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Guardians of the Frontier

Day 124, 'Into the Black'

Day 124, 'Into the Black'

Marcetheus assembles the party on the rooftop patio of Charcoals.
The air is cool, dry, and a crisp breeze brings the smell of pine, burning hearths, spice, and the first indications of the onset of autumn and harvest.

A steaming clay cup of mold wine in hand, the mage begins.

“We’ve finally locked down on Kargan’s associates. Seems he was brought in the slaver’s ring by a man named Tain Fendown. A known flesh trader of some ill-repute, known to operate in Mulmaster, Hulburg, High Imaskar, rumored some in Impilutur, and even as far as Thay.
Apparently, he’s now in the employ of the Zhentarim. Specifically, one Zhent in particular referred to only as ‘The Ghoul.’ Tain brought in Kargan with the orcs to rally plunder what ‘cargo’ they could loot from what they thought was an easy target, us. Remote and fledgling Frontier. Apparently the ‘Ghoul’ is in league with a demon as well. I’m guessing the same demon that made kowtowing the orcs possible, Heklael.”

The wizard takes a slow pull and continues.

“Since the Chain broke the orc clan operation we’ve seen no further local incidents of abductions. However, to the south east, we’ve received reports of raids on trade routes as well as villages in The Ride and in the Galena mountains. Disturbingly, descriptions of the aftermath of these scenes speak of no survivors, no bodies at all, left behind.”
“We were a bit confused at all this until recently, whispers of a rising death cult resurfacing in the Tortured lands have begun to circulate.”

“After diving deeper into seedy circles, slinging coin, and a few ‘forced’ discussions it seems the death cult are Charnelists. Worshipers of the Lord of the Undead. Their new-found revitalization, apparently, is due to the discovery of an item of great power, an obsidian skull that is rumored to amplify the magicks of those who practice the dark arts.”

“We’ve determined the area we believe this cult’s operations to be centralized in and we need the ‘Chain’ to go in, break the cult, and maybe catch ‘The Ghoul’ in the process.”

“We have a specialist who will accompany you. Rudilaan Callamenti. A scholar and Academician of ancient and netherworld lore as well as a great deal of many other subjects. He has studied the skull’s history for some time. Rudilaan?

Marcetheus motions to A young half elf who steps forward.

Behind his small, oval, gold-rimmed glasses, Rudilaan’s green eyes are alight with excited curiosity and optimism. He wears and ensemble of various rich browns. A darker vest with multiple pockets and trinkets dangling, over a cream colored shirt. Baggy brown pants gathered in at the ankle, with durable leather slippers on his feet. Over his clothing is worn a hoodless, heavy brown, calf length robe with large sleeves gathered at the cuffs with underside slits allowing easy access inside. Swirling embroidery in gold and dark brown thread adorns the robe and vest. All of this is broken in and comfortable, but not shabby. He tops it off with a flat, wide-brimmed, slightly floppy, circular brown hat.

Rudilaan thanks Marcetheus. “The skull or the ‘M’baell ek’ N’loom’ or the ‘Black chalice’ is a skull carved from obsidian. Originally created to be the phylactery of a great dracolich hundreds of years ago, most likely longer. It has since changed hands many times since then until it was eventually declared lost to the ages. Necromancers and followers of the baatezu lord Thasmudyan have been constantly in search of the item, one group in particular, The cult of worms, has been fanatical in their interest to locate the relic. Now it seems a new player has entered the game and they claim possession of the chalice.”

Marcetheus continues.

“The Zhent ring you recovered from the orc’s human mage, we were able to decipher it’s abilities. Seems it was a communication device. When activated the ring produced a globe of silence and darkness around the wearer. Within this ‘bubble’ a series of glowing symbols appeared in mid-air. Arranging the symbols in certain specific orders allows the wearer to make contact with someone or something. We’re guessing the ‘Ghoul’ but a channel was never opened, or so we thought.”
He drains his cup.

Bel’Ybryaa of Halruaa has disappeared.”
“She was aiding in the research of the ring and we suspect, intentionally or unintentionally, made contact and may now be under the influence or a prisoner of the Zhentarium and or the demon. "

“With her, she’s believed to have taken the Zhent ring, a Frontier Golem construction libram, and a spellbook containing a handful of Academy-forbidden necromantic spells.”

“So what’ve we’ve got is a Zhent agent working with a demon, hiring slavers to round up as many bodies as possible, for an unknown purpose, in league with a death cult that may or may not have a potentially evil artifact in their possession, not to mention a prisoner or collaborator with, not only inside information about the investigation and operations, but also a handful of security sensitive Frontier documents and magicks.”

“This is neck deep in the stink and we’d need the Chain to move immediately. Rudilaan will also be accompanying as he’ll be your expert in the field. Kid’s a walking library.”

He pauses, then with a grin. “Sounds like a party right? Who’s up for it?”


Klembsy, forgetting his noble and sensitive character, opens his mouth first and …spits on the floor!! “Noone should mess with the dead! They are meant to be left alone to rest in peace. Every necromancer has to be abolished from this world. Especially an enslaving one. Especially an enslaver one working with a demon!” (He spits again!) “I throw myself first on this quest. And may Mielikki be with us all the way!”.

Alvyra gives the druid’s fervor a nod of approval.

She sizes up Rudilaan whom she’s been assigned to protect (taking some storytelling liberty here). Pretty frail looking, will definitely need someone between him and… well pretty much everything.

She paces silently, arms crossed waiting to see who else is joining. Observers notice her armor is different. She’s fully covered now, and the armor is a heavier looking plate, a drab gunmetal color, but nonetheless exquisite-looking. Though it seems like it should weigh the slender paladin down, somehow she can still move in it with speed and grace. Observers also notice shackles, gags, and a head clamp dangling from her belt. There’s a new sheriff in town.

Rudilaan adjusts his glasses, studies the druid and the rest of the group and lightly clears his throat, “If you have any questions about the Chalice, or anything, really, I’ll be happy to answer them. And, I just want to say what a pleasure it is to meet you all. Your exploits are gaining quite a bit of notoriety. There’s actually books written about you, well, a book . . . well, a chronicle . . . a collection of notes and stories really. I’m the one writing it, actually!” He digs around in his haversack and produces a journal, the title “Breaking the Chain” handwritten on the cover, and sets it on the table. He also pulls out a clay tablet and wooden stylus. Pushing his glass up on his nose he continues, “I’d love to get some first hand accounts from you all. Tell me, is it true you met as slaves on an island? Did you really meet the goddess Freya? Wasn’t Bel’Yabryaa a member of your group for a short period of time? Klembsy, your hand, it’s fascinating. How did you come by it? A curse? A punishment? A gift from your god?” He looks at the group expectantly, fully intent on doing an interview right then and there.

ooc – not intending to get actual answers unless you feel like it, just introducing Rudi’s personality a bit. :)

Francis glares at Rudilaan in a very disapproving manner. To think he wouldn’t ask any questions specifically of him.

His head does perk up at the mention of the soft and sweet Lady Bel, but scowls when he hears she might now be in league with a Demon and the overall mess that are the slavers.

He thinks to himself, ‘that woman owes me a potion of healing.’

Trist listens to the newcomer. She new they were not done tracking this slaver ring down. Trist marvels at her companions, thanking Freya for her generosity and love. She beams at Klembsy and approves of his response as well. Trist says, “I’m in and I’ll be more than happy to tell you some stories along the way.”

Trist congratulates all her friends on their new status’ or having done well in recent times.

She holds up a glass of elven wine and says, “The Frontier needs the Chain’s my friends. Shall we heed the call? To the Chain’s!!!!”

Farouk lifts a turkey leg in agreement!

Well all, let us do one final prep before our journey and head out in the morning… Farouk offers up to 3 magic tattoos to each of the party members before departing…

+1 hit
+1 AC
+1 to Saving throw of choice

The tats will last 4 days.

OOC-Did the casino make a profit?

DM EDIT: Casino’s not up and running yet.
Francis looks at Farouk when he mentions tattoos, and simply points to his arms and then extends them in his direction.Farouk gives Francis a nod of approval, “We can do that.”OOC – I assume you can only have one at a time?

You can have a 1 of each type for a total of 3. 3 castings of the spell.

So you could have:
1 AC
+1 Hit
+1 to a saving throw of your choice.
OOC – Then, yes, yes and yes (
1 poison), Francis hates poison.Id say for anyone who gets one… just put it down on your char sheet with an expiration date in case it comes up. 4 days…Farouk asks Marcelleus…“This flesh trader, Tain… Is he a buyer or a seller?”

Trist thinks for a moment and wonders if she will need to stay behind to maintain her connection to Phoenyx. She tells Kuiper that she volunteered for a mission but realizes she may need to stay back for Phoenyx and seeks his council. If so she gladly does so.

If not.

Trist now involved with someone asks Farouk, “I’d like to get one of each on my right bicep please and make the savings bonus to R/S/W.”

Trist daydreams a bit – If she were not involved she might have had Farouk place them on her lower, lower, back while smiling wickedly at Francis then laughing out loud as she walks by him. Ah times gone past as she smiles.

OOC – If the savings through must be specific make it Wands.

Trist will assist Finna with final instructions to Sreen and then enjoy time with Phoenyx then Kuiper and finally pray to Freya for her blessing and guidance for the coming days.

Maltron absorbs the information just relayed. Thinking to himself, “More adventure, more excitement.”

“Well my comrades of the Chain. Once again we have the opportunity to seek revenge upon those that have wronged us. I am in. I wish to find Bel’Ybryaa of Halruaa, for I wouldn’t doubt that she was working with the other side from the beginning. She sowed division from the moment we invited her into the group. Collecting chicken bones like a gobin might, feigning superiority, and uselessness in a fight, these were her attributes. I believe she willingly aided the enemy in order to gain power where none could be found by honorable methods. She too shall be brought to justice.”

“Rudilaan you are most welcomed to come along. I have been studying the Netherworld as of late, but have only been able to dedicate a short time to it. Your knowledge of the Devil’s Realm should be quite useful. We have already encountered a Demon!” He says with emphasis and raising an eyebrow to see how Rudilaan might react.

“I speak for only myself, but I accept, contingent upon most of the others coming.” Thinking to himself, “I don’t want to have to pay for spells again. It was so much easier taking those books from Morsalde and Enthar. And my maid doesn’t pay for herself.”

ooc – I would like the tattoo for +1 to save vs Spells.
Klembsy is in a dilemma. He considers that he cannot place his faith on the tattoos as he has his goddess to protect him. But on the other hand, if that was the case, he wouldn’t be wearing an armor. After some moments of thought, he turns to Farouk. “Please, all the three my friend. And make sure it’s save against spells”.
He also thinks that they might need a whole lot of holy water with them as he is not able to turn undead away.

ooc – someone feel free to nickname him Rudi. I kind of designed the name for that. :)

Rudilaan seems oblivious to any negativity from the navigator’s glare, but instead takes it as an invitation to ask questions, flipping through his book, Breaking the Chain, he says, “You’re Francis, right? Excellent at hand-to-hand combat, captain of the Fury’s Eclipse, and for some reason,” the half-elf looks around the room,“Women . . . and apparently a few of the men, can’t seem to stop looking at you.” Rudilaan seems baffled by this and pushes his glasses up on his nose, “Why is that? OH! And you were recently awarded a spelljamming helm for your ship! The Helms book, please!” The last is said as he gestures to his bag. It appears to be rummaged through and a book rises out and settles next to the young mage. The title reads: Spelljamming Helms: Types and Uses. ( Is that too specific for Unseen Servant?)“When do you plan on using that? Would it be possible to see it? I’ve heard about them, but never seen one up close.”

“I agree with you, Maltron, that, although we cannot know for certain Bel’Ybryaa’s affiliations, we should assume she is in league with the Zhent and proceed accordingly. Did you say chicken bones? Whatever for?”

At the mention of the demon, Rudilaan’s eyebrows raise as well, “A demon, indeed? Fascinating!” He scribbles on his clay tablet then rummages in his bag, pulling out a tattered, dark leather bound book titled in an unknown language, but labeled “Demon Lore”. He flips it open and starts thumbing through it, “What kind? Did you learn it’s name? Can you describe it? What did it want? Was it the cause of those fires recently?”

OOC- Assuming we are going to take the Fury… Will the Alchemist bench fit comfortably on the ship?

DM EDIT: It’ll fit on the boat no problem. One snag though, where are you going to park the ship? No water where the party’s headed. More details to follow but the party will be given horses for the journey.

Now if the ship had autopilot it would be great… Fly, hover and then use levitates to get back and forth…. was thinking of making a new spell at some point… “Sky Anchor” Looks like there is a major river that cuts right through the tortured lands and SE. Along routes raiders may find interesting… on the other hand… a Flying ship is way too valuable to leave unattended. need a better way to secure it.
Wren listens to Marcetheus as he lays out the situation. She had been thinking of home a lot lately and about trying to send a message home. Upon hearing there is a devil involved she knows she must help. After all that has happened since the devils came to her own land this is obviously the reason Frey brought her here. She listens to the others as they each affirm their commitment to this quest. At a proper pause she stands and addresses Marcetheus “I know that I am but a traveler who has taken refuge here but if you will have my bow serve you then I am willing to offer my aid in this crisis. Having experienced my own homelands torn asunder by devil attacks I believe Frey has brought me here to provide aid in stopping the same thing from happening here, I am very honored too offer my continued commitment to the Chain.” ending with a slightly curtsy and then in high elvan speak to Rudilaan “Well met Sir. I am certain you will prove capable of providing valuable knowledge on this mission.” and with a nod of her head she sits down.Alvyra is fascinated with the idea of being immortalized in a book. She waves Rudi over and says, “Be sure you note who drew first blood from the Barghest and caused it to feel fear before we drove it back to the hell from which it came! I also slew the foul naga-dwarf and the kinslayer Trakas. By my blade they met both justice and mercy, for their deaths were deserved and quick!”

ooc – House of cards sounds good to me. :)

Rudi eagerly listens to Alvyra’s accounts, flips through his demon lore book, and scribbles on his tablet, “So many conquests! You defeated them on your own? What about the rest of the group? Do most paladins claim responsibility for their deeds?” He places a blank sheet of paper over the tablet and speaks a word and a copy of the text written there appears in red on the paper. He tucks it away and starts anew with his tablet.

Kistol clears his throat at Alvyra’s claims, “Um, you might have had a little help with Trakas there, Al, but good work, none the less. Here, kid. You might need this in case it gets cold.” Kistol gives his ring of warmth to Rudi.

He stands up and announces he will not be joining the mission this time. Kistol seems torn and it is obvious this was a difficult decision, “I need to get used to my position and the new guild. I’ll keep an eye on things here and will be checking in on the House of Cards. Good luck to you, all. I consider you all my family. Be careful. To the Chains!”
Alvyra squints at Kistol, recognition not really registering. “I slew him! My blade clove through his skull, spilling out his wicked brains and blood. Yes, of course we all fought together. Most dealt with the rabble, or took pot shots from behind cover. I mean no criticism. Not everyone is suited for the front and must do what they can in other ways. Only Max and I directly confronted the most deadly of our adversaries, fearlessly and with determination. I certainly applaud Max for his courage and victory over the large human and the flames. My deeds are my deeds. I am proud of them, why should I not speak of them?”Farouk looks at Rudi… “Hey kiddo, I like my privacy keep me outta that book okay? Not that there is a whole lot to tell. If you can do that for me Ill make it worth your while, if not well…it could complicate things and nobody likes complications right?”

The young wizard is surprised by Alvyra’s defensiveness, “Have I offended you? I’m sorry, but that tends to happen sometimes. I assure you any questions I ask are purely for gathering information. I am often unaware of the emotions they might trigger from time to time.”

Rudi blinks at Farouk’s request, “Well, history is history, Mr. De’ville. We are all a part of it whether we like it or not. Even now in this very room it is being made. One decides to leave, one to join. We decide how we will travel, by ship, by horse, by foot. Our choices dictate the future which will roll, indomitably, into the present and then become part of our past. Our past is part of what defines, though some would choose to leave it behind. I would not worry for yourself, however. It appears you have been quite successful in securing your anonymity thus far and I have found very little about your acts in the Chains’ history. I will be happy to use an alias for what I have uncovered and for any future recordings. Any name in particular you would like to use?”
arouks smiles an apparently honest and appreciative smile, “You can refer to me as Ms. Smith, yes… Ms. Smith will do nicely for the moment.”

OOC- Everyone’s going except for Kistol? Is Max coming or is he staying behind?

Each player (except for Alyvra because she already has one) will receive a horse as well as an extra week of rations and water (in the saddle bags). Klembsy can also bring his mule with him, tether it to his saddle so it follows behind.

Any special prep before the party heads out?
Max is staying behind.

Finna addresses Marcetheus. “If going on this mission for you allows me to have an opportunity to find the real mastermind behind the orc attacks we were subjected to and cleave him, then I am most willing. I have heard the horror that Trist and the others were put through at the hands of the slavers. If I can assist in stopping them from harming any other being, I shall do so.”

She turns to Maltron, “So, I think that each of us will need some time to assemble gear, put affairs in order and, for some of us, mentally prepare for the journey ahead. It’s late in the day now so should we say… assemble and depart for this journey mid-morning of the day after tomorrow? That should give everyone enough time to take care of the necessary things.” And allow myself one more night….. she thinks.

“Would that be acceptable Marcetheus?”

DM EDIT: Marcetheus agrees to dawn, the day after tomorrow.
Rudilaan will check his research to see if there is a way to disable or neutralize the skull for any length of time. In addition, since a golem construction libram was stolen, he will confer with his master and the wizards in charge of the the city’s golems to find out if there is a way to weaken, take control or destroy any golems the enemy may be constructing. “Since the Charnelists are a death cult, it would also be wise to procure some early detection and protection items or spells, as well as weapons that may be particularly effective against undead. Klembsy, Finna and Trist? If I may ask, would you suggest anything?”

Farouk of course offers Tattoos for all, and and 2 small opaque bottles, each has about 1 oz of water in it. One is enchanted with continual darkness, the other Continual light. Farouk also casts Armor on all the animals, and anyone else who will benefit from it…

If needed Farouk will also cast Mount to provide additional pack animals as needed for extra gear.

For those of you that are interested in possibly carrying a bit more gear, for a donation of 100g Farouk will provide each member with a finely tailored, pack, bandoleer, shirt, robe, whatever that can be temporarily enchanted with the Deep Pockets spell. In game terms it will let you carry upto an additional 100lbs without any additional weight or bulk. Each Item will have 10 extradimensional pockets that can carry 10 lbs each.

@ Kistol and Max – “I wish you good luck and success while we are gone my friends and hugs them both.”

@ Rudilan – “Rudi, may I call you that? I think some of the items I would take would include Holy water and Greek Fire perhaps. I am not as knowledgeable as my sister. Finna, however may have more insight than I.”

@ Farouk – "How do the vials work or how should I use them? I think I am ok with carrying what I have, but thank you.

@ Finna – “Sister can we make the holy water to be used on the trip or must we get it somewhere else? I hope we can create it through Freya? Are there other things we should be bringing as well?” Trist will do some research on the undead as a precaution.

Trist is going to look for an Item that she can use to light her special candle with very quickly and maybe find a way to cover it in a hooded lantern in case it’s need in a rain or place where water might put it out if possible.

DM EDIT: Hooded lantern and flint/tinderbox are both available in PHB. What kind of magic ‘lighting’ devices is Trist looking for?

OOC – Would a phosphorous stick 12" long in a pencil size tube with a cap. Open the cap and on the other end is a wheel to push out the material and lights on contact with the air stays lit even if water gets on it. 12 lights per stick? Or something similar.

DM EDIT: Farouk could craft an ‘alchemical torch’. Leather tube, scroll case size, filled with alchemical components that, when the cap is removed and exposed to air, the torch ignites and burns similar to a normal torch for 10 rounds (even underwater, treat as greek fire). Cost = 60 GP.

Player edit: Trist ask Farouk to fashion 3xLeather Tubes and she also buys a Hooded Lantern for 7 GP. 187 GP subtracted.
Rudilaan seems to process the nickname, mulling it over in his head like tasting a new wine, “Hm. Usually when I’m called that it rings of degradation, but I like the way you say it. Yes. Yes, please do, Miss Silverhawk. Good ideas, both. May I ask if either Maltron or Farouk possess the spell Detect Undead? I cannot use it, but it might come in hand against the death cult.”

Depending on the anticipated terrain, roads vs trails. Farouk would like to visit Ye Olden Wagon shop and pick one up. Farouk weighs some advantages of having a wagon, storage being one of the most obvious as well as for passengers who need a break from riding or are unable for whatever reason.


Farouk isn’t very good on horses he will ride one if he has to, but prefers to tend a wagon. He will use his mount spell to create a draft horse to pull it along.

DM EDIT: The Guardian provided horse can pull the wagon (prices in PHB) or Klemb’s mule. But if neither are desired Farouk’s spell works just as fine. His mount spell will only last 6 hours.

Farouk responds to Rudi’s inquiry.. "Detect Undead? Why really would I need one of those? I figure they are either controlled by someone not undead, in that case I can negotiate a deal, OR if they are of the free willed sort, I can still make a deal. What I need is a detect customer spell! You see I ain’t really got anything against em, their not all bad, some of em even have a sense of humor… "

“I remember this lich back in… Ohh nevermind.”

Can Trist and Finna create Holy Water or we have to purchase it?
Is it true that casting CLW on an undead actually causes damage to it?

DM EDIT: rules for creating holy water as as follows, three 2nd lvl priests have to cast the spells to create holy water, using a font, and 3 hours. Or a single priest casts all three spells, using the font, and 8 hours of praying. In regards to the CLW, i’m going to rule on that and say healing spells have no effect on the undead. The tissue/substance, being necrotic in nature, reacts in no manner to healing magic.
OC – Is there a size restriction on the Font?OOC: Yes, the amount of money you have to invest in one.Ooc well uncle Farouk doesn’t mind investing a little at some point to get his hands on a supply of holy water for alchemical research

Finna nods her thanks to Marcethus’ agreement. Good. That should give me enough time to buy a few things for this journey, get things in order with Srren and have one more….. She blinks a few times and returns her focus to the conversation as she realizes Rudilaan has posed a question to her. Pausing for a moment, she smiles as Trist quickly speaks up in reply to his question. Thinking Yes, dear sister, I can count on you to prevent any awkward silence I may allow in a conversation, she waits another moment or two and responds.

“Yes, good sir, my sister is correct that holy water will work on any undead we encounter. And, no Trist, we do not have to go anywhere but to the Temple to retrieve some. Brother Srren has been making some holy water over these last few months but from the turn this conversation has taken, we would benefit from more. It is a long, rather exhaustive process, for one priest to call upon their god to provide the blessed water, it is much easier with three priests of the same god. It is unfortunate timing that you have only just begun your full walk with Freya, as you have not learned enough at this time to assist. You should observe how it is done by one priest, we will discuss that timing so you can take care of your needs and obligations without hinderence. Now”, she turns to the rest of the group, " is there anything else we can think of that Freya and the Allfather may be called upon to provide for us on this journey?" She looks from person to person as she waits for their input.

When the group disperses for the evening, Finna stops and pulls Hoken to one side. Sadness starts to fill her eyes as she speaks. “Dear one, you must know what Marcetheus has asked The Chain to do. Trist is set upon going to place an end to these vile persons who caused her anguish and she still needs guidance in the mysteries of Freya. So, I must travel with her. It pains me to think we will have to be separated for some unknown length of time. But, I did manage to convince Marcetheus that the group would be best suited to leave on this mission mid-morning of day after tomorrow.” A twinkle grows in one eye. “I think I would be finished with my preparations by the sixth bell tomorrow, freeing me up for my personal needs…..”

Later, Finna will return to the farm and call for the women and boys to join her at the Temple with Srren. As everyone settles in, she speaks, her voice sounding distant in her ears. She tells of the mission that The Chain has agreed to go on. She realizes that there is some disdain in her voice as she recounts the information about the death cult. As she finishes, she addresses Srren first. “Brother, I feel we shall need a large amount of holy water to deal with what may confront us. Since we do not have a third priest, it falls upon you to create the holy water, as I have not been blessed by Freya with the ability to perform that ceremony alone. I can obtain the vials and perform the blessing upon them so they will be ready by the time you complete the ritual. Is this agreeable?”

She looks to Maeva next. “Good woman, we shall need your assistance tomorrow. Would you be willing to head to Ripple Hill or The Citadel and obtain two tendays of iron rations for me? We are to be outfitted with some supplies but I would rather have my own supply for good measure. Please see if Trist or Wren need anything as well. May Freya bless you.”

As everyone disperses, Finna moves into the inner part of the Temple and kneels before the statue of Freya. She spends an hour, praying for her guidance and blessings (memorize Bless x5) then heads to the farm for rest. She gets up shortly after first light and gathers her remaining funds. She heads to the shop where she picks up 10 vials then returns to the Temple. Staying outside the area that Srren is in, she casts Bless on five of the vials, prays for an hour, then cast Bless upon the remaining five vials. She assists Srren in bottling the water and stores them in a sack for disbursement the following day. She spends the remaining part of the day checking on things around the farm and Temple and packing all items. As the sun goes down and it approaches the sixth bell, she enters the Temple, turns towards the sun and prays. As dusk falls, Finna heads to Charcoals to spend time with Hoken.
As day breaks on the second day, she gathers her items, tells the residents of the farm house good bye and heads to the Temple, armor and weapons on her person. She kneels before the image of Freya and spends over two hours in prayer (updated spells on character sheet; 5 – 1st level and 4 – 2nd level). Standing up, she goes and seeks out Srren. “May you be blessed for your assistance with this cause. I go forth now into the unknown but I do not fear. May my actions bring honor to the gods and may this sword and shield honor your brother’s name. If there is need of any money, my remaining funds are in my room, Maeva shall gather them for you.” She gives the priest a hug and heads off to collect her traveling items and heads to the specified gathering spot.

Farouk purchases the wagon with a smile, and accepts the horses Marc has provided knowing full well there might come a period when the wagon needs to be ditched…The horses walk behind the wagon tethered…

Farouk also purchases food for the parties horses… 10 days worth and stows them aboard the wagon… Before departure Farouk dresses down and plays the role of a commoner… “Dunno sir, I just drive the wagon.”

Farouk gladly crafts the Alchemical torches charging only for the cost of manufacture and materials. Farouk believes that keeping the party alive is and investment and isn’t looking to profit at anyone’s expense.

“Here ya go! Been a while since I’ve had the pleasure of making one of those! Thanks for the opportunity!”

Trist joins Finna with the others at the temple. She tries to learn as much as she can when she can. Trist also helps Finna bless the containers. She will pick up 5 vials and memorize bless 5 times for 10 Min each time she casts. She thanks Srren and gives him a hug.

Trist will not need any rations brought back for herself, accepting those provided. She will memorize purify food and drink and cast it over the rations then pray for 10 min to memorize Bless again.

Not wanting to disturb Finna, Trist waits for her sister to finish then she prays to Freya.

Trist meets up with Wileeg, Ein, Kuiper hugs Wileeg and Ein glad they are doing well these days. Checks in on Phoenyx with Kuiper giving her a old shirt and treat then spends the evening with Kuiper before returning to the Temple for the remainder of the night.

DM EDIT: Srren is able to give Trist and Finna 5 vials of holy water each. Trist is not yet able to create any holy water.

Player edit: Trist was just doing the Bless on the Vials not the water part unless you are counting that as part of the ceremony. I don’t want to take any away from Finna. Trist was trying to learn more and thought she could bless the vials and only Srren could do the water part. Finna has 10 Vials and Trist just watched to learn the process then.

DM EDIT: coolbeans. Srren will give Trist 5 vials from the temple font for her journey then.

Player edit: Trist gives the 5 vials she bought in exchange for the ones he gave her full of holy water to Srren, thanks him with all her heart and gives him a big hug.

After the others finish speaking with Rudilan, Wren will approach and in high elvan speech(which seems to be the most common elvan tongue here)introduce herself “Well met Sir Rudilan, my name is Princess Wren GoldOak hailing from the lands of Aamagon in the United Nations of Roland Bound,which are lands far to the west from here. If there is time, please consider this an invitation to inquire further should there be room in your chronicles for tales of lands far away” she smiles broadly at the new wizard among them.

Wren then spends some time at the temple praying to Frey for blessings on this dangerous journey. Remembering the destruction the devils caused her homeland she prays that Frey will bless this group with the ability to stop this devil before he can summons more of his kind in the world. She gives Srren 100 gold (deducted) to the priest towards continued building and maintenance of the statue of Frey Reluctantly she ask Farouk if he has a means of sending a message over great distances. If he does not then she inquires if he has any suggestions on how to do so. She knows how truly dangerous this mission is and if she should not make it through she does not want her family to worry about her forever. Then she meets up with the crew at the designated time and place, prepared in her mind to not return from this mission.
Farouk addresses Wrenn “Would be nice, but sorry dont have anything quite like that. You might want to talk to Maltron, I think he’s your man on this one.”



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