D&D 1st & 2nd edition. Play by post. (PBP)

Obsidian Portal’s July 2012 Campaign of the Month

Located on Aber-Toril in Realmspace.
Frontier is on the edge of the borderlands, in the north of the continent Faerun.

Made up of 3 towns,
River tree the ever-expanding riverside urban trade center,
Ripple Hill the booming agricultural community,
and The Citadel a renaissance nexus of culture, learning, and magic.

Governed by a group of adventurers called ‘The Guardians of the Frontier’, the fledgling city prospers.
Welcoming the lost, the found, the abandoned, the shunned; refugees from all walks of life are welcome and given the chance to carve out a piece on ‘the Frontier’.

The adventurer’s guild always has leads, missions, and contracts available. Merchants and traders continually come and go within ‘River tree’, a town steadily ripening in riches as it is thieves. Magic Users and the wizards guild of the Citadel are in constant need of peculiars, research assists, and delicates for use in their Magic. The large forest and mountains that surround Frontier, housing and training The Frontier Rangers, is plentiful with orc raiding bands, rogue giants, and wild monsters alike. And with certain public access available to Rock pond, an underdark embassy of sorts beneath Frontier, possibility for high adventure is endless.

This is a homebrew city set within the old school D&D world.
Thay, Waterdeep, Undermountain, Spelljammer, Planescape, Dark sun, Ravenloft, all the hits, all the greats, everything 1st & 2nd edition exists here.
A ‘Kitchen sink’ campaign of sorts.
Some timelines, geography, and events may be a bit different accordingly.
For the most part everything is open, is available, but it should be plausible in this world.
How successful you are in explaining that plausibility is on you.
I am completely open to discussion at all times.

Let’s game!

take a look at the wiki.
You’ll find more specifics there.

Guardians of the Frontier

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