly painted and there appears to be an small addition being added on as well as the beginnings of a barn. Just off the house, a few bee-keeping hives have been constructed next to what appears to be the beginnings of a fairly large herb and vegetable garden. The temple also looks to be experiencing an addition, at least stones and materials have been piled nearby in anticipation. The entire area looks to have a renewed vigor of life.

A young man in robes unloading stones from a wheel barrow spots the party and rushes into the temple. Shortly after Srren comes forth and greets Trist with a warm smile and heavy hug. “Greetings sister, the gods welcome you back and rejoice at your safe return. And you’ve brought others, Greetings, greetings. I am Srren and these are my two new acolytes. Freeyan (the boy with the wheel barrow) and Odaenain (Srren points out a scruffy, few years younger than Freeyan, boy who pauses from chopping wood by the house to wave to the group).
Srren continues. He walks the ladies around the temple grounds pointing out all the improvements and planned improvements he has put into place. Only pausing to offer tea, fruit, bread, and cheese, he continues on, constantly interjecting how grateful he is to Trist’s donations and what great honor she brings to the gods. Upon hearing of her experience in the forest and the arrival of Finna, Srren is taken aback. “Surely the gods have woven great destinies for Valkyr such as yourselves. You must honor these gifts with great courage and humility, as Freya would demand nothing less.”
The tour of the grounds ends with a tour of the temple. Similar to the ring of stones outside, the interior is circular with multiple alcoves, within each is dedicated a statue to a particular northern god. Srren points out the newly commission statue of Freya which is of exquisite workmanship. In the center of the ring of alcoves is also a stone altar with a basin of water.

Srren leaves the trio alone to pray.

Wren prays before the altar of Frey, while nearby, Trist and Finna pray together to Freya.
While praying Trist and Finna feel the temple fill with warm light and upon completion, a hawk cries in the distance.

Tears streaming down her cheeks, Finna feels complete, whole again. A sense of forgiveness and love wraps about her like a cloak.
Finna is now back at full clerical status.
Trist realizes she now has the ability to cast ‘Detect evil’ once per day in addition to her other ‘once-per-day’ spells: light, bless, and CLW.

Finna and Trist make an offering to the temple in the name of Freya the polished silver mirror with golden frame (10 gp), Wrought silver ring of exceptional workmanship (30 GP), the black velvet mask with numerous citrines (40 gp),a 50 GP necklace, and 2 bracelets worth 25 GP each.
Wren offers 196 GP to the temple and asks Srren if he would improve the statue of Frey.
Srren is moved to tears. Hugging and thanking each of the women, he is overwhelmed.
He offers each a silver holy symbol on a simple metal chain (5 SP value). 2 vials of holy water each. And casts bless on the group before they depart.

The priest and his two acolytes wave goodbye to the trio until they are out of sight.

Maltron heads off with Max and Farouk and visit the mage’s guild.
Upon reception, One of the quarter masters of the guild who introduces himself as Aebaf, brings the trio into a side study and offers them all seats.
The Aebaf informs Maltron that Marcetheus will most likely be summoning him within the next few days to report and review.
Until then, the academy will recharge his ring, sell him healing potions (at mage guild discount) and he is welcome to use the academy library to study and transcribe.
He then informs Farouk that when Maltron is summoned to the guild, Farouk should accompany and Marcetheus will discuss membership with him at that time.
Taking the Zhent signet ring the Quarter master looks it over. “Indeed a rare find. I will look this over personally.” He pockets the ring and “If there is nothing else, you will be hearing from the academy soon.”
Escorted out, Maltron bids farewell to his friends as he stays behind to study and transcribe in the academy library.

Max announces it’s time for drinking and wenching and brings Farouk along.
The two travel to Rivertree but stay wide of Wally’s turf, Max not wanting to let the dwarf know he’s back in town just yet..
After a few pub hops, Max continues on drinking and wenching while Farouk goes to do a bit of shopping.
The two agree to meet back up at Charcoals at sunset.

With a moderate buzz, Farouk takes in the sights and sounds of Rivertree. Stopping at several vendors he buys clothing (standard PH pricing), at an armorer he finds a chainmail antitheft pouch (5 GP), and a small lead lined box, ring sized (15 GP). Wandering around a bit there appears to be multiple rooms for rent. He finds one in particular above a leather and rope workers shop that is fairly tucked away and quiet. A minimal, small two story apartment with a small rooftop space in the northeast of Rivertree, close by the docks. Rent is 1 GP/5 SP a month.
Shopping and business concluded, Farouk makes his way back to Charcoals to await the rest of the party.

Kistol agrees to meet up with the party at Charcoals later and heads off.
Buying a change of traveling clothes along the way (standard PH pricing) he continues on to his apartment.
Finding everything in order and no signs of break-ins he stashes his money in his hidden panel then heads off to The Cheshire’s Grin.

The familiar ring of the bell above the door is as sweet as the smells of the various exotic tobaccos within the shop.
A squeal pierces the elve’s moment of nostalgia as Johana’s sister, Janine runs from behind the counter. She embraces the thief, kissing him on the cheek. “Kistol mah pointy eared pistol!” She shrieks. “I’ve missed you! Where’ve you been eh?”
“That’s what I’d like to know.” Say a voice from the backroom. Stepping out, the voice belongs Johana. “You’ve missed a party. Let’s go rooftop and talk.” She motions for Kistol to follow her and the two head up the side stairs to the shops rooftop garden. Janine quickly follows with cups and a clay bottle of elven wine. After a quick toast, Janine leaves the two to talk and returns to manage the shop below.
After Kistol relays his adventures of the past week, Johana begins to tell Kistol of recent guild events that have occurred while ‘he was out playing hero’. Apparently a guild crew turf war has begun. "Seems the Ingots, the Blackcloaks, and the Whitesmiths have all decided it’s the others time to go. Raven wants everyone close, this is getting serious, things are escalating. 2 of our fences have been beaten and robbed, people and shops under our protection are catching shakedowns, and one of our gambling houses was burned down to the foundation. The boss is going to need our help. I’ve got a sit down with him in a few days. After that I’ll have a plan, be ready.”
The two finish up and Kistol bids farewell. He then heads over to Charcoals where Hoken greets him warmly and loudly. The elf enjoys a large meal, cleans up and awaits the arrival of his fellow companions with drink and smoke.

Wren, Finna, and Trist meet up with Francis and the four shop together.
Finna finds armorer to repair armor and shield at 10 GP total and it’ll take 1-2 days.
Francis inquires as to the below:
Clay bottles with oil = 5 SP
Glass bottles with oil = 10 GP, 5 CP.
Custom padded Satchel to carry (2 bottles max) = 6 GP
Francis gets a good deal and buys 2 charges for his wand at 200 GP each.
Wren purchases her specialty arrows and looks about for magical quivers.
Trist is able to haggle to get her prices for her desired arrows.
Shopping and business concluded, the four makes their way back to Charcoals to await the rest of the party.

Shortly before sundown, the party finds themselves reunited at Charcoals.
Max arrives with a wench on each arm and bottle in each hand, only slightly smashed.
The pub is lightly crowded but the barmaids move quickly between pinching patrons to make sure all cups in house remain full.

Hoken addresses the party. “Friends you have my thanks once again. And once again you have assisted the Guardians in the aid and security of Frontier.”
He offers citizen signals as well as adventurer’s guild memberships to any who may yet have not have them in the party.
Taking Klembsy’s list of tools he’ll need to clear the shrine, he says he can have them for the druid within a day. Also, he’s arranged a meeting with the Shi’Tis’ Cardinal’s senior acolyte tomorrow morning. “Meeting with Oleanne will take a bit more time to arrange.”
Announcing to all. “We’ll know more about the next step of the plan in a few days. My hope is that you’ll continue to aid the Guardians with this task. Again let me know if there is anything I can do for you. The people of Frontier and the guardians owe you a heavy debt.”
He raises his tankard to cheer. “To the ……” He pauses. “What do you call your group?”

Drinks and food flow and eventually Kistol, Francis, and Farouk head out to Rivertree to gamble.
Kistol takes them to various known Blackcloak establishments and the trio do fairly well at bones and cards. The elf introduces the two to a wide assortment of individuals, including a brief run-in with Johana, and the wizard and pirate end the evening up on coin, about 120 GP each.

Prior to Trist leaving the temple she donates 30 PP nearly half her remaining money and tells Srren please continue to improve the temple and use the money for yourself and your acolytes. I will continue to come here from time to time to honor Freya and check on your progress brother. It does my heart good to see how well you have done in such a short time. I pray my offering are well received. If I may have another holy symbol and she hands him 1 GP. My friend Max would like one and he was not able to join us.

Upon returning and seeing Max she will hand him the holy symbol and kiss him on the cheek.

OOC – I updated my character sheet on all purchases and reduced my coins appropriately.

DM EDIT: Overcome with her generosity, Srren replies. “You will always be welcome here lady Trist. We will use the coin to honor the gods as best as we can.” He does not accept the 1 GP and offers her another holy symbol. “You have done so much, it is the least I can do.”

Trist leave most of her gear in her room locked and if available secured in a vault in her room or any security measure available in the room. She will wear her leathers, coin pouch inside them and her sword on her side and a dagger in her boot. This should be a safe place but you never know.

Trist tells Hoken, “Did you find Jack my donkey as well? He should have been with Bobo. I hope he made it safely. As an aspireing Frontier Ranger should have any special need of me, I am here for the Guardians, kind sir. Thank you for your hospitality. It is nice to know that after a hard journey we will be taken care of with such great generocity and care”.

Trist hold up her goblet of elven wine and cheers the crowd a bit. She says, "A toast good people. To the Frontier and to the Guardians. She drinks the whole thing and asks for a refill.

Trist takes her leave of Hoken ,unless he has need of her, hoping she’s made a good impression. Trist enjoys her time with her friends old and new. She will spend time with each but more so with Finna, Wren if allowed or not intruding. She does not get drunk but has a few. She will make note of the crowd just casually and randomly taking in the crowd making not of anything of interest. Trist heads to bed before midnight and once in her room she locks the door and draws her sword. She says, “Ripper summon two shadow jaguars 4 hd each. Unsure if the room is warded to prevent such things. If they appear she says guard me as I sleep and alert me if some enters this room”. If they do not she secures her gear and heads to bed.

Tomorrow Trist will look for a Shortsword (Magical if priced ok) and whetstone if she has time.

DM EDIT: Hoken states that unfortunately only Bobo was found. Trist is able to conjure two jaguars that stand watch by her door throughout the night.

The feeling of unbridled joy and fulfillment seems to occupy every corner of her being. Thinking back, Finna can only recall one other time she felt this way, the very first time her goddess spoke to her and blessed her with power. That day seems to pale in comparison to what she feels now. A slight hiccup gives her the idea that some of the drink from the evening may be enhancing her mood. Still, it’s not a bad thing. I haven’t allowed myself to feel joy for so long, no wonder those other groups didn’t seem to care when I left.

Looking around the table, Finna notes that each of these new comrades are worth fighting for, especially Trist. Leaning over, she touches Trist’s arm to gain her attention. “Freya has blessed me with her favor again but I think the best blessing I have received is you. You have truly become my sister, family to replace those whom I lost before. I shall teach you everything I know in serving our goddess, that you may grow to become a greater servant for her.” Finna stands up and stretches. “I think I shall retire for the night. I have decided to spend the next few days at the temple, mainly praying to give thanks and seeking Freya’s will. After that, I shall spend a day helping Srren and those acolytes fixing the temple or with whatever needs to be done. Do what you need to do with the Rangers for the next few days or until your obligations are fulfilled, then seek me out.” Moving over, she wraps her arms around Trist’s head and shoulders and kisses the top of her head. “You have helped me more than you could ever know, thank you.” She then reluctantly retires to her room.

In the morning, after breakfast, Finna will have an errand boy take her armor and shield to the armorer (since she wasn’t walking around with it the day before) to have it repaired, giving him 5gp as a deposit for the armorer and 5sp for his effort. She instructs him to leave word when it is ready so she can inspect it. She will then head to the temple and spend the day in prayer. Upon her return to Charcoal’s, she will seek out Hoken to inquire and obtain an adventurer’s guild membership (and that he seems to be a rather handsome man close to her age doesn’t hurt a bit either).

Activities for the next few days after that: one more day of prayer at the temple, unless given a sign against it. Next days at temple will be spent assisting Srren around the temple or any worshipers; training Trist; learning more about Srren, his past and this temple; picking up armor.

What a pleasant place this tavern is Wren thinks as she introduces herself to Hoken, upon mention of guild she will express interest and she will speak to him about it as soon as convienant. She has never been part of a guild before and would like to know some of the responsibilities as well as benefits of joining. She would also like to know if there is a required lenght of service since she does not know how long she will remain in these lands but she would like to be productive while she is here.

As the evening progresses Wren begins to relax some. She will drink but not too excess. The jovial feel brings good memories of gatherings back home and she really needed to be reminded of the good times. “I have a good feeling about this group” she thinks to herself. You can tell that her interest in getting to know each of you better is geninue as she listens to the stories you share. At an appropiate moment she will inquire “He mentioned an injured comrade named Bel, would you share her story?” She will be one of the last to leave since it has been some time since she was around people and until now she had not realized how much she missed it.

When Finna begans to speak on training with Trist Wren ask “If you are still interested shall we coordinate some time to devote to bow skills?”

Remembering the quiver she talks to Frances “You mentioned in our discussion of your sword, that you needed it for “the pit”, is that a place to test your skill with a sword? If so do are there such competitions for archers?”
Trist will find time to train with Finna and Wren after her Frontier Ranger duties and between shopping trips. She thanks both of them for helping her.

Farouk is pleased with the little cozy apartment, but it needs some work, and more than a few decorations and this furniture… it has to go. Farouk pays his landlord 6 months in advance.
“Nice place you got here! Mostly, I’m a pretty private guy, not into drama or getting into other peoples private business, it just makes things complicated. Nobody likes having a complicated life. You know what I mean?

“Here’s a little something extra for understanding.”

With that, Farouk passes his landlord a bit of appreciation in the form of 100 silver coins. Silver spends well, and people rarely ask questions about silver.

When Farouk gets a chance he Wizard locks all methods of entry, and works on getting a feel for his neighborhood.

ooc – I might have already asked this, but is Kistol an official guild member or is he on a probationary period.

Kistol braces for impact as Janine rushes him, then returns the hug and greeting, “Good to see you, too, Janine. How’s business?”

Upon hearing of the turf wars, Kistol sits up, setting his cup down, “Are you serious? Who started that? I mean, we’re double the size of either the Ingots or the Whitesmiths. Are they attacking each other, too? Or just us? Can I come to the sit down?”

While he’s out with Francis and Farouk, Kistol will have fun, but keep an eye out for any strangers showing too much interest in whatever place they’re in. He’ll stay alert and gather any information he can.

DM EDIT: Kistol’s not in the guild yet. Right now he’s a sort of ‘prospect’. Jo is a ‘made’ member of the guild and since Kistol ‘runs’ with her, that’s how other blackcloaks know he isn’t a rival or a member of the watch.

Max explains to Wren, " The pits is where the gladiators fight. I’m a gladiator! My pit boss is Wally. He arranges things, I just need to show up and kick ass! It’s not like reg’lar soldier fighting, though. You need to be dramatic, give the crowd a chance to get into the fight. Wally said I won too quick in the beginning, people got upset, said it was boring. I don’t know about archery. Wouldn’t do you much good in a pit. They’re small. Also, might not be safe, for the crowds I mean, all those arrows flying around."

Max thanks Trist for remembering the holy symbol, “Wow! Thanks a lot! I would have gone with you, but I went with Maltron, and then made some new friends.” Max happily dons the holy symbol. He now has three: Tyr, Tempus, and Freya. Max wonders how many more gods are out there and if he’s going to have to wear all of their symbols. He doesn’t want to offend any of them.

OCC – the quick and dirty (I have more but I’ve been chin deep in domestic issues and don’t have the energy to get too detailed right now, but wanted to get a post in)

Francis gets the two wand charges, buys the 2 clay bottles with oil, and custom Satchel.

Lets say Francis and Farouk in their night of gambling got chummy, and talked about the Alchemy Lab, Francis offers to partner up with him, and to discuss details if he’s interested.

Francis also strikes up a conversation with Kistol inquiring about any potential guild affiliation, he might have and even though Francis isn’t a thief, he inquires about the opportunity to join such a group, given his like minded dispositions. He brings up that he heard that some of the thieves have been going at it, and asks what Kistol might now on the matter.

Francis tries to get a detailed explanation as to what his Bull Ship can do and its abilities.

Other than that Francis will stay in his room at Charcoals, rest, relax, and hang out at the Inn. He’ll drink and eat his fill in the late afternoon and early eveing, head out to find gaming in the later hours, with any that are interested, and sleep in a bit in the mornings. Between the mornings and early afternoon he’ll take some walks around the city getting more familiar with the layout, and checking out the goings on. When walking about he’ll ask open-ended questions about the guilds seemingly open aggressiveness, and at gaming tables gently inquire to the same type thing, using his charm and delicate words of course, trying not to bring any unwanted violence his way. But he’ll try to cultivate any contacts that might be open to conversation.

DM EDIT: Other than the ability to light aflame at will, (and the magical bonus) the whip operates as any other bullwhip would.

In response to both Farouk and Francis’ interest in the guild, Kistol waits until they’re back at the in and says, “Look, we’ve fought together and basically trusted each other with our lives, so I trust you. Anything I say to you about this, you have to keep quiet. If someone finds out I give out any guild information I can forget getting in and they might come after me. The truth is, I really don’t know much more than what’s been going around, but there’s a turf war going on the west side and things are getting bad. I’m really just a prospect right now, not a full member. Farouk, if you’re trying to “operate” out here with out joining up, that might be a problem. You might have to pay a part of your take for protection. But it’s good that you wanna be upfront about it. You should consider joining up, too, though. You’d be a good addition. Francis, the guild can use all kinds of good people, especially right now. I’ll talk to someone and see what I can do.”

Kistol will talk to Johanna, “A couple of my new “like-minded” friends are interested in guild membership. I haven’t told them anything, I wanted to talk to you first. Francis wants in, Farouk wants let his presence be known and doesn’t want to step on any toes. I think he’d be a good prospect, too, though.”

Farouk smiles knowingly, "Thanks Kistol for setting it all straight with the guild stuff. Thing is, guys like me cant take sides, its bad for business, just like you I got a reputation to maintain. I’m offering your buddies equal access to my services.

Like I said earlier, I don’t ask questions and I don’t want to know your business. Apart from letting everyone that needs to know how to contact me, I don’t mess with guild affairs, and usually they don’t mess with me. If you know someone that needs a little Invisibility here or there or has lock they are having problems with send em my way. But if those same guys are using my services to kill one another off. I don’t want to know about it, and if I find out about it I got no choice but to cut em off, as publicly as our trade allows. I got a reputation for neutrality to maintain you know.

Let Johanna know, I’m at her service, as well as everyone else, and I don’t care about your war or politics. I like my Independence. Let her know I’m on a first come first serve basis, and I work for cash only. I’m not cheap, but I’m honest and I’m neutral.

Farouk emphasizes First come first serve basis… and leaves it at that.

Maltron stays in his room at Charcoals much of the time relaxing and eating his fill.

He went ahead and paid for the two spells (Find Familiar and Stinking Cloud) from the Mages Guild and transcribed them in his spellbook. Also got the silk rope and CLW healing potion.

He will use his Ring of Read Magic and attempt to learn the following spells from Enthar’s spellbook and transcribe them in his own. He will ask Farouk if he wants to transcribe any spells in his spellbook and then stash Enthar’s spellbook in the guild vault.


Comprehend Languages
Feather Fall
Change Self
Detect Invisibility
Wizard Lock
Rope Trick

He will plan to go to the Shrine of Mielikki with Klembsy and Max. For one to keep them out of trouble and also to attempt his Find Familiar spell.

He asks Hoken what has become of his old Half-Orc buddy Harkris.

DM EDIT: With the ring combined with his naturally high aptitude in these matters, Mal is successful in learning the spells. Hoken relates that Harkris is still in lock up and will remain there until this slaver’s mess it sorted from the top down. Once the guardians are sure the operation is smashed and all responsible are brought to justice, his fate will be decided. He assures Maltron he’ll make him aware should any changes in the 1/2 orc’s condition or sentencing arise.

Farouk is quite pleased at his turn with the spellbook,

“This will be go a long ways in our future success… You mentioned I could take a peek at your spellbook as well? One mage to another I don’t see that very fair. Since you have been so upright, got me back to town, WITH some coin in my pocket… Its only fair you get a peek of mine as well…”



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